The Top 5 resorts in the Maldives for Families & Kids to Enjoy


The Maldives is renowned for its idyllic, tropical island paradise; however, when it comes to family holidays there is no shortage of options.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or simply seeking a memorable vacation with friends and loved ones, there are numerous resorts in Maldives that offer everything from all-inclusive packages to kid-friendly facilities such as babysitting services.

The Resorts of the Vilingili Island in the Maldives

Vilingili Island, located in the northwest corner of the republic and conveniently accessed through Ari Atoll-Maldives International Airport (MLE), is a haven for lovers of seclusion, indulgence and tranquility.

A total of nine resorts are situated along pristine beaches on this idyllic island; some boast a terraced setting while others offer a more laid-back experience.

From a mere 300m² -14 day stays at most resorts in Vilingili offer travelers an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in such peaceful surroundings.

Dhonakutee Kandu Resort in Malé

Nestled in the centre of Malé, this resort is ideal for those seeking a resort that caters to families with kids. Located within walking distance from the airport and port, it offers an ideal setting for both tourists and locals alike to explore its captivating surroundings.

With countless amenities designed specifically for families, this resort provides ample opportunities for recreation. Outstanding facilities include kid-friendly pools (Nestled amongst palm trees), as well as plenty of fun rides; ensuring comfortable afternoons for all ages!

Despite its proximity to Malé International Airport, guests at this resort will find themselves surrounded by an idyllic oasis – complete with bubbling waters and golden sand beaches.

Lodhi Vilu Resorts

Located on the island of Hulhule in the far northeast of the Maldives, this idyllic resort is surrounded by pristine beaches and just moments from some of the region’s most impressive reefs.

Set amidst coconut groves with manicured lawns, luscious lagoon pools and ample deck space for sunbathing luxuriate within this resort – providing a serene ambiance for all ages alike!

The Lodhi Vilu Resorts boast over 400 perfectly appointed villas, each possessing its own individual flair and design touch. They can range from spacious duplex apartments that provide even more spacious accommodations and offer a glimpse into the future while at the same time offering an authentic and comfortable stay; or alternatively be spacious enough to accommodate up to eight guests accommodating young or adolescent travelers seeking adventure during their stay.

Indulge in luxurious treatments at this beachfront spa resort that offers equally deluxe facilities; relax in one of its many spas offering beauty treatments as well as rejuvenating massages. Kids will love it here!

Nilandhoo Thila Island Resort & Spa

Nestled within an idyllic setting at the gateway to uninhabited Nilandhoo Lagoon, this intimate resort is positioned amidst a calming lagoon of aquamarine waters. It offers access to an arrayed beach where you may take leisurely strolls along its shores or indulge in some unspoiled playtime; it leaves ample room for exploration!

Nilandhoo Thila Resort & Spa boasts a handful of indulgent options for families with young ‘uns, including Nae’noo Kids Club – a supervised age-appropriate area providing children under 12 years old with activities such as crafts and games while their parents enjoy a relaxing afternoon al fresco. Furthermore, parents can easily arrange for babysitting services should they require assistance during their stay.

Four Seasons Resort The Resorts at Manta Ray Bay

When it comes to luxurious accommodation, no one can offer quite as much as Four Seasons Resort. This exclusive retreat features all the comforts of an upscale hotel along with a plethora of family-friendly amenities making it an ideal choice for couples or larger groups looking for some R&R in the Maldives!

Guests of this resort can savor its unparalleled leisure facilities, like a 4-star spa and sundries shop; a beach club where their children can romp freely; and even a specially designed kid’s area with its own pool, recreation corner offering mini golf and swingsets – all while being within reach yet shielded from errant splashes!

It boasts an interactive 3D theatre, where youngsters can participate in story time – what better way to get them excited about vacation than with tales of mermaids and spooky castles?

Villa Marina Villas & Spa in Ari Atol

Are you seeking an all-inclusive Maldives resort for your next vacation? You may wish to consider Villa Marina Villas & Spa in the honeymoon capital, Ari Atol. This serene hideaway currently boasts a limited selection of luxurious accommodations that are ideal for celebrating those special occasions with their family – from newlyweds looking for their first night together to birthdays or anniversaries!

Unleash your inner chef at this five-star villa on Manafaru island, nestled amidst its verdant greenery. From morning tea through late supper, guests can enjoy three gourmet meals per day here; not only will they be able to savor delicious dishes but also gain knowledge whilst doing so!

The Resorts of the Gaafana Gaadhoo Island in the Southern Maldives

For those seeking a serene yet luxurious destination for some restful R&R, the Gaafana Gaadhoo Island is likely to be an excellent choice. Here you can find a diverse collection of accommodations from rustic beach huts – ideal if you’re seeking that laid-back feel – to sophisticated palaces perched atop pristine sands; each boasting its own distinctive ambiance.

The island’s main resort and spa, the Soneva Fushi Beach Resort, boasts a reposeful ambience and captivating flora, as well as sheer opulence within. The island itself is one of the largest in the South Atoll Group, and it possesses some of the most breathtaking beaches in all of this region!

Stroll along the vibrant piazza at the chic Lava Spa Resort which provides guests with unparalleled intimacy, while admiring its idyllic setting amid lush greenery. This resort has been lauded for its lavish décor throughout – pastel hues with sumptuous comforts like plush sofas and cushions as well as stylish lighting and sculptures make for an unparalleled experience!

The Bottom Line: Are There any Drawbacks to Travelling to the Maldives?

If you are seeking a getaway that is both relaxing and tranquil, the Maldives has quite an array of resorts available which will cater to all types of travelers. Travelers looking for family-friendly experiences or enthusiasts who prefer to immerse themselves in a vacation without much activity can find what they’re seeking here. However, if you’re seeking a more adventurous experience where adrenalin rushes through your veins – this could be an ideal destination!

Although there aren’t any major drawbacks with traveling to the Maldives, there are some minor ones worth mentioning. First of all, this region does not offer translation services during your stay, making communication between English speakers and locals difficult if not impossible. Secondly, booking flights within this country can be difficult as you must contact several different airlines before making an online reservation – so it may take some time before your itinerary is fully secured. Finally, with regards these islands being rather remote from other hubs such as Singapore and Europe; airfares originating from those regions may be pricier than those originating from within Asia and the US – so it’s imperative you plan ahead when comparing fares!


The islands of the Maldives boast a plethora of opportunities for families, be they daytrips from the main island resorts or multiday adventures to the more remote and secluded spots. The idyllic surroundings coupled with unparalleled hospitality make this archipelago an ideal destination for vacationing with children; making it one of the top choices in the region!



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