Top 10 Things to See and Do in Amsterdam Netherlands


Amsterdam is a captivating city to explore, offering visitors experiences in art museums and edifying sites of historical significance.

Stroll through picturesque canals lined with gabled houses and admire the architecture of grand 19th century hotels; take in the views from the top floors of soaring skylights at Artis – one of the world’s largest museums dedicated solely to modern art; or venture into 16th-century churches for an ever-changing display by renowned artists in their contemporary work spaces.

Visiting Amsterdam is a delightful experience that offers myriad opportunities for exploration! Here are our picks for what to do in Amsterdam…

Stroll through the Red Light District

Are you intrigued by those uninhibited neon signs? If so, then come experience the world-renowned Red Light District! This seedy locale is an outstanding example of Amsterdam’s distinctive sensibility; it oozes a sense of mystery.

This lively district caters to every imaginable variant of vice. You’ll find everything from cannabis dispensaries and brothels to sex toyshops and tattoo parlors… it’s quite an entertaining jaunt!

While strolling through the impromptu market stalls offering both incense and sex toys or visiting the numerous coffee shops for takeaway sandwiches or indulging in a delectable dinner at one of their eateries – don’t forget your camera!

Visit the Museum Van Loon (Dutch History)

For an in-depth exploration of Dutch history, make time to visit Museum Van Loon. This impressive facility provides visitors with an intimate look at Amsterdam’s multicultural past; providing them with a captivating insight into what life was like in the city during its early centuries when it was occupied by both foreign powers as well as its own citizens.

At this museum stands out not only due to its exquisite craftsmanship from the period under consideration, but also its rich assortment of objects that lovingly showcase each piece – providing insights into what daily life was like for those living in Amsterdam throughout their lifetimes!

On display is an array of 19th-century furnishings, utensils, clothing and other artifacts from various periods across almost two thousand years of Dutch history. Here you will find everything from family silverware put on display alongside ornate pieces from the city’s cherished patrician period; all being carefully curated so visitors can appreciate how people lived during such times.

See the Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is a Unesco world heritage site that houses the famed diaries penned by the Jewish teen, Anne Frank.

The poignant testament to her plight was discovered when Otto Frank returned home from Auschwitz and began transcribing his daughter’s words with haste; it took him only a few days to locate their hiding place where they had been concealed since 1942.

Speaking of the discovery of those treasures, Otto notes within his diary: “I have read [the diaries] several times over and found it hard to grasp that such an ephemeral thing as youth could be snatched away from me; in my mind’s eye I can still see them (my diaries) lying here on these shelves… I cannot bear the thought of losing even one line or page, let alone the whole work.”

Hire a Bike and Cruise the Canal Ring & Waterfront

Those seeking an invigorating experience have the option of utilizing a rental bike and embarking on a circumnavigation of the city itself; taking in its captivating sights along the way. Be sure to stop off at various points of interest along the way!

Amsterdam’s waterway-based ‘Canal Ring’ is one of its most popular cycle routes – but don’t forget your helmet! This is a casual outing with plenty of opportunities for taking in nature’s bounty while getting some exercise in between exploring various spots. Along this route, you can admire magnificent views from elevated vantage points such as Rijksmuseum Square amongst others.

For those seeking an even more mindful experience, take advantage of Amsterdam’s renowned bicycle path that runs for nearly two miles through the heart of town. Lively traffic notwithstanding, it provides a tranquil haven where visitors may observe their surroundings without causing any disturbance to fellow bikers – providing a meditative experience!

See a Movie at the Grand Theatre

For a truly enthralling cinematic experience, journey to Amsterdam’s Grand Theatre where you can enjoy not one but two screenings on consecutive evenings.

Envisioned by renowned architect Pierre Cuypers, the 1893 structure has graced numerous movies including ‘Hachiko Monogatari’ starring Richard Gere and ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ (2005).

Help out at a Food Truck Festival

If you want to be a part of the action, attending Amsterdam’s annual Food Truck Festival can prove an exhilarating experience. This festival attracts several hundred culinary offerings from all corners of the city over the course of an afternoon; each truck offering up its own unique ambiance and cuisine!

If you wish to help out, why not join one of the many local organizations that organize this event? Here are just a few: Mokumol – allying with disadvantaged communities through food, Talented Women – providing training for aspiring chefs as well as space for their creations, Sociale Vaart – uniting people in order to provide improved standards of living by harnessing collaborative efforts between businesses like yours.

Visit a Neighborhood Market and Shop Local

Residents of the city are known for their devotion to local food, often purchasing produce and baked goods from small-scale marketplaces. Why not take a stroll along one today?

If you’re seeking an authentic shopping experience, venture out of the city center to explore its many neighborhood markets. These bustling hubs offer an opportunity to sample delights that may be unfamiliar in more cosmopolitan areas such as those found in London or New York City. You can also enjoy browsing unique crafts or purchasing some souvenirs – all while taking part in activities such as cooking demonstrations or live music performances!

Enjoy Dutch Art and Culture at an Amsterdams Museum or Gallery

The Dutch have embraced art and culture for centuries, and there are many museums and galleries in Amsterdam where you can immerse yourself in the country’s rich history. From van Gogh’s Sunflowers to Rembrandt’s self-portraits – even if you visit multiple times during your stay; each visit is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

At one of Amsterdam’s world-class museums, you’ll discover masterpieces from some of the most renowned artists who were born in the Netherlands. This epicentre of dazzling contemporary art is packed full of awe-inspiring pieces spanning centuries of creativity – explore here for fun facts and learn more about the featured collections!

From medieval paintings to modern sculptures, this enchanting gallery exhibits works that span four centuries’ worth of history. It is no exaggeration to say that every single piece in their collection is a masterpiece. Don’t miss out on this museum’s famous Golden Age exhibition – it runs from 2019 through 2021!

Take a Scenic Boat Ride through Amsterdam’s Historic Canals

Amsterdam is renowned for its lavish canals, which serve as the city’s lifeline and are a crucial aspect of its heritage. In order to appreciate this quintessential Dutch locale fully, why not strike out on one of its many scenic boat cruises?

The Grote Markt Boat Ride is a classic way to spend an afternoon in historical Amsterdam. This leisurely excursion takes you along the Rijksmuseum-lined canals of the city center, stopping at each prominent landmark along the way – such as Stasimuseum and Haga Palace – before returning back home again.


The city of Amsterdam is a veritable trove of history, art and culture. It is also home to some of the most renowned museums in the world, so if you find yourself in this historic locale be sure not to miss out on these must-see attractions!

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