The Most Expensive Resort in the Maldives Just Opened Its Virtual Doors


The most expensive resort in the Maldives just opened its virtual doors – a veritable oasis of luxury that boasts extravagant facilities and amenities.

Located on a secluded, coconut-littered island off the coast of Male’, this unparalleled retreat is offering guests an unprecedented opportunity to experience what it’s like being lorded over by the rich and famous. The alluring paradise features an abundance of opulent accommodations; lavish restaurants; world-class service; plus plenty of other indulgences perfect for captivating holiday experiences!

With an astounding price tag of $2.6 billion USD (one billion euros), this ephemeral destination serves as the ultimate destination for those looking for an extravagantly regal staycation. Accommodating up to 1,500 visitors at once, guests can enjoy unparalleled services such as round-the-clock security personnel, 24/7 medical assistance and even private aircraft landing strips if need be!

The Most Expensive Resort in the Maldives

The extravagance of this exclusive getaway has earned the island resort a lofty position on the list of most expensive ones within its geographical region; however, those seeking to claim that title must be prepared for an exorbitant price tag.

The majestic Shangri-La’s luxurious haven nestled in Male’ is among the world’s most renowned luxury resorts with one of the highest prices per night, leading it to take the top spot for being the country’s most expensive vacation getaway.

Offering unparalleled opulence, this serene retreat has captivated travelers with its idyllic setting and various activities that are available here such as horse riding excursions and sunset sailings.

This tropical paradise provides a lavish five-star experience which includes plush accommodations; gourmet dining; pampering spa treatments; spacious meeting rooms; and plenty of opportunities for exploration!

A Floating Tropical Island in the Maldives

Nestled on a barrier reef, the decadent Aria Resortこれまで最高の訪問型水上リゾート in The First is an oasis of tranquility where guests can indulge in sculpted limestone walls and honeycomb-like tiles of turquoise and pale pink hues.

Sculptured pavilions hang precariously over a lagoon, creating a jungle-like ambiance reminiscent of the teeming rainforests found on Earth’s own planet.

Unquestionably one of the most glamorous properties on this list, Aria Resort overflows with opulence, boasting plenty of opulent amenities such as handcrafted furnishings from some of the world’s finest artisans; exquisite dining experiences; private beach club – plus an expansive spa facility!

A Luxury Hideaway on a Remote Island

This chain of resorts and villas offers a captivating location in the Maldives’ capital, Male. The serene paradise is surrounded by unspoiled beaches, crystal waters and mountains; providing an idyllic backdrop for retreats away from home.

The largest of its kind, this boutique resort commands top-notch accommodations at rock-bottom prices for savvy travelers eager to explore this enchanting locale. Nestled within a secluded bay on Gan, it boasts some of the most exclusive suites available in town…allowing you to truly indulge in island life!

This exclusive sanctuary is located along a secluded strip of beach on Nalukivi Island, offering a reprieve from the frenetic pace of city life. Its supremely spacious rooms are outfitted with unparalleled amenities – so whether you’re seeking respite or indulging yourself in style during your stay here – you’ll always have what it takes!

Featuring five distinct settings spread over two acres, this idyllic hideaway is situated upon an uninhabited paradise where nature rules supreme. This alluring archipelago is situated off the coast of Malé -providing travelers with a peaceful refuge while they indulge in this dreamlike setting!

A Private Island Within Another Island

One of the most coveted indulgences in Maldives is an exclusive island paradise, boasting any number of lavish amenities. Take for instance ‘Oone’, a private paradise located within the confines of a captivating coral reef located just off its shores.

This gorgeously-curated haven offers luxurious accommodations along with some cuisine and beverage offerings. Guests can also take advantage of a spa or indulge in other leisure activities; in short – it’s all yours!

With a mere $9 million USD required to secure this idyllic retreat, savvy homeowners can now enjoy one exquisite forever estate within their very own natural oasis – complete with seafood restaurant and bar!

Ganoo Thila

The mind-blowing 6-star resort, Ganoo Thila, has been recognized as the most luxurious island in the world. Spanning over 8 square miles of paradise, this secluded haven features a variety of options for guests wishing to take advantage of its facilities and amenities; from private cottages boasting their own terraces boasting sweeping views of the sea.

If you’re searching for an immersive experience that surpasses anything I have described thus far then it’s time to visit Ganoo Thila! This island retreat offers visitors a multitude of choices when it comes to their stay, ranging from beachfront accommodations that provide access to refined cuisine along with captivating spa treatments and even excursions into its idyllic surroundings – providing what could be considered one of the most relaxing vacations available anywhere in this world!

the Most Exotic Beach in the Maldives

If you’re seeking a serene retreat nestled away from the clamor of urban life, then you must visit one of these stunning beaches.

An all-inclusive dream awaited my predecessor on Boathouse Beach – a haven of tranquility and luxury that’s scattered across 11 acres of pristine white sand and crystalline waters.

Nestled within striking azure waters, this beach is as exquisite as it can possibly be – with its alabaster-hued sands blanketed by cascading waves that seem to sparkle like diamonds under sunlight! Truly captivating!

The Only Golf Course in the Maldives

The island of Kuda Huraa represents a rare oasis in the Maldives’ volcanic archipelago, offering a respite from its tropical climate. This exclusive sanctuary caters to discerning travellers seeking an exotic getaway with just two golf courses here boasting a breathtaking design.

Kuda Huraa was created by Vulcano Design Studio, renowned for creating unique environments amid stunning surroundings. Their stellar creations include such iconic titles as the only five-star course at the renowned Greenville Country Club and the luxurious Prestige Bay Beach Resort & Spa on Bali – both located in idyllic locations that offer ample space for relaxation under sunbathing pavilions or watching spectacular sunsets over majestic lakes!

Among its array of world-class amenities, this captivating resort boasts one of the region’s few 18-hole championship courses carved into its crystalline landscape. Unbroken seclusion, uninhibited by manmade structures such as piers, lagoons or other obstructive obstacles; coupled with some of the most exquisite greens found in any golfing haven: these allurements have led many domestic and international travelers alike towards visiting this enchanting locale!

Unrivaled nature abounds here; nestled amidst verdant vegetation and sculpted cliffs overlooking placid seas and azure skies – it’s quite easy to forget you’re in paradise.

The World’s Most Luxurious Spa

The Hamana Spa at Emanus Resort is an oasis of tranquility nestled within the greens of Anantara’s resort on Kuda Huraa.

This serene space offers a variety of treatments, including indulgent ones like The Enriched Mud Experience and an exclusive treatment created just for Lipton Green Tea; as well as invigorating massages utilizing exotic oils for soothing relief.

For those seeking refuge from the rigors of daily life, one can enjoy its renowned Hamana Spa in full glory!


A luxurious private island is the ultimate destination for any discerning traveler, and if you’ve never experienced such an enchanting locale before then now is your chance to visit Hatton Island!



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