Things to Know Before You Move to Santiago Chile From New York


Nestled in the heart of South America, Santiago de Chile boasts a captivating beauty. A verdant and refreshingly cool climate makes it ideal for year-round living; meanwhile, its cosmopolitan lifestyle offers endless opportunities for exploring its vibrant cities and world-class culinary offerings.

With a population nearing ten million inhabitants, Chile’s capital is rapidly becoming a hotspot in Latin America – with an abundance of international business and tourism booming alongside its economy.

If you are contemplating a relocation to Chile, here are some essential facts about the country that could be helpful as you plan your move.

1. Santiago

Santiago is Chile’s capital city and its principal economic, cultural and administrative center.

With nearly three million inhabitants, Santiago boasts a bustling downtown district teeming with cafes, street vendors and upscale boutiques; a captivating array of festivals, carnivals and parades to experience throughout the year; as well as many renowned parks and plazas where I recommend taking a stroll along their vast expanses of green space!

Nestled in this metropolis’ central area lies the UNESCO-listed Historic Center of Santiago – one of my favorite places in Latin America! This historic district contains exquisite examples of colonial architecture including churches and monasteries dating back to the 16th century. Discerning travelers will be captivated by the glorious splendor that remains from those days; all imbued with an air of antiquity that truly enchants visitors from around the world.

With an abundance of musical events, culinary delights and exhilarating parties taking place here during any given month, it would be hard not to find something interesting to do within just a few miles radius. Those who venture beyond that area into more bohemian neighborhoods like Barrio Amón or Providencia may encounter more unconventional activities such as open mic nights or free jazz concerts – both very rewarding experiences!

Chile is a pretty big city.

For New Yorkers accustomed to the minuscule sizes of most metropolises, Santiago’s vastness may come as a shock. In fact, the capital city boasts a sizable urban sprawl that encompasses over 746 square miles!

With a population exceeding 5 million inhabitants and an expansive network of public transportation ensuring easy access to one’s destination within the metropolis, difficulties such as traffic jams or even commutes can be surmountable for those able to journey on foot or via vehicle.

2. Santiago has a lot of sunshine.

Santiago boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. This isn’t just a statistic, it is a veritable fact that you can count on!

Sunshine is your best friend in Santiago. On particularly scorching days like during the summer months (June-August) or even when the dreaded Patio season kicks in around December – don’t fret! Just take refuge under an umbrella and bask in its warmth while savoring an ice-cold beverage.

3. Santiago doesn’t have the best public transportation system.

It’s undeniable that the public transportation system in Santiago is lacking compared to what is available in metropolises around the world. However, as with any urban center, there are still options available if you choose carefully.

The city boasts an impressive subway system, consisting of three main lines: The El-Espacio (which runs between central hubs such as Providencia and Las Condes), Line 1 (Puente Alto – Sanhattan – Puente Alto) and Line 2 (Santiago-La Florida – Santiago Centro). Additionally, there are multiple bus routes which connect many of its neighborhoods. Even though these systems may not be ideal for commutes from Manhattan; they’re certainly adequate for getting around the city!

Just imagine New Yorkers in transit – navigating through a thicket of taxis while effortlessly zipping along on their electric scooters or hopping aboard automated buses. Well, that doesn’t sound too bad at all! If you find yourself stuck without a mode of transportation when departing Santiago airport or returning home late in the evening, you’ll have no problem hopping onto any one of these systems for relatively affordable prices – all within your budget!

4. The weather in Chile isn’t as hot as New York’s summer weather.

Though it may not be super hot out here in Santiago, Chile, the temperatures are still quite pleasant most of the year round.

The city has an average temperature of approximately 65°F throughout the entire year. While it can feel a tad warmer in the summer months – on any given day it might range from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit – these temperatures are much more manageable than their counterparts in New York! Regardless, residents should always be prepared for inclement weather conditions when visiting the city of Santiago; for example, during the winter season temperatures can dip into single digits and occasionally even plummet into subfreezing territory!

For those seeking to spruce up their wardrobe without investing too much money, there are a plethora of trendy fashion boutiques located throughout Santiago that offer excellent selections at reasonable prices.

5. It costs about $50 USD to get from New York City to Santiago

With a comfortable budget and some planning, you can travel from New York City to Santiago Chile for approximately $50 USD. For those seeking out lower costs on their journey, it would be wise to consider flying into one of Chile’s largest international airports – like Arturo Merino Benítez Airport in Talcahuano or Jorge Newbery International Airport in Retiro – rather than opting for a direct journey between the Big Apple and Latin America.

In addition, I recommend taking advantage of various round-trip flights that offer substantial savings over one-way fares. For example, United Airlines offers a one-way ticket from New York to La Serena that costs just $51 USD; while Delta Air Lines enables travelers to fly more cost effectively from New York to Valparaíso with its One-Way Starter Fare (saving up to 50% over standard one-way fares).

Chile by plane (and you can use miles)

There are two main air hubs in Chile: Santiago International Airport and El Tepual Airport in Valparaíso.

Santiago is the country’s capital city, so it will be your initial point of entry into Chile. After landing here, you’ll be able to proceed onwards toward other destinations within the country with ease – just as they have done for countless centuries!

With a plethora of airlines offering services into this bustling hub, you may have access to numerous travel options. Airlines like LATAM Airlines Group and Sky Airline offer affordable fares on direct flights while other carriers such as Iberia offer affordable itineraries that can connect you with more places than just Santiago. There’s even a chance to take advantage of credit card miles earned through any travel credit cards you hold; just remember to utilize those bonuses whenever possible!

For those who don’t relish taking an airplane journey but still wish to visit Chile, there are also budget carriers that provide inexpensive flight tickets. You can opt for low-cost carrier LAN Airlines, which has flights from New York JFK International Airport operated by partner LAN Airlines; or American Airlines’ subsidiary American Eagle which offers several connecting flights between Santiago and New York-JFK via its partner Volaris Air. The latter is also available for booking if desired!

6. You can use miles to book your flight from New York City to Santiago

Though it may seem unfathomable, you can use United MileagePlus (UM) points to book international flights from New York City. United’s award chart is easily accessible in their app or at

If you don’t already have any United miles, be sure to snag up some while they’re still worth something! You can transfer your existing ones into Chile from anywhere in the world – even from outside of South America!

Chile with United Airlines or American Airlines and they’ll give you one-way miles on top of it (as long as you have at least 25k miles)

United Airlines is one of the most popular carriers in Chile, so it’s no surprise that they provide incentives for travels on their planes. By utilizing United Airlines flights from New York to Santiago with a minimum of 25k miles, travelers can enjoy up to two free one-way flights for themselves and one companion!

American Airlines is another well-known choice in Chile, so if you fly with any of their airlines routes within South America, you could be eligible for some extra miles. As long as you have at least 25k miles toward your travel goals, American Airlines will reward you with up to seven free one-way flight tickets between the US and South America.


To be sure, this is just one example of the many varieties of relocation options available to you. It is entirely up to you whether or if you choose to relocate – and if so, where – that will dictate the type of housing arrangements that you make.

Choosing a residence in Santiago is an exciting undertaking, but also one that can be daunting. With the assistance of our team at Unique Relocation Services, we’ll be there to ensure every aspect of your relocation is convenient!

Are you eager to relocate to Santiago? We are excited for you to experience life in this dynamic metropolis!



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