Where to Stay in Chiang Mai Thailand: A Comprehensive Guide


While Thailand is a crowded destination, it still offers ample opportunity for solo travelers. If you’re content to remain within the confines of Chiang Mai or Bangkok, this shouldn’t be an issue; however, if you’re seeking out remote areas for solitude then chances are that your itinerary will be focused around these cities.

If you’ve yet to make your way to Thailand’s numerous metropolises and bustling cities, there are plenty of options available for both budget accommodations as well as luxurious lodgings.

The most notable destinations in the region are undoubtedlyBangkokandChiang Mai. Both are able to offer up an abundance of activities such as shopping expeditions along with culinary experiences at some of Asia’s finest restaurants; moreover there are also opportunities to discover yoga retreats or even mountain treks!

In this guide I’ll provide a wealth of knowledge on where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand as well as how much it costs to live comfortably while on holiday in this city.

Chiang Mai’s Best Hotels

If you’re seeking an unpretentious yet stylish retreat, consider reserving a room at any of the city’s finest hotels.

With its contemporary design, captivating central Lanna location and alluring poolside ambience, both Amari Chiang Mai Hotel and ibis Styles are true havens for retreat-seeking travelers.

Located in the lively district of Sri Petchaburi Road & within easy reach of Chatuchak Weekend Market – where visitors can experience vibrant street life and delicious culinary delights – this charming boutique hotel exudes both elegance and comfort.

Enchanting views and elegant design are hallmarks of this sophisticated hideaway nestled amid tropical greenery with proximity to the Palace Promenade. From here guests can explore bustling Nimman area, as well as nearby attractions such as Wat Chedi Luang or look down upon plains filled with rice paddies beneath their feet; it truly is an idyllic escape!

Chiang Mai’s Best Boutique Hotels

You can browse through a vast array of quaint options at the city’s boutique hotels, offering an array of unique accommodations.

Baan Sunray is a delightful spot for those looking for chic comfort on earthy tones. This cosy abode offers stylish rooms that exude tranquility; each one with its own distinct personality! After all – what could be more delightful than staying in a space that caters to your every need?

With its tasteful design, Baan Sunray seeks to provide guests with just the right blend of old world charm and modern comforts. The sumptuous mod cons are complemented by architectural details in its crisp white walls, while non-denominational interiors give off an elegant yet harmonious ambience – perfect for escaping into serenity!

Chiang Mai’s Best Mid-Range Hotels

For those seeking an affordable retreat in the heart of city life, there are several mid-range hotels that provide a convenient home base.

Despite its name, this establishment is not located within the historic walls – instead it lies nestled between the famed temples and lively streets of Thapae Gate. A collection of distinguished guestrooms and suites offer a sumptuous haven for weary travelers; complete with amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi access, a satellite TV channel selection and even slippers!

The Chiang Mai Landry Inn proves to be an excellent choice for budget-oriented travelers seeking comfort in the bustling city’s central district. Situated at the crossroads of Ratchadamnoen Avenue, this five-star property offers a range of spacious accommodations with breakfast included. Furthermore, high levels of customer service and attentive staff ensure that guests can experience hassle-free stays during their stay in Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai’s Budget Hotels and Hostels

Ranging from budget to mid-range hotels, the best places to stay in Chiang Mai are plentiful. From cozy homestays and guesthouses offering affordable rates to five-star luxury resorts located within the city center boasting countless amenities – there’s an abundance of choices where you can find accommodations that suit your needs!

The budget accommodation options in Chiang Mai range from charming guesthouses with shared bathrooms and communal kitchens; to cosy apartments providing a more spacious living environment that also come equipped with modern amenities like televisions and mini fridges for convenience.

If you’re traveling on a budget, Homestay Chiang Mai is an ideal place to save some money. Not only does this establishment provide a haven for travelers seeking affordable lodging in town but it also offers a wide selection of rooms from which you may choose – all at a price lower than most other establishments in town!

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai Town: The Old City

If you’re seeking an intriguing option for your Chiang Mai accommodations, consider sleeping in the captivating maze of alleys and temples of Chiang Mai’s revered Old City.

Right in the center of town, the hostel is located within sight of Wat Chedi Luang and its two-story golden stupa – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encapsulates the quintessential representation of Thailand’s distinct architectural style, making it arguably one of my favorite places on this planet! To top off an already unrivaled experience, other sights such as the nearby Chinese walled city are just a short stroll away;

More than 13 kilometers long, with over 30 distinct sections, the ancient city is intricately arranged around 12 majestic temples including the Prasat Hin Phimai, regarded as King Rama I’s birthplace and final resting place that was relocated here from Ayutthaya. Its ornate arches and intricate murals are a testament to its age while its gilded spires evoke images of past glory – this immaculate patchwork quilt of culture remains one of the most magnificent sights anywhere in Southeast Asia!

Where to Stay Outside of the Old City: Chiang Mai’s Western Suburbs

If you have no prior knowledge of Chiang Mai, you may be wondering where all the people are. You see them everywhere: behind counters at market stalls and in bustling streets; bustling with traffic as well!

There’s a reason for this apparent population disparity between the Old City as well as its outskirts: accommodations outside of it can vary greatly in price! In fact, most places don’t even reach US$60 per night – and some even lower than that!

Thankfully, there are affordable hotels around Chiang Mai’s western suburbs that provide an excellent base from which to explore wonders such as Doi Inthanon National Park and the Golden Triangle.

Where to Stay Outside of Chiang Mai: Northern and Eastern Thailand

If you’re contemplating a trip to Chiang Mai, don’t forget to take advantage of its close proximity to other popular destinations such as Pai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai.

For those who are eager for an adventure beyond the confines of Chiang Mai, the prospect is exhilarating! You could venture forth into northern Thailand, perhaps stopping by the majestic Golden Triangle between Chiang Mai, Pai and Mae Hong Son or exploring Northern Thailand’s cultural riches during a visit to Chiang Rai.

Bubbling Pongkhanka Lake beckons with its idyllic setting at the foot of Doi Inthanon National Park and within striking distance of Chiang Dao National Park; both of which are renowned for providing an abundance of hiking opportunities along with breathtaking scenery.

The northeastern region is crisscrossed by rugged mountains that tower over lush valleys – perfect for those seeking seclusion away from the bustling metropolis.


Chiang Mai is a fascinating destination replete with an abundance of attractions and activities. Its enduring legacy has lent it a certain air of sophistication, making it the ideal spot for indulging in opulent experiences like shopping or dining out.

Chiang Mai is home to an unparalleled array of exquisite dining options, from street food hawkers to open-air restaurants nestled within lush gardens. It also boasts an abundance of fine hotels that provide guests with opulent surroundings for relaxation; from swimming pools and saunas to even private villas where one can unwind while taking in the majestic views all around them.



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