Top 10 Guilin China Attractions to See During Your Next Trip


The captivating landscape of Guilin China is calling to you! The verdant countryside and breathtaking natural sights offer an unforgettable experience, so pack your bags and head out on an excursion to this idyllic locale; you won’t be able to resist!

Explore the captivating beauty of Guilin China with these ten attractions that will leave an impression on you.

1. Yangshuo

Yangshuo is an eclectic town nestled within the verdant folds of rural Guilin province, replete with a captivating array of cultural traditions.

This serene locale boasts a surprisingly colorful history – dating back to the 14th century when it was inhabited by Muslim merchants. During this era, Yangshuo was renowned for its bustling marketplaces and bustling lifestyle in general; yet today’s visitors will still find much to entice them!

To discover Yangshuo’s captivating sights, plan a leisurely stroll along its riverbanks, stroll through one of its many alluring neighborhoods or luxuriate in a meal from its tantalizing culinary repertoire – Yangshuo has something for everyone in their list!

the “Old Street”

Hop aboard a motored boat along the diminutive Jinsha River, and you’ll be transported to an idyllic haven away from rush-hour traffic; in fact, there is no traffic whatsoever on this UNESCO World Heritage Site!

If you’re seeking a leisurely excursion along a small river, consider embarking on one of the cruises offered by Hupa Cruise Company. This outfitter boasts myriad options such as their midday cruise which can take place anytime between June and August depending on when its operating season.

On board your vessel, you’ll discover that this route affords ample opportunity for exploring while cruising at a leisurely pace through tranquil views of green hillsides dotted with traditional villages. Despite its tranquility, this journey may still prove challenging if you wish to glimpse all aspects of Guilin’s cuisine or visit its traditional markets!

2. Guilin Stone Forest

For an enthralling excursion into nature, nothing compares to stumbling upon a petrified forest.

Hikers can trek through this expanse of towering stone formations that are more than 2,000 years old; however, there are also moderately challenging hikes for experienced travelers as well! If you’re looking for an interesting attraction in Guilin that takes you on a journey into the past, don’t miss this must-see site!

The Stone Forest is situated within the Lingyuan Scenic Area, which is located within an expanse of Yumin Forest Reserve located in northeastern China. The forest boasts approximately 4 million stones and is considered one of the country’s most celebrated sights!

3. Guilin Hillside Village

Boasting an eclectic range of residences, restaurants – even a temple sprawled across the hillside; this picturesque village is located within a secluded corner of Guilin.

Set amidst verdant rice fields atop a precipice overlooking the Liu River, it’s no surprise that this captivating locale has become a popular destination for travelers seeking out respite from bustling city life. Nestled at its heart lies a cluster of guesthouses and accommodations offering visitors many choices when embarking on their excursion to Guilin.

The plethora of striking architecture scattered throughout the area is truly eye-catching; with some of these abodes boasting exquisite craftsmanship that rivals any other celebrated Chinese architectural marvels! The assortment offers an array of differing styles yet all have one thing in common: they are all imbued with layers of artistic richness and splendor. What an intriguing concept for anyone who seeks adventure!

4. Anshi Bridge

Once you’ve had your fill of lush scenery, let’s venture on to one of the most captivating sights in Guilin – the Anshi Bridge! This engineering marvel stands as a feat of engineering more than 1,300 feet above the riverbed.

Constructed in 2014 at a cost of over US$21 million, this cable-stayed bridge spans 350 meters and connects two islands; its upper deck has an elevation of 200m while the lower level is at only 30m.

This stunning structure also boasts two lanes, allowing traffic to flow freely across its span.

5. Huanglong Park

A popular destination in Guilin is Huanglong Park, situated along the banks of Li River. This idyllic preserve offers a respite from the bustling cityscape; it’s an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll!

Nestled between verdant hills and riverside cliffs, Huanglong Park provides visitors with access to 1,600-sq.-km of pristine forested wilderness.

Guests can choose between self-guided bicycle tours or designated routes crisscrossing the park. To access more adventurous activities – such as mountain biking and climbing–sturdy mountain bikes can be rented here!

6. Dragon Head Pagoda

If you’re an avid explorer, then the Dragon Head Buddhist Pagoda might be a must-see destination. This temple sits atop a precipice and takes its name from the landmark’s characteristic shape; however, it wasn’t always thus.

The majestic pagoda was constructed in AD 568 and underwent renovations within two decades thereafter. At present, it remains one of the nation’s most distinguishable landmarks – rising boldly amid the landscape like a true tale come to life!

Located in a picturesque village just off the beaten track in Guilin, this captivating pagoda is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts hordes of tourists from all over the world each year.

7. Lingyun Temple

When you visit Guilin, you can’t miss its celebrated temples situated in its midst. Amongst them is Lingyun Temple, which lies just beneath the summit of Mount Li and offers an idyllic setting from which to contemplate its majestic panoramic views.

Built during the Lì Dynasty (1851-1911), this temple’s architectural style combines Buddhist, Daoist and Confucian influences. It boasts an abundance of statues depicting deities and immortals; a multitude of Buddhas are featured among others! Despite its illustrious past, Lingyun remains open for visitors today – making it an ideal spot to savor the ancient culture along with its stunning scenery!

Known as ‘the Buddha Cave’, this striking cavern sits high within the mountain range and boasts a series of chapels that were carved out over a thousand years ago. The lavishly-decorated interior evokes images of serene tranquility while also providing access towards a sacred spring located deep within!

8. Baiyun Mountain National Park

Clad in lush greenery, the Baiyun Mountain National Park offers travelers a tranquil respite from the bustling metropolis. Located just a short drive away from the city center, this national park is ideal for those seeking to escape civilization and make use of its ample hiking trails.

Sixteen hiking trails explore over 20 kilometers of trail that wind through enchanting alpine meadows along the mountain range’s heights. This idyllic setting provides an unparalleled opportunity for peace and tranquility! For additional flexibility during your stay in China, why not partake in some activities such as horseback riding or even cycling?

9. Daming Lake and the Baiyang Waterfall

When you venture to the western region of Guilin, you can observe serene scenery around Daming Lake and Baiyang Waterfall. These two distinct features are ideal for relaxing amid the countryside with their inviting ambiance; they’re also perfect for taking photographs!

No matter which time of day it is in Guilin, Daming Lake remains an enchanting sight. Surrounded by dramatic peaks and verdant forests, this idyllic setting offers visitors a captivating array of colors that reflect off its surface; meanwhile an abundance of foliage provides a gorgeous backdrop for snapshots as well as offering respite from scorching sunrays.

10. Yangtze River Cruise Tour

For a truly immersive experience, strike out on an exhilarating Yangtze River cruise. Set sail from either Yangshuo or Guilin or venture to Shanghai or Nanjing for extended stays; however long you wish!

Yangtze River cruises offer guests the opportunity to explore this celebrated artery in all its glory during six-night itineraries. With spaces limited, these cruises are sure to fill quickly; if you don’t obtain one immediately upon booking – do not fret! You can easily find another when making your reservation as they often have opportunities to sell remaining slots before departure.

Numerous excursions are offered throughout your journey along the river with options ranging from sightseeing tours and culinary explorations to theatre performances and art exhibitions. In addition, there are numerous onboard activities such as yoga classes and gala events which can be attended by fellow travelers. Finally – don’t forget that ‘Pops Up’ celebrations occur each evening aboard ship bringing fun surprises alongside cocktails!

To select the perfect cruise for your needs, consult our fleet of vessels: from luxurious high-speed vessels featuring lavish cabins and exotic cuisine to authentic steamboats offering ample room for exploration with simple yet delicious meals!


Throughout its storied history, Guilin has been a center of commerce and trade for the surrounding regions. Today, this bustling metropolis serves as a vital transit point for travelers making their way between South China and Southeast Asia; it’s also an ideal base from which to explore the intriguing nearby attractions such as Li River Cruise and Yangtze River Cruise.



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