What You Should Know About Underwater Suites in Dubai


Are you intrigued by the idea of living beneath the sea? If so, then consider scuba diving into one of Dubai’s underwater suites – a novel concept for sure!

If you’ve ever gazed fondly upon picturesque coral reefs or marveled at the majesty of marine life in their pristine habitats, it’s likely that such vistas have captivated your imagination. Yet what if I were to tell you that such idyllic settings can be recreated right here on earth?

With underwater residences now a reality in Dubai, homeowners and investors alike are undoubtedly rejoicing over this new development. Offering unprecedented views of aquamarine seas encircled by white sandy beaches, as well as crystal clear waters teeming with aquatic life – what could be more alluring than that?!

The Different Types of Underwater Suites in Dubai

If you’re planning an undersea getaway, you’ve yet to encounter the ideal place! Fortunately there are a variety of different underwater suites in Dubai that are sure to satisfy any taste – both aesthetically and budget-wise! These unique accommodations can be found at select hotels such as Aquavilla Hotel, Burj Al Arab Suites or Jumeirah Beach Residence.

From classic to contemporary – choose from nine distinct types of aquavetas (a portmanteau of aqua and vacation) ranging from Classique to Cubique. Each suite has been tailored with an array of amenities designed for ultimate relaxation; from king beds adorned with plush pillows to opulent bathroom fixtures boasting dual sinks, bidets and toilets for maximum convenience!

What Is an Underwater Suite?

These ingenious abodes are situated beneath the surface of the water and boast a breathtaking array of luxurious accommodations.

Unlike conventional yachts, which provide guests with only a compact sleeping area and galley – or dining area – these aquatic havens offer an extraordinary level of comfort, beauty and privacy. This can be achieved through a number of design strategies such as:

Attracting potential clients by offering space for up to eight guests in its luxury suites; promoting opulence through the incorporation of the latest technologies; providing amenities like gourmet dining rooms, soundproofed bedrooms and spacious bathrooms; as well as providing ample space for entertaining during one’s stay!

Could You Actually Vacate an Underwater Suite?

The answer to this query is unequivocally yes, you could vacate an underwater suite! This unique accommodation offers a unique experience that may be suitable for those seeking a more extraordinary vacation within the United Arab Emirates.

The distinct ambience of an aquatic sanctuary provides elevated aesthetic appeal during your stay at ONE&OAHOTEL® Dubailand. All rooms are elegantly appointed with décor reminiscent of an aquarium; meanwhile guests can take advantage of a plethora of facilities such as an infinity pool and sundeck with panoramic views overlooking the city skyline – all bathed in an underwater hue!

Indeed, if you possess sufficient funds and desire a luxurious escape from reality then consider relocating to an UnderSea Suite at one of the most prestigious hotels in Dubai. With its striking aesthetics, this is sure to be an unforgettable experience that will linger long in memory.

Underwater Suite vs. Aquarium: Which One Is Better?

With its captivating aquatic landscape, an aquarium is a wonderfully immersive experience. It provides visitors with sights and sounds from the vast oceanic realm that evokes both wonder and awe; making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking something different!

Meanwhile, an underwater suite features a luxurious bedroom complete with ample seating area, dining table and even lighting options – allowing guests to immerse themselves in a striking environment. The perfect choice for those seeking an escape from reality into one of fantasy!

Can I Expect an Underwater Suite to Be Bathing Suit-Optional?

If you are not opposed to undressing for a dip, then it is worth mentioning that the vast majority of these stunning accommodations feature an optional ‘bathing suit’ element.

On-site spas and pools boast the option to dive into a range of extra services and amenities, from outdoor hot tubs to poolside cabanas and yoga classes. If you desire an invigorating experience beyond just lounging in the sunshine all day long, then take advantage of this added value!

Other Facts You Should Know About Underwater Suites in Dubai

If you’re seeking a more immersive experience, consider one of the following:

• Be in control of your underwater suite experience with a range of adjustable lighting options.

• Guests can choose from 17 unique designs to personalize their accommodations within these lavish spaces.

• One upscale option is to arrange for an evening meal or refreshments under the sea – an unforgettable way to spend your vacation!


The selection of an underwater suite in Dubai can truly be a memorable experience, be it for business or leisure. For those who seek out this type of accommodation, it will provide an opportunity to immerse themselves amidst tranquility and refreshment amid a bustling cityscape – just what they need!



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