Where to Stay in Zurich Switzerland for a Great Trip This Fall


If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland’s vibrant city of Zurich, then look no further than Hotels.com! The ideal location for business or pleasure, this alpine metropolis is renowned for its stunning architecture and captivating scenery. Discover what makes this laid-back locale so appealing by perusing our guide to Zurich accommodations…

If your itinerary includes an excursion to one of Zurich’s renowned museums or galleries, be sure to pick up a passport at the local post office. Alternatively, take advantage of our handy travel guides – they’ll provide you with all the information needed so that you can plan your excursions around them! If you’re looking for activities during your stay in Zurich, don’t forget to utilize our handy links.

Best Place to Stay in Zurich for a Fantastic Holiday

The most remunerative time to visit Zurich is during the Christmas period, when shops and cafés teem with shoppers browsing their wares amid festive garlands adorning tables and displays; it’s a holiday paradise brimming with cheer.

Procuring a hotel that caters exclusively for travelers in Zurich during the festive season can yield significant savings as well as experiential thrills like gastronomic feasts and masquerades! In addition to enjoying some of Switzerland’s finest cuisine alongside cost-effective accommodations – these are just two of the many reasons why so many enjoy this getaway which doesn’t come cheap.

Best Place to Stay in Zurich for a Spectacular Swiss Experience

If you’re seeking a quiet haven amidst the bustling city life, then I highly recommend reserving an unassuming boutique hotel in Zurich. Located steps away from both train and subway stations, this property caters to travelers who seek convenience over opulence.

Nestled within the heart of the Baur au Lac community, this exquisite establishment boasts six luxurious rooms that exude understated sophistication. Spacious and furnished with gentle colors similar to its surroundings yet still highlighting aesthetic touches such as soft lighting or complimentary toiletries – these rooms are ideal for those seeking tranquility while proceeding with their journey!

Premium amenities can be found in all areas at Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich; guests revel in spacious rooms adorned with chic decor featuring high-end furniture and providing access to a wide array of services including late check out requests. The design of each unit is distinctively different based on its layout, décor and features but all have been thoughtfully crafted to ensure maximum comfort – it’s hard to find fault!

Best Place to Stay in Zurich for a Romantic Getaway

For a truly romantic retreat, look no further than the Hotel Columbus. The captivating luminance of this family-run establishment is sure to mesmerize.

Don’t let its Milanese roots fool you: this boutique hotel offers an unabashedly luxurious experience that refuses any pretense. Nestled in the heart of Zurich’s historic quarter and featuring 22 elegant rooms, from spacious suites adorned with sumptuous linens; down to cozy yet inviting quarters – each offering exquisite décor and regal ambiance!

For those seeking respite after an exhilarating day of exploring, ensure your stay at the Columbus Inn provides ultimate bliss. It’s like discovering an idyllic country hideaway full of pampering indulgences – all within reach when you seek refuge here!

Best Place to Stay in Zurich for Families and Kids

For those who are traveling with children, the ZVZ City Apartments offer an array of family-friendly offerings and accommodations. In addition to its plethora of facilities such as babysitting services and Wi-Fi access in all common areas available during your stay – there are also numerous events and festivals taking place within the city itself this fall season!

The ample number of child-friendly amenities on offer at the Zurich International Airport include a playground, an indoor pool, mini video games and even a petting zoo; young travelers will love how all these playfully cajole them into relaxing in their chosen abode.

Where to Stay in Zurich

You can find a hostel, Airbnb or any other type of lodging here; all are equally viable choices for travelers.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly establishment then guesthouses like Swiss Young Guesthouse and Macdonald House are sure to provide an unforgettable stay in Zurich! Hostels like Budget as well as Midtown offer spacious rooms within walking distance from the city center; while Airbnb caters to those seeking choice in their accommodations.

For those seeking opulent accommodation, consider the following eight establishments: Hotel Schweizerhof The Regent, Hotel Taschenbergpalais with its opulent baroque architecture and the exquisite ambiance of its ballroom are just some highlights; followed by Hotel Wagram with its historic setting and unparalleled amenities. Further still lies the Dorint Riseley Grand Suite – an extravagance of space with unrivaled design elements that create an intimate atmosphere. Finally one could not forget Switzerland’s premier hotel–the iconic InterContinental Zurich Park Hyatt Regency; offering divine style and convenience alongside superb services like concierge available 24/7.

Switzerland for Foodies

If you’re an avowed foodie, don’t miss this award-winning gastronomic city. Zurich offers a wealth of culinary delights, from Michelin-starred establishments to quaint eateries with an authentic Swiss flare.

With more than 200 eateries on our solitary guide, we can confidently declare Zurich the world capital for its culinary aspirations! From gourmet chains and international franchises to local delicacies – there’s something for everyone here.

Delicious pastries from L’Assiette Crue are among the most coveted offerings in Zurich. All five flavors are available as well as seasonal creations like salted caramel or pumpkin custard.

Where to Stay in Zurich

The city offers an abundance of accommodations, ranging from budget-friendly hostels and more upscale hotels. Be sure to visit the International Living section of this guide for more options!

Unwind at the extravagant Hotel Arts, a boutique property that’s located within walking distance from major sights like Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich main railway station & the Rathausplatz. The establishment is renowned for its stunning décor and attention to detail. If you plan on traveling with children in tow, consider requesting one of their specially designated rooms – those available are particularly suited for families!

If you’re seeking an affordable retreat, consider booking a room at Zurich Central Station. This particular lodging option is centrally situated within one mile of both Zurich Main Train Station and Zurich Airport. In addition to being close to transportation hubs such as these; moreover it is situated amid a multitude of amenities such as restaurants – thus making it an ideal choice for travelers!

Switzerland for Outdoor Lovers

Switzerland is renowned for its magnificent mountainous landscapes, gorgeous lakes and rivers; all of which can be explored during your stay.

For those who enjoy trekking or simply hiking in the fresh air, don’t miss out on taking a stroll along Lake Zurich’s shores or exploring the captivating Pilatus mountain range. If you desire some beach time, why not venture to the diminutive resorts dotting around this idyllic lake?

Nature has been my favorite subject since childhood, so I was excited when we discovered that there are plenty of opportunities to explore one of nature’s most beautiful creations – Switzerland! From hikes through the Alps to sunbathing by the lake–this country has it all!

Where to Stay in Zurich

If you are planning to stay in the heart of Zurich, look no further than any of the luxurious options available.

From chic modern residences and suites adorned with sleek furnishings to opulent boutique hotels located near Lake Zurich, there is an abundance of luxurious options when it comes time for accommodations during your Swiss adventure in Zurich!

For a captivating stay in the city, consider reserving at one of two high-end Maximilian hotel chains: Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc or Grand Hôtel Nougayrède. In addition to offering coveted access to some of its most exclusive locations, such properties also boast a rock-star level host service – not something that can be overlooked!

If you’re looking for a more intimate travel experience, consider staying at one of the select mainstays in town like Four Points by Sheraton, Hotel Bristol or the Hotel Schweizerhof – all situated within walking distance from Old City’s cafes, shops and galleries!

Switzerland for Romance and Romance

If you’re looking for a rustic getaway in Switzerland, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore some of Central Europe’s most picturesque regions.

Two of our favorites are: the Toggenburg region nestled within valleys and lush forests; or the Baar Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site with captivating views along its winding riverbanks! Which one would be your ideal destination?


Are you planning a trip to Zurich? If so, be sure to browse our selection of hotels and discover why this is one of the most captivating destinations in Europe!



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