What to Eat in Bali if You Hate Spicy Food or Don’t Like Meat


Did you know that there are several foods in Bali that are not spicy? If you’re a fan of spicy food or dislike meat, it may be an unfamiliar sensation to discover such delicacies exist on the island paradise; however, there is nothing quite like experiencing authentic Balinese cuisine for yourself!

Despite being known for its array of mouth-numbing chilli peppers, Bali does have some delectable dishes that don’t require any heat. The locals certainly know how to cook up some delicious meals without using any fiery peppers – no matter what your spice tolerance may be!

What to Eat in Bali if You Hate Spicy Food

If you’re a savvy traveler, then you’ll realize that not all Southeast Asian cuisine is high-octane; some cuisines are mellow and less spicy than others. You might find introductions to foods such as pepper crab, which is delicately spiced but not hot at all; or even the tingling sensation of adding just a pinch of chile peppers in dishes like tofu!

If your tastebuds have been crying out for some respite from the fiery spice levels prevalent in the culinary landscape, our team can assist with delectable dishes that won’t set your mouth on fire – though they may still provide a bit of an ‘ouch!’

For those seeking relief from traditional Balinese fare, spend your hard earned money on a refreshingly light rice drink instead!

What to Eat in Bali if You Don’t Like Meat

If you’re vegan or abstain from consuming meat due to religious beliefs, Bali has ample options for dining. For example, The Sarmi Cafe on Kuta Beach serves up a mouthwatering array of vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods like burgers, milkshakes and pasta dishes.

Other spots offering noteworthy plant-based fare include Neka Mamas restaurant in Ubud; Indah Restaurant in Seminyak; Cristalle – an intimate oasis which prides itself on its menu featuring exclusively vegan dishes; Asana Café in Ubud; Ancol Vegetarian Food Court in Nusa Dua; Bumi O’Terra’s Gourmet salad bar and Greenhouse Market Town Square. Indulge your taste buds by sampling such delicacies as tofu noodles and panir curry at these delights!

What to Eat in Bali if You’re a Vegetarian

Bali is a haven for vegetarians – you can find traditional Indian and Chinese vegetarian dishes alongside an abundance of international offerings.

Though meat is the predominant cuisine in Bali, there are numerous restaurants that offer meatless fare too. Most eateries will have at least one vegetarian dish on their menu, so how about trying something new?

Whether you’re a vegan or simply abstain from consuming any meat whatsoever, don’t be left out. The island offers many delicious plant-based options:

• Dolma

What to order: Falafel; Tofu Lettuce Wrap; and Garden Vegetable Salad are all delicious options for vegetarians!

Best Cheap Meal on the Beach: Jogjakarta

Bali is renowned for its luxury beach resorts, yet what you may not know is that there are also inexpensive options available in some of its more resort-like neighborhoods.

Venture out to the Jogjakarta district and you’ll find yourself amidst one of the most charming settings on the island; a quaint strip of restaurants peppering this serene town’s coastline. Think old-school cafés, friendly eateries and simple huts offering up their wares in between pristine sands – it’s an idyllic setting!

At Jogjakarta Beach Resort, located just north of Kuta in Bali, we ventured off the beaten path and ventured into the Jogjakarta market district; finding ourselves at Cosmo Cafe located right at the tip of the peninsula that juts into the ocean with its captivating views.

Cosmo Cafe serves up delectable Indonesian fare such as pork satay, rendang stew and even mouthwatering gado gado – a mix of fried vegetables served with peanut sauce. It’s all very delicious! Though our journey through this culinary haven did not yield any exotic littlest cumin seeking out boutique sundried tomatoes; nonetheless – we couldn’t be any happier when discovering these savory specimens among our meal offerings.

Don’t Miss: Kerobokan Beach

Bali’s most celebrated beach, located near Kerobokan Prison, is a veritable paradise for sunbathing and swimming. With clear waters and soft sands rippling from one end of the shoreline to another, this iconic beach has become a must-visit destination for many travelers seeking some relaxation in between their activities.

Located within an expansive swath of golden sand, Kerobokan Beach offers ample space to stretch out along its entire length. You can even take refuge in one of its two serene bays if the tide comes in; they are sheltered by majestic mountains and provide some respite from the rays during these hot summers!

Kerobokan Beach is renowned for its calm waters, which makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling. Bali scuba excursions are also available here – if you’re keen on exploring reefs up close then don’t miss it!

On Sundays, popular among tourists as well as locals, there’s no need to fret about finding a spot at this idyllic beach.

Where to Find the Best Crempelsari Coffee in Bali

Bali is renowned for its coffee and if you’re hankering for a cup of their most beloved brew, head to the Crempelsari Cooperative in Ubud. This small, artisanal shop offers an array of tasty options ranging from classic espresso to aromatic lattes and more complex varieties such as cappuccino and macchiato, not forgetting that they even offer an all-day breakfast menu!

If you fancy something stronger than a cup of java, then hit up one of their bustling restaurants. While dining here, guests can enjoy mouthwatering Indonesian dishes made with fresh ingredients in a casual atmosphere.


As a traveler, you have the freedom to choose what food and beverages you consume. If you don’t like spicy foods or don’t eat meat, there are still plenty of delicious options available! Just be sure to peruse this piece on Bali’s most popular dishes before arrival so that you can properly plan your itinerary.



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