Tokyo vs. London: Which Is the Best Place to Live in Japan?

The renowned metropolis of Tokyo has captivated the attention of many a traveler who has set foot in Japan. This enormous metropolitan area is home to more than 23 million people who enjoy an unparalleled level of convenience as well as diversity and culture.

If you are planning on making the move from your current home, these cities offer some of the best places to live in Japan – offering an array of benefits like access to world-class entertainment and cuisine along with opportunities for career advancement.

Tokyo vs. London

Tokyo and London share a number of key similarities, including their cosmopolitan populations, sizeable student populations and sizable expat communities. Both cities’ respective urban centers are renowned for their bustling nightlife scenes – with both cities boasting dozens of popular options.

However when it comes to basic amenities like weather and currency exchange rates, Tokyo has an edge over its British counterpart.

Despite the fact that Tokyo is home to 24 Fortune 500 companies, as well as some of Japan’s most prestigious universities and art institutions, this metropolis has one distinct advantage over London: being less expensive than its English counterpart!

What to Expect in Tokyo and London

Tokyo and London share many similar characteristics, such as high-density cities with an abundance of skyscrapers and bustling streets. Both have also been ranked among the world’s most livable places – Tokyo’s particular attributes offer some striking contrasts with those in London.

In Japan’s capital city, you’ll find cosmopolitan flair amid a myriad of cultural hotspots, while in the UK they are more readily accessible within its bustling metropolis; transportation systems here offer ease of access.

Both cities boast vibrant nightlife districts, yet whereas Tokyo’s revelry manages to be both sophisticated and edgy at the same time – standing out even more so than it was previously! Indeed, the city is renowned for its captivating festivals and enjoyment-oriented culture.

Cost of Living

Tokyo has one of the most competitive cost of living environments in Japan. With an average salary of nearly $43,000 USD, it is not uncommon for expats to find themselves well off when relocating to Japan; however even if you’re not earning a hefty income yet, Tokyo remains an affordable city where you can still have a fulfilling lifestyle without requiring much money from your pocket. This means that even if you don’t have much experience or knowledge about Japan yet, there’s no need to worry about being financially strapped upon arrival as everything will be provided for free!

On the other hand, London represents an investment opportunity at nearly double what it costs to live in Tokyo – with an average income of more than $48,000 USD required before any financial undertaking becomes burdensome.

Quality of Life

From its renowned nightlife and impressive culinary offerings to the opportunity for spontaneity, Tokyoites enjoy an enviable lifestyle. It’s easy to forget that they are also one of the most densely populated metropolitan regions in the world – with an average population density of 6,215 people per square kilometer!

Tokyo boasts some international treasures, such as the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Imperial Palace and Shiodome City Center district, which is home to several architectural wonders such as the National Art Center; it is considered one of Japan’s crown jewels and a must-see destination for any traveler in the country.

On the other hand, Kyoto has ranked among the Top Ten cities for Quality of Life for five consecutive years by Mercer Consulting.

Safety and Security

At 4:28 p.m., the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (TMPD) reported an incident in Nishi-Azabu that resulted in one fatality and two injured persons; as well as a subsequent arrest for this act of terror.

Taking precautions to avoid becoming embroiled in any security incidents can prove challenging, particularly if you are transiting through Japan. As such, we hope that travelers may find this guide helpful when looking for information about safety and security in Tokyo – a city renowned for its high crime rate!

Schools and Education

There is a range of options for pursuing higher education in Tokyo, from the most prestigious institutions to esteemed colleges and universities.

All expatriate children attending international schools will be able to take advantage of Japanese curriculum. If they choose this option, it is advisable that they enroll in one of Japan’s top tier schools; acclaimed institutions such as Eton College or Harrow have been awarding their credentials for decades!

Of course, no discussion on education would be complete without mentioning the country’s leading post-secondary institutions. Here you’ll find unique programs from Tokyo University, Waseda University and Nihon University, along with courses from Tokyo Institute of Technology; these are renowned for providing everything from high levels of instruction to cutting-edge research opportunities.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, then consider enrolling in one of Tokyo’s several vocational schools. Don’t be put off if you don’t have an affinity for math or science; there are numerous institutes offering courses in art, design, fashion and more – perfect for those who don’t possess any aptitude in these areas!

Employment Opportunities

If you’re seeking a position in an array of fields, Tokyo is an excellent choice. The city is home to several flourishing industries, including manufacturing, technology and finance – all which are well-positioned to ensure continued growth over the coming years.

The world’s leading financial hub is located in the heart of Tokyo: Wall Street occupies one end of San Chome street while Tokyo Midtown sits on the other side. So no matter where your interests lie – whether business or finance – there’s sure to be an opportunity available for you!

For those seeking employment as a software engineer or tester, Tokyo offers numerous opportunities. Indeed, Japan currently enjoys an industry-leading size with approximately 150,000 positions open across various stages of the hiring process; most notably those requiring professionals at Junior Level 1 after completion of their training programs.

The Bottom Line: Tokyo vs. London

After a thorough investigation into Tokyo vs. London, it becomes apparent that these two cities present very different lifestyles for those seeking to relocate. Despite Tokyo’s reputation for being restrictive and meticulous, those who relish an unconventional lifestyle may find that their needs can be met here with relative ease!

If you are seeking the life of luxury and excitement found in London, then our guide will help you locate the ideal property where you can experience all its delights. For those seeking something a little more casual and flexible when choosing your location – look no further than Tokyo!


Are you intrigued by the idea of relocating to Japan? The nation’s capital, Tokyo, is an enchanting city with plenty of culture and history to discover. If you’re interested in learning more about living in Japan or acquiring work opportunities there, consider contacting a reputable relocation agency for assistance.

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