Toronto’s Best Restaurants for Vegetarians and Vegans


In today’s society, many people are making the conscious decision to eat a more plant-based diet. This could mean eschewing meat from their lunches or dinners altogether; relying solely on meals consisting of fish or poultry as opposed to any combination thereof – even if it means incorporating some tofu into each course!

To provide you with an array of Toronto restaurants to suit your dietary needs, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list that caters specifically for vegetarians and vegans.

Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is an unpretentious yet delectable spot for lunchtime or after-work dining in the heart of Kensington Market. Chef and co-owner David Lee crafts inspired Mediterranean cuisine with a dedication to local ingredients and seasonality that highlights the purity of its flavours without compromising on flavour; it truly provides an unmatched eating experience!

My dining companion opted for a vegan pad thai while I went with their roasted beets and cabbage dish which was cooked to perfection; everything was immersed in a fragrant sauce which provided an ideal complement to the rich array of vegetables present within it. Both dishes came highly recommended by our server who also mentioned that they are frequently accustomed to featuring more meatless options!

Blenz Coffee Bar

It’s a rarity to find a café in which you can savour delectable yet healthy meals, like mac ‘n’ cheese and kale smoothies. At Blenz Coffee Bar – located within the Blenz app-enabled cafés movement – diners have access to seasonal cuisine along with their usual blends of teas and coffees; exemplifying its commitment towards sustainable practices both on and off the premises!

Not only is the café itself well known for providing vegan options, but their weekend brunch has also earned rave reviews. The menu includes items such as tofu scramble or veggie burgers alongside some fresh fruit and granola; all accompanied by an array of toppings that cater to guests’ whims.


Locating this quaint eatery on the ground floor of an apartment building in Beaches neighbourhood is quite an adventure – one venture past three locked doors before stumbling upon its secret entrance. Yet once inside this humble eatery, there are no locks or doors; only a slanted alcove for maneuvering should one require them!

With its elegant and tranquil setting one could easily mistake Ginger for any upscale restaurant; however, don’t let its appearance deceive you into thinking that it lacks substance. On offer here are vegetarian options such as black rice risotto with kale and truffle oil, along with fresh lavender mint yogurt and radiant orange beetroot ravioli with cannellini bean hummus sauce.

Lobster Pot

With mouthwatering lobster, truffles and a delectable sauce that is sure to delight any palate, this restaurant is an exquisite feast for meat lovers. The ambiance evokes luxurious imagery as one enters into this chic space-age lounge; immaculate decor combined with contemporary furnishings creates a relaxing atmosphere ideal for occassionals yet sophisticated enough to attract patrons from all walks of life.

At Lobster Pot there is no need for meat – their special all-vegetarian menu includes mains like roast vegetable terrine, crispy kale salad and sweet potato gnocchi alongside divine desserts such as ice cream!

Ai Fiori Ristorante

At this contemporary sartorial setting, diners can tuck into a tasty vegetarian feast, ranging from deconstructed lasagna and risotto al limone to fresh vegetable medley with brown rice, kale, broccoli and zucchini.

If you’re looking for an all-out indulgence without sacrificing substantial flavor, Ai Fiori is the place! With its rotating cashew cheese ravioli or traditional Italian meatless pasta made with tofu, seitan and tempeh – among other ingredients – it is sure to please even the most devout carnivores out there.

Vita Cafe and Juice Bar

Located in Kensington Market, Vita Cafe and Juice Bar offers a simple menu of fresh juices, smoothies, salads and wraps. The juice bar stocks over 100 different ingredients to choose from; some of them may not be familiar to first-time guests but they are sure to provide something delightful like the enormous array of tropical fruits you’ll find here!

For those seeking out more substantial fare, there is also an array of lunch options available ranging from wraps and tacos to pitas and salads. All are made with organic produce that has been sourced locally whenever possible – making for an enjoyable dining experience for all!

Garden Restaurant and Bakery

This enchanting establishment, located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, serves as a haven for all things green.

The Garden Restaurant and Bakery is a contemporary café that offers an array of plant-based dishes to tantalize your palate. As well as offering its own brand of cuisine from around the globe, the establishment proudly states that it is committed to providing patrons with meals free from meat or dairy at every mealtime. It’s truly a sight to behold!

With more than 70 percent of dishes on offer here being vegan, guests can expect a varied menu that promotes health and sustainability through its use of fresh produce alongside grains, proteins and nuts. Topping off each dish are innovative toppings like avocado and tempeh; it makes for an exciting culinary experience!

For visitors looking to explore the city with a little less cholesterol in their diet, The Garden Restaurant is recommended.


If you’re looking for a bite of something different, our list of Toronto’s best vegetarian restaurants should come in handy! Whether you’re craving seitan or soy-based meat alternatives, these eateries offer something new and exciting – so give them a try!



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