What to Do in Jerusalem When You’re Not Visiting the Old City


If you’re planning a trip to Jerusalem, don’t overlook its bustling metropolis – the bustling metropolis of Jerusalem! The city is bursting at the seams with activities galore and accommodations are plentiful.

Are you looking for suggestions on what to do in Jerusalem when you’re not visiting the Old City? Then you’ve come to the ideal location!

Take a walk in the Desert

In addition to the captivating architecture that makes up Jerusalem’s Old City District, there are numerous treks one can take through its environs – from walking along ancient Roman walls and discovering shrines dedicated to various saints; trekking along arid ridges offering stunning views of the cityscape below; or perhaps even taking in the scenery from atop Mount Zion.

The Golden Forest Trail is a leisurely stroll through historic Jerusalem’s landscape. This popular excursion takes you on an enchanting journey through the Garden of Gethsemane – a verdant oasis concealed within the heart of the desert! Plus, it boasts an array of attractions such as the Golden Gate and Amidah benediction prayer stations while providing visitors with quite an experience during their visit.

Explore the Mount of Olives

Not far from the Old City, travelers can find themselves amidst one of Jerusalem’s most remarkable settings – the Mount of Olives. Nestled within this exquisite place is a fascinating array of shrines and churches that offer up insights into Christian history throughout the centuries – including those of Judaism!

Gone are the days when worshiping at the site was restricted to Jewish faithful; today it is possible for visitors to observe services in English alongside Aramaic or Hebrew. You could also venture across the mountain to examine its ancient churches such as St Stephen’s or Bethany Gospels – where numerous gospel fragments have been discovered allowing historians to piece together earlier versions.

For an even more immersive experience, consider taking a guided tour of the area led by knowledgeable guides. Among some of the many options available are:

Visit Bethany and the Basilica of the Nativity

Nestled within the Kidron Valley, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is where Jesus was born. The basilica houses a breathtaking representation of the nativity scene, and numerous sculptures are dotted around its grounds; venerating the divine child with adoration is an unforgettable experience!

The highlight at Bethany is undoubtedly the grotto: a small cave beneath an olive tree that serves as an exceedingly faithful simulacrum of the original dwelling place of Jesus’ family. This idyllic setting is tastefully adorned with hanging lights and adorned foliage creating a captivating atmosphere perfect for reflection upon the holidays – as well as reverently remembering why we celebrate them in the first place!

See the Caves of the Patriarchs

If one word could encapsulate the essence of contemporary Israel, it would undoubtedly be ‘fascinating’; a phenomenon that does not extend solely to its historic sites either!

The Golan Heights was conquered from Syria by Israeli forces in the Six-Day War. While this may seem inconsequential compared with Jerusalem, it is worth taking note; for there are several caves located here within which distinguished rabbis – including Hillel – resided with their disciples during their time between the second and third centuries AD.

Today, some of these chambers remain open as a result of ongoing restoration efforts; but despite their dilapidated state they remain fascinating reminders of the ancient past! If you’re planning on visiting this region, make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore the Golan Caves!

Walk Along the Western Wall

If you’re craving a stroll between some of the most prominent attractions in Jerusalem, then don’t miss out on Western Wall Agora. The site comprises two distinct sections – an indoor space located adjacent to the wall alongside Hanadiya Station and an outdoor open plaza with ample seating for enjoying one’s time here comfortably.

En route from the Kotel to the Plaza of the Prayers, visitors can take advantage of free-of-charge guided tours covering the Shabbat rituals from sundown Friday through Saturday afternoons; this is an ideal opportunity for travelers to observe first-hand what takes place during these events! Afterwards, it’s possible for everyone to relax under the shade of trees where live jazz performances are held on Sunday afternoons. Be sure not to miss these events – there is something captivating about listening to music while taking part in a religious ceremony that demands devotion!

Visit “Jerusalem’s Most Famous Water Park”

When visiting Jerusalem, don’t leave without going to one of its most impressive water parks. With two attractions and a combined operating area of three hectares, the Ben-Yehuda Park offers a captivating array of activities – including aquatic sports like snowboating; aqua yoga and even scuba diving for those who dare!

For kids aged 3-12 years old, I highly recommend the Kiddieland section; this park is ideal for their age group and contains multiple attractions specifically designed with them in mind.

Visit an Old City museum

If you’re itching to learn more about Jerusalem’s glorious past, then a visit to an Old City museum could be just the ticket.

The renowned Giv’atAYiHa Museum is an ideal choice for those seeking an in-depth analysis of antiquity – from Temple Mount to Archaeology in Israel (the latter providing a thorough look at many different archaeological sites throughout Israel).

Giv’atAYiHa is located on Giv’atayim Road, one block off King George V Avenue – a major thoroughfare that connects East and West Jerusalem. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday; hours vary depending upon event schedules but typically remain open from 10am until 7pm. Admission is free!


It’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of sights and sounds in Jerusalem. As a traveler, it’s your responsibility to be cognizant of local customs and religious observances when visiting this holy city; however, if you are planning an itinerary that includes visiting other sites besides the Old City of Jerusalem then utilizing the information provided within this article should prove helpful!



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