The Best Seychelles Islands Resorts to Stay at Right Now


Seychelles is an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway, offering visitors an abundance of Seychelles Islands Resorts to choose from.

Seychelles’ unspoiled beauty and abundance of tropical islands offer travelers the ultimate in luxury seclusion. Arguably one of the world’s most stunning destinations, these paradisiacal spots provide a voyage of discovery as well as unparalleled relaxation – all within reach!

The archipelago of 115 islands offers endless possibilities in terms of choosing where you’d like to stay. If you’re seeking that extra bit of extravagance with your vacation getaway, why not consider booking one of the luxurious Seychelles Islands Resorts? This will surely be an epic experience unlike any other!

One of the Best Seychelles Islands Resorts: Quest Diving & Beach Resort

This beach resort situated in a stunning bay on the northern coast is renowned for its welcoming ambiance and pristine waters.

The layout at Quest Diving & Beach Resort features an assortment of spacious suites, bungalows and villas with all offering the maximum amount of comfort possible. This resort’s dining venue offers delectable cuisine alongside refreshing beverages to quench patrons’ thirsts; additionally guests can also find some enticing nightlife options here!

Groups of two or more travelers are eligible for exclusive privileges such as complimentary dive excursions as well as other attractive amenities. For those seeking an unforgettable vacation experience in paradise, this could be just what they’re looking for!

One of the Best Seychelles Islands Resorts: Eden Diega Grand La Digue

Offering a tantalizing fusion of luxury and indulgence, Eden Diega is situated on the idyllic shores of La Digue – one of the country’s most desirable destinations. It exudes an aura of extravagance befitting its status as one of the world’s premier spa escape havens!

Eden Diega combines the ultimate in pampering with an outstanding resort experience. Nestled amid tropical gardens and overlooked by striking mountains providing majestic views over the turquoise waters of La Digue Beach; this place is truly heaven on earth.

One of the Best Seychelles Islands Resorts: Le Grand Coeur d’Archipel

For an extraordinary experience of tranquility and elegance, Le Grand Coeur d’Archipel is undoubtedly one of the best Seychelles islands resorts.

With its exquisite design and ambiance, this stunning retreat comes complete with state-of-the-art amenities including a pool deck overlooking a garden area; as well as a tropical garden filled with flowering plants and blooming flowers.

Guests can feel at home amid the spaciousness offered by Le Grand Coeur d’Archipel’s alluring guestrooms, which are decorated in a subdued yet elegant manner that inspires calmness while providing guests with ample space for exploration. With access to free Wi-Fi throughout their accommodation, travelers will have no difficulty finding their way around!

Undoubtedly, being in the company of other luminaries must be one of the best perks of staying at Le Grand Coeur d’Archipel. Guests may choose from six different suites all featuring floor-to-ceiling windows for an exceptional vantage point over serene water views; or bask in solitude in one of two opulent suites boasting three bedrooms – each boasting magnificent sea views from balconies or terraces!

One of the Best Seychelles Islands Resorts: The Ritz-Carlton

Nestled amid lush tropical surroundings, the Ritz-Carlton is an exquisite resort offering five-star accommodation and an array of deluxe services.

This alluring retreat is situated on North Island, set amidst verdant greenery beside a serene lagoon. Enfolded within its protective embrace are captivating mountains that provide a sense of remoteness yet offer tantalizing glimpses into otherworldly sights; all of which combine to create an idyllic setting for travelers seeking respite from the bustle of daily life.

At The Ritz-Carlton, guests can enjoy numerous activities at leisurely pace while taking in the spectacular scenery. In addition there are countless options when it comes to excursions along with multiple culinary experiences!


Nestled in the northwestern corner of Praslin, this idyllic island is home to a handful of upscale resorts, some offering year-round activities like diving or fishing excursions.

Mahé has attracted international attention for its unique appeal – its endearingly unspoiled landscape coupled with an unparalleled array of accommodation options makes it one of the most exciting destinations in the country!

Gorgeous beaches surround The Ritz St James’ resort, which boasts a blend of style and comfort that can’t be beat. There are several additional hotels on offer as well; from budget picks like Sunspree Resort & SPA to more exclusive establishments such as 3* Faversham Manor – both providing excellent value for money!

One of the Best Seychelles Islands Resorts: Silhouette Diving Resort

Silhouette Diving Resort is an enthralling haven for divers in the heart of one of the most renowned underwater world regions on earth: The Silhouette.

Featuring a serene beachfront setting, this boutique resort offers comfortable accommodations alongside exquisite cuisine and unparalleled diving opportunities. This abode boasts a mysterious yet captivating ambience; therefore providing a soothing atmosphere conducive for restful slumber.

The luxurious accommodation of Silhouette Diving Resort features carefully crafted retreats with its own private pool and extensive use of natural materials such as marble and polished brass. Furthermore, this resort boasts an array of breathtaking sceneries ideal for day trips.

One of the Most Luxurious Seychelles Islands Resorts: The Verandah at Anais

The Verandah at Anais Resort on the northeast coast of Praslin Island is one of the most opulent resorts in all of Seychelles. The outcroppings and breathtaking views that adorn every corner of this idyllic location are some of the most striking available!

The impeccable attention to detail that designers lavish on the towering trees, white-washed cliff walls, and stepped decking leading up to a plush veranda at Anais’ property is simply captivating. When you step into your spacious suite here you’ll be able to savor its ocean view from bed or lounge area.

The resort’s décor is both chic and luxurious: a combination that is sure to induce a sense of well-being! Its resort’s diverse offerings of cuisine from Asian and African cuisines as well as international cuisines such as Indian and Italian create an intriguing fusion – ideal for those seeking exotic experiences filled with tastes from overseas.


With such a wealth of seychelles resorts to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine which one will be the ideal fit for your vacation. Perhaps it will be an intimate hideaway offering just a few rooms or suites; perhaps you prefer spacious accommodations with all-inclusive amenities and services; or maybe you favor expansive properties that boast a choice of dining options?

You may enjoy an authentic taste of the islands while staying in a seychelles resort, or you may wish to experience more contemporary architecture and furnishings. These unique residences boast some of the most breathtaking views on the islands, so don’t miss out on making memories with those captivating vistas!



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