What to Know About Kusadasi Turkey in Honor of National Turkey Day


In 2016, the magnificent city of Kusadasi was proclaimed as the World’s Most Beautiful by Trip Advisor travelers!

The Turks are renowned for their hospitality and generosity, with a reputation for welcoming guests into their homes with open arms. With such kindness comes an array of culinary delights – from simple snacks to sumptuous feasts! So what’s the buzz when it comes to turkey? Why not let the experts at Turkeys Around The World enlighten you!

On Thanksgiving Day in the United States, we celebrate the bountiful harvest brought forth by our revered pilgrims who journeyed to America from Europe. However, those same explorers were also skilled hunters who sought out local fowls for sustenance during their arduous journey across the Atlantic Ocean. This is how Turkey came to be known as a quintessential Thanksgiving ingredient!

What to Know About Kusadasi

The Turkish city of Kusadasi has long been considered one of the most picturesque in all of Turkey. Nestled at the base of Mount Olympus with its signature azure waters, it is an ideal vacation spot!

Enticing Kusadasi’s captivating beauty lies in its multitudinous contrasts: on one hand a luxurious seaside resort; on the other, verdant mountain slopes framed by sandy beaches and leafy forests – along with a radiant sun that bathes everything in radiance. Its experiences can be quite varied!

With a population of over 15,000 people, Kusadasi truly boasts a cosmopolitan feel. Its residents are predominantly Turkish with a small community of Greeks and Aramaic speaking Assyrians residing here as well. The local cuisine abounds with enticing offerings such as shawarma or köfte from the distinctively flavored meatballs; two classic dishes that are popular throughout the country.

Turkey’s National Destination

If you’re looking for a vacation spot that offers something more than sun, sea and sand, consider visiting one of Turkey’s stunning sights.

The idyllic setting of Mount Nemrut; the Roman-era ruins at Perga and the Uluburun shipwreck – all offer adventure, excitement and intrigue in their own unique ways!

Perga is an exquisite mosaic set amid an enchanting landscape with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Antalya. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features an extensive collection of ancient buildings and monuments dating from Roman times through Byzantine epochs -and even beyond!

Plunge into history at Perga San Vitale, a splendid monastery that dates from around 400 AD.

National Turkey Day in Kusadasi

On November 15th of every year, the residents of Kusadasi demonstrate their affection for our national bird with a bevy of festivities.

At breakfast time on Tuesday, you can savor a scrumptious meal made from turkey at any one of numerous establishments offering an array of cuisines. Alternatively, if you desire to incorporate this delicacy into your itinerary it’s possible! Daily excursions are organized around Kusadasi – don’t forget to check out the vast array of options before deciding upon one.

Traditional Turkish Meal the locals enjoy

After a leisurely lunch, those seeking sustenance can savor the richness of their meal accompanied by elaborate side dishes.

The quintessential Turkish dish, çılbır (pronounced chellibar) is essentially meat stewed in tomatoes, onions and garlic and topped with bread for scooping up every last morsel – an enticing delicacy!

Best Place to Get a Good View of the Old City from Kusadasi

If you’re seeking a captivating view of the city and can’t bear the crowds at any one of its renowned sights, I highly recommend seeking out Kale Balık – literally ‘fish restaurant’ in Turkish. This locale boasts an extraordinary location from which to observe the area’s classical architecture; it also affords guests with an unparalleled vantage point for appreciating Turkey’s most famous landmark; and even if you don’t have time for lunch here as well, this spot will surely provide you with a memorable background for any selfies taken during your journey!

At just 0.4 miles from the center of Kusadasi, you’ll find yourselves atop an elevated plateau situated along the riverbank. Alongside numerous cafes offering panoramic views across the city below, there are also plenty of itineraries available through local tour companies that allow visitors to venture beyond their base; moreover, excursions aboard a water taxi departing from here can be arranged if need be while those who prefer not to stray too far may opt for traveling by bus instead.

Best Sights in Kusadasi

For an authentic Turkish experience, you need look no further than Kusadasi’s marina. The town boasts an array of pristine waterside houses and buildings, creating a captivating ambiance that evokes nostalgia; an image rarely seen in modern urban environments!

Just beyond the lagoon is the Hippodrome of Miletus, one of the oldest structures in all of Turkey – as well as one of its most enchanting. This majestic amphitheater, which dates back to around 528 BC when it was constructed for use during the ancient Olympics – has remained remarkably intact over time; making it a truly remarkable sight for visitors!

Where to Stay in Kusadasi

If you’re planning a stay in Kusadasi, then there are some noteworthy hotels and resorts to consider.

For the budget traveler, there are numerous personal-sized lodgings that offer welcoming hospitality at an affordable price. For instance, Studio Hotel Inanç has rooms with just two beds – perfect for couples! Other options abound if you prefer opting for something more spacious; from family-run inns all the way up to lavish palaces offering top notch amenities and services.

However, those seeking a luxurious getaway will find their ideal spot at The Royal Suite Hotel – boasting stunning views of lake Pamvotis and majestic mountain peaks. This 5-star establishment boasts idyllic accommodations along with elite amenities like private beaches and poolside retreats as well as exclusive access to select restaurants and spas available only for guests staying within its walls!

If you’d rather be pampered by skilled professionals rather than experiencing travel vicariously through picturesque landscapes, why not treat yourself to a treatment at one of the city’s best spas?

Dining and Nightlife in Kusadasi

With its exquisite cuisine, entertaining nightlife and opulent palaces, Kusadasi has something for everyone.

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of ‘Turkey’s answer to Cinque Terre,’ our group eagerly set off for the captivating beaches and idyllic coves that dot this peninsula. However, upon arrival we all agreed upon a unanimous decision: it is indeed an absolute must-see! Thus, after being united in our decision to visit Turkey’s premier beach district – no one was willing to stray from our venture during their stay at all times!

A delectable array of restaurants from around the globe are on hand here, offering diverse cuisines prepared with fresh ingredients and local culinary expertise. Be sure to savor them all as you peruse our list of eateries for inspiration; we found it quite delicious!


The majestic Kusadasi, situated on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast and boasting miles upon miles of sandy shores, is a popular holiday destination for locals and tourists alike. In fact, this seaside town is home to one of the world’s largest airports – boasting a runway that runs into the water! The abundance of leisure activities in Kusadasi makes it an ideal locale for relaxing with friends and family during National Turkey Day.



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