Where to Dine in Santiago for a Cultural Experience on Your Trip


Santiago, the capital of Chile and largest city in South America, is an opulent metropolis with a captivating past that offers an array of dining experiences. Nestled within the heart of its downtown area lies bustling Plaza de Armas, which boasts numerous restaurants offering everything from classic Chilean fare to international cuisine.

Discover Santiago’s culinary landscape with this guide, featuring seven establishments that offer a unique dining experience.

Atún Fuego

For an unforgettably fiery experience, Atún Fuego is the place to go.

This outfit specializes in serving up some of the best grilled seafood in town. From calamari rings smothered in a fragrant tomato sauce to succulent mahi-mahi fillets tossed with jalapeño peppers and sweet plums; each bite packs a punch! You’ll be hard pressed to find such unforgettable flavors anywhere else.

And don’t forget about our delectable spicy sides like roasted potatoes, fries or rice; all are complemented by scrumptious fish dishes – so you can ensure that you leave this restaurant satisfied beyond measure!

Cigarra Saussa

If you’re seeking an ambiance unrivaled by any other restaurant in the city, then look no further than Cigarra Saussa – a veritable haven of tranquility cloaked in Old World style.

Sitting atop one of Santiago’s most renowned culinary destinations, the restaurant is housed within La Sabrosa; a culinary temple dedicated to defining quality and innovation within their field.

Charming atmosphere aside, this traditional eatery has garnered praise for its outstanding variety of dishes and unparalleled service.

La Canoa

Offering a refreshing escape from the bustle of city life, La Canoa boasts an inviting ambiance ideal for unwinding.

Perched atop its namesake boat on the El Quisco river within Los Tempanales Beach, this destination is not just an ideal place in town – it’s also one that provides an experience of tranquility and serenity like no other.

A winery with a restaurant situated atop its vineyard offers an unparalleled opportunity to savor delectable dishes whilst basking under the tropical sun!

La Colina de Guacolda

If you desire a taste of Chile’s indigenous culture, locals recommend Castillo de Guacolda in the north of Santiago. This colossal fortification is both serene and awe-inspiring when viewed from afar; its imposing size encourages visitors to explore its various chambers!

The main attraction at the Castillo de Guacolda is its dining facilities where guests are invited to savor artisanal fare paired with a selection of wines. Peruse through an impressive array of platters ranging from simple yet scrumptious morsels to more eccentric dishes like quinoa-based creations as well as meat-based options – all exquisitely crafted with care!

The proprietors here are fervent defenders of gastronomic traditions and pride themselves on offering cuisine that is both traditional yet modernized.

Las Patagonesas

If you’re seeking a true taste of Chilean cuisine, look no further than Las Patagonesas (or ‘The Patagonia Ladies’). This restaurant is an institution, renowned for its hearty and authentic fare.

With its cozy and inviting ambiance, Las Patagonesas is like going on a gastronomic excursion to the world’s most popular destinations. The restaurant boasts an array of authentic-to-the-point-of-exotic dishes from various regions all over Chile, such as fresh seafood from coastal areas or handmade raviolis from Valparaíso – while other enticing options include sandwiches made with meats and cheeses sourced from Andes Mountains; plus an array of salads and pastries that offer tantalizing enticements!

Los Tilos

Located in the bustling neighborhood of La Argentina, Los Tilos is a delightful restaurant boasting an inviting atmosphere.

Surrounded by a garden and patio space, Los Tilos exudes tranquility with its ambience. Upon entering this establishment, you’ll be greeted by cheerful staff members assuring patrons that their comfort level is prioritized during their meal; this coupled with the rustic décor which features wooden paneling and earthy hues create an inviting setting for any occasion.

The cuisine here focuses on wholesome produce – it boasts a choice of meat options alongside fish and seafood dishes. Whether opting for something light or filling: everyone will surely find value in choosing from among their varied selections!

For those seeking sustenance, Los Tilos offers both lunchtime fare as well as dinner options. If you’re staying overnight while visiting Santiago, don’t forget to take advantage of breakfast too!

Mercado Central de Santiago (Central Market)

Nestled within the bustling metropolis of Santiago are a handful of dining options, such as this market at Parque Central.

Mercado Central de Santiago is the ideal spot for an after-dark meal or snack; its bustling atmosphere and tantalizing aromas from its plethora of stalls will surely leave you yearning for more!

Cash only!

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Despite the obvious advantages of an abundance of native ingredients in Chilean cuisine, international influences are also present. This fusion is perfectly exemplified by the numerous restaurants serving a global cuisine – from Peruvian and Japanese to Indian, French and Spanish cuisines – with all meals being deliciously inspired by this unique melting pot!

More than 50% of Chile’s population resides in Santiago, so it’s no surprise that many of its most renowned chefs have chosen the capital as their home base. These culinary titans can be found at many eateries throughout the city providing diverse gastronomic experiences for tourists choosing an excursion here.

Indeed, among the most treasured dishes of Chile are alpaca. Its succulent flavor makes it an ideal ingredient for both savory and sweet dishes! Furthermore, you may encounter seafood such as lobster or crabmeat served in various preparations; prawns or crayfish are frequently utilized while octopus is commonly available at restaurants offering paella and ceviche. However if seafood is not your thing then don’t despair – there are also some delectable meat options on offer here like pork and even beef (from local ruminants as opposed to USDA-graded cuts). And as a last resort if none of these options appeal to you – don’t forget about avocados and olives!

Wine & More!

Santiago is renowned for its wine and culinary offerings, bringing together a convergence of art into one harmonious experience that transcends culture. Discovering this hidden gem is just the tip of the iceberg – our guide delves deeper into delicious food paired with wine at some of these must-visit establishments!

If you’re new to the country, our friendly staff can help you select from among Chile’s abundant reds and whites.


Undoubtedly, there is no shortage of restaurants in Santiago with varied cuisines and ambiance. The city has everything from family-owned establishments offering traditional food to modern eateries that provide patrons with an opportunity to experience local flavors while dining.



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