Top 5 Things to Do in Quebec City Canada


Quebec City is one of the most vibrant cities in North America, with a wealth of history that you can explore and a bustling downtown area offering all kinds of activities.

Discover the captivating richness of Quebec’s capital, from its grand old buildings to bustling neighbourhoods full of life and activity. Spend an afternoon perusing through its museums or savouring a scrumptious meal at one of its restaurants; it has everything for everyone!

If you’re planning a trip to Quebec City, here are five must-do experiences guaranteed to awe!

Visit the Old Town

The area known as Old Quebec is located in the heart of the city. This neighborhood holds a captivating blend of past and present, where 19th-century buildings sit alongside those constructed during the French era; it’s an ideal destination for any visitor keen on learning about both periods!

Begin your exploration at Place Jacques-Cartier, where you will find a statue commemorating this famous 18th-century voyager – and also discover the ornate façade of neoclassical Notre-Dame Basilica. Be sure to stop by Fort Saint-Louis before venturing onward along Rue Sous le Fort, an avenue lined with impressive late-19th century structures including churches, banks and even armouries.

Visit the Biodome

With over 4,000 species and counting, the world-renowned Biodome National Park is an emblematic feature of Quebec City.

Situated within the confines of The Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, this unique park houses a captivating menagerie of flora and fauna from five continents. Some 80% of its exhibits boast specimens from North America, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking edifying insights into other parts of the world – as well as providing a respite for those visiting Quebec City for leisurely explorations!

The splendour of nature at its most magnificent is on full display in these 8 acres; with an array of flora ranging from alpine meadows to tropical islands scattered amidst pools filled with colourful fishes.

For an immersive experience full of exotic delights and exciting discoveries beyond imagination, make your way to the Biodome!

Spotting wildlife is usually the primary objective when one visits a zoo, but there’s something undeniably powerful about this particular establishment located within Quebec city. You’ll find oneself immersed in a verdant haven where everyday sights like birds soaring overhead seamlessly coincide with rare sightings such as leopards prowling underfoot.

Get a Tour of the Basilica

Housed within the imposing 5th District, this is one of Quebec City’s most visited attractions. Not only did it emerge as a frontrunner in our survey, but it also secured an impressive number two spot overall – a commendable achievement!

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Bonsecours is undoubtedly one of the city’s premier institutions; its architecture and design are captivating, and its interior weighs heavily on your senses after just a few moments’ reflection.

You can take advantage of a guided tour that begins at noon; reserving it prior to arrival can help ensure you get admission into the cathedral. Additionally, those in town during the summertime may be interested in learning more about upcoming events taking place at this beautiful space!

Catch an Event at Place des Arts

Place des Arts’ grand, 200-seat cinema is an ideal spot for enjoying a screening of your choice; recent offerings have included ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Les Miserables’.

Don’t forget to pack a blanket or rent one from the venue! Gather up your loved ones, indulge in some popcorn and cuddle up under starlit skies while savoring captivating movies.

Learn about Quebec History

If you’re looking to experience some of the province’s most captivating historical sights while in Quebec, then your options are limitless!

Unfolding across more than 300 acres, the Vallee de la Cité offers visitors a wealth of educational opportunities; from an interactive exhibit commemorating Quebec City’s 400-year history and a quartet of striking monuments honouring key figures like John Cabot as well as prominent figures like J.-B. Lefebvre – all within a compact space. So even if it’s not possible for you to visit these sites in their entirety; there’s no need for haste when visiting this majestic site!

Take in a Show at La Nouvelle Experience

This behemoth of an edifice, which boasts a staggering 8,000 seats and hosts countless concerts, opera performances and plays throughout the year is one of the most in-demand venues in Quebec City. Its esteemed credentials are indisputable, having been recognized by both The Arts Foundation of Canada and the National Arts Centre among other organizations for providing outstanding quality entertainment; moreover, this establishment has become renowned for its impressive acoustics and captivating ambiance!

An enchanting setting combined with an array of offerings make La Nouvelle Experience a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. Its versatile programming schedule allows visitors to explore music from multiple genres such as rock, blues, danceable hits – even classical pieces!

Visit the Roman Ruins of Nimes

Nimes is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and those who venture here will be captivated by the splendour of its archaeology.

Nimes’ Roman ruins are one of the most stunning and revered pieces of architecture in all of France. Delight in the majesty and splendor of this place; strolling along the streets lined with ancient monuments and Pompeii-like cottages awakens an abundance of senses!

Visitors may have difficulty discerning where they stand when immersed within such a vast expanse of antiquity; there are more than 8,000 monuments to behold throughout these sprawling ruins. However, don’t let that intimidate you! Your journey can be easily adapted for those seeking out more leisurely excursions amid the lavish remnants of their former glory!


Incorporating the alluring city of France into your travels to Quebec City is an ideal opportunity for discovering both sides of this multicultural republic. Here, travelers can immerse themselves in a world renowned for its artistic and architectural achievements as well as its gastronomic delights – all accompanied by a visit to Quebec City’s effervescently vibrant atmosphere!

Upon arrival in France’s second-largest city, you’ll be greeted with an abundance of opportunities for exploration. However, if you are seeking something more intimate than a typical tour will provide then consider exploring on one’s own – make sure you don’t miss out on any sightseeing opportunities along the way!

Atop Mt. Saint-Antoine, visitors can admire some splendid panoramic vistas of old Quebec and its surrounding countryside. Here, alongside other attractions like the magnificent Basilica Notre-Dame de Québec and the imposing Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec; there is plenty happening within these precincts that should not be missed!


In Quebec City, visitors can experience the city’s numerous festivals, culinary delights and captivating architecture all year long. From the International Jazz Festival to the Festival du Cuiteau-de-Boeuf (beef festival), these celebrations offer unique experiences that are simply not possible during normal business hours! Visitors should also take advantage of these events – don’t miss out on them!



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