The Top Things to Do in Mykonos for a Festival-Filled Experience


Mykonos is the ideal destination to enjoy an uninhibited holiday. The idyllic island with its captivating blend of antiquity and modernity offers a multitude of activities for all ages and interests, including festivals – which offer an exhilarating experience! Here are some must-do’s when you’re in Mykonos this summer!

Enjoy the Street Parties and Festival Foods in Mykonos

Once you’re accustomed to the alluring rhythms of Mykonos’ day, you may want to immerse yourself in a street party.

Street parties are an intrinsic part of life on this charming island; they’re held by locals and visitors alike at any time that strikes their fancy. To fully appreciate why people choose one over another, consider these aspects:

1. The décor is likely to be festive; colors such as red, green or gold are commonly seen.

2. Food stalls are often set up for those seeking something unique or tantalizing – such as seafood, meats and even dessert!

3. As well as being welcoming to travelers from all over the globe, these events can also serve as a means of mingling with like-minded folks who have traveled here for similar reasons!

Visit the Castle on St. George’s Island

Nestled in Mykonos’s historic heart, lies the Castello di St. George – a captivating castle with an abundance of history and intrigue. This imposing edifice dates back to the 13th century and is consequently one of the oldest castles in Greece! Despite its age however; it has remained inhabited throughout its lifespan – serving as a bastion for those who sought refuge during times of strife. Only recently have tourists been granted access to the abode; allowing them ample opportunity for exploration

Indeed, after securing admission into the castle compound we were welcomed by enthusiastic guides eager to provide their insights regarding the site’s rich history. Within mere minutes we had visited four distinct structures: finding ourselves within two hallways and two chambers each!

Pamela Evans, our guide for the day, was truly gifted at bringing life to these storied spaces. Her enthusiasm was palpable as she shared with us tales from within each of these locations – providing insight and context for all I could experience there.

Enjoy an Open-Air Cinema Night in Mykonos Town

One of the most captivating festivals occurring on Mykonos is its annual Open-Air Cinema Night, which takes place in July. An eclectic collection of films are screened at various outdoor locations across the island; offering an unparalleled cinematic experience for both film enthusiasts and newcomers alike!

Start your evening with a leisurely stroll from Mykonos Town Square and marvel at the twinkling lights of Mykonos’ renowned waterfront. If it’s one of those ideal summer nights, take part in the festivities by dining alfresco before screening your chosen movie under the stars. For example – if you like action packed comedies then why not take advantage of one such event?

During this festival, more than 15 open-air cinemas will be set up throughout Mykonos Town; consistently showcasing over 60 different films from July through September each year. Have a blast browsing through all of them while basking beneath the night sky – after all it doesn’t get any better than this!

Get Lost in Exotic Gardens

Here is a paradisiacal haven for nature lovers and aesthetes alike: nine exotic gardens with captivating ambiance. Nestled amongst greenery abounds, from towering trees and hedgerows to flower patches scattered throughout them all!

In the midst of Mykonos’ most frequented areas lies one of its most exciting finds – the magnificent Linearian Gardens. This enchanting space boasts an array of well-tended plants that reflect its namesake’s passion for design in nature.

Comfortable patio seating offers an ideal location to experience these sun-splashed oases. Splendidly adorned with flora as well as elegant deities perched upon its pedestals, this place exudes an air of serenity which makes it a perfect sanctuary for daydreamings!

If you’re seeking a respite from the bustling city life, venture into any one of Mykonos’ many tranquil gardens; each offering their own unique ambiance and enriching experiences. Furthermore, they are accessible at all hours providing the ultimate flexibility should you desire them!

Shop for Vintage Goods

Mykonos has an abundance of vintage stores, perfect for those seeking a more authentic experience when traveling. From the plethora of shops stocked with gorgeous pieces dating back over five decades, there is no shortage of choice!

From swimsuits to thirties’ apparel, you can’t go wrong at any of these shops; each one offers up offerings that are absolute gems.

My first stop on this itinerary was Lola Palooza, whose array of clothing and accessories oozes with charm.

See the Mykonos Lighthouse

You mustn’t miss seeing this captivating structure, which has been perched atop the cliff since 1867.

Mykonos’ lighthouse is an iconic landmark, situated on a promontory that juts out into the sea – its precise location is easily recognizable with just one glance at this renowned icon of the island!

A cable car takes visitors up to the top from where they will have a commanding view over Mykonos and its captivating setting; as well as providing access to other worthwhile attractions such as the ruins of Paloukia (an ancient fortress town) and the Panayia monastery.

Go to a Traditional Greek Ceremony or Folk Dance Event

For a truly immersive experience, venture out to a traditional Greek ceremony or folk dance event. Often held on the island’s ancient village squares, these events are a wonderful way to connect with and appreciate Greece’s rich culture – all while getting up close with tradition under one roof!

I experienced something quite unique during my recent visit – a wedding celebration in an area sacred to Christians who revere the Holy Chapel of Panagia at Agios Ioannis. This esteemed place is revered for its significance as the place where Christ was born; consequently, it plays an essential role in Christian life.

During my visit to this particular festival, I witnessed performances from both orthodox and non-orthodox communities, along with numerous other rituals such as baptisms and burials. I was awed by the sheer diversity of customs and traditions that coexisted peacefully under one roof without any sense of contention whatsoever!

Visit a Traditional Greek Villa

Mykonos is famously known for its cliffs, but if you crave some beach-front action, then it’s worth considering making a pit stop at one of the renowned traditional Greek villas.

Built in a characteristic Mykonian style, these dwellings exude an elegant aura, displaying an array of architectural terracotta and stone walls adorned with elaborately carved wooden window surrounds containing shutters that can be opened or closed depending on the weather; truly enchanting!

The majority of the extravagant buildings are situated close to the sea and offer panoramic views overlooking their idyllic settings. For visitors seeking out an unforgettable moment in time, it could not be any more perfect!


For a truly immersive experience, revel in the sights and sounds of Mykonos’ annual festivals. From the captivating rhythms of Greek folk music to awe-inspiring fire-show performances, these events will transport you into their colorful world!



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