The Best Rio de Janeiro Restaurants for a Romantic Dinner


Rio de Janeiro is the ideal destination for a romantic dinner. With its dazzling beaches, vast marsupial population and intoxicating atmosphere, dining out in Rio offers an experience like no other – one that will leave you feeling breathless!

The renowned beauty of Rio de Janeiro’s natural landscape provides endless inspiration for melding bold flavors into dishes. From lush tropical vegetation to jagged cliffs overlooking crashing waves; there are countless settings that inspire culinary creations!

I spent six months exploring all parts of Rio, from its secluded beaches to bustling favelas – experiencing cuisine from various cultures along the way. In this piece, I’ll share with you my recommendations on where to dine in order to savor delicious meals while enjoying an impressive location!

Carlos de Luca

If you’re looking for a quintessential Rio experience, look no further than Carlos de Luca. This intimate dining establishment is the epitome of what one might consider Brazilian elegance; its design exuding an airy feel amid its regal decor.

In addition to exuding this sense of opulence with its ornate gold accents and plush furnishings, the ambience conjures up thoughts of bygone eras with its floral motifs while still maintaining a hint of sophistication with its sleek black-and-gold color scheme.

Casa Lina

Finally, if you’re looking to be pampered like a queen on Valentine’s Day, then head over to the buzzing center of Lapa. This neighborhood is renowned for its bohemian enclaves and street performers who provide an array of vibrant ambiance that perfectly complements your evening; all while enjoying gastronomic delights!

This gem in the heart of Lapa is bursting with color and treasures galore, situated within a beautiful colonial villa. The spacious dining room invites patrons in where they can discover myriad delicacies from succulent shrimp ceviche and grilled rib-eye steak alongside traditional Brazilian dishes such as acarajé (curried ravioli) and mussarela cheese balls.


This acclaimed restaurant situated in a deceptively serene setting, comprising only five tables as well as a bar area. Their cuisine is rooted in French country cooking; the chef’s attention to detail and use of quality ingredients combine for an inimitable dining experience.

Dufry exudes understated elegance and refinement; the ambience is one of tranquility with its soft lighting, plush cushions and pared-back decor. This destination is perfect for a date or even if you’re looking for something casual – just don’t forget your camera!

Grazie e Baci

Don’t be fooled by Grazie e Baci’s casual exterior; under its wooden-sheathed dining room lies an exquisitely elegant ambience, with a distinguished but still informal feel.

At this acclaimed bistro in Rio de Janeiro, chef Cristiano Lauterio has garnered numerous accolades and national recognition in the field of cuisine. His menu is comprised of both old world and contemporary takes on traditional recipes; one such delight being Gratin of Duck Breast with Roasted White Onions and Haricot Verts!

Grazie E Baci is decorated in a stunning array of hues that accentuate the style of this revered establishment. What really stands out, however, are its marble floors and high ceilings adorned with frescoes depicting flora and fauna from around the world.

Ipanema Beach Restaurant

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Niterói, travelers can discover an idyllic beachside escape in Ipanema. This neighborhood is renowned for its distinguished bohemian lifestyle that is quintessential Brazil; consequently, many establishments here cater to this burgeoning demographic and provide enticing dining options.

At Ipanema Beach Restaurant, one will find a sublime ambiance that beckons patrons to relax on their veranda while savoring scrumptious fare. The cuisine here is predominantly seafood-based with some steak dishes available if desired – all artfully presented amid carefully chosen decor.

To fully immerse oneself in the bohemian spirit of Ipanema, there’s no better choice than placing yourself amidst its pleasant array of flora and fauna – as well as enjoying its captivating sights along the way!

Mamma Mia

With its old-world classicism, this small eatery is a perfect venue for an intimate night out. Seating is limited; reservations are required for dinner – don’t forget to call ahead!

Mamma Mia offers a selection of Italian dishes that are prepared with care. Try their popular trattoria-style pizza, or opt for the more classic antipasti platter alongside your mains.

Rio Mar

In South America, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba are renowned for their gorgeous beaches; however, if you’re opting for one in the center of the city itself, then I would point out that it’s located right on Guanabara Bay.

For an invigorating experience, I would advise patrons to consider booking a table at one of the eateries lining its shores. This can be accomplished through an array of options; from beachfront establishments like TacoBay and Mar Cantinho where patrons can savor authentic Mexican fare alongside those from outside the region who can enjoy international cuisines from countries like Portugal or Argentina.

Savor scrumptious sea-inspired dishes such as squid ravioli with shrimp marinara sauce or scallops wrapped in bacon before enjoying a fine port or sipping a glass of wine. Afterwards stroll along the expansive golden sands!

Silva & Meira

Located within a short stroll from Praia Vermelha and Ipanema beach, these casual eateries are perfect for savoring an intimate dinner with someone special.

While the dining experiences at Silva & Meira range from casual to formal depending on what suits your fancy, guests can count on exceptional service and cuisine. The ambiance is cozy and inviting yet still keeps it sophisticated with its warm colors and plush seating arrangements.

Silva & Meira offers five distinct dining spaces: the main restaurant located in one of the most sought-after urban developments of Glória; a second outpost which lies within Leblon Village offering its own unique menu selection; two exclusive Beach Bars providing spectacular ocean views along with delicious fare; as well as an all-day café offering a more relaxed ambience while still allowing patrons to savor their delectable meals!

Tasca do Remo

Tasca do Remo is a haven of tranquility and epicurean bliss; its ambience is both doting and elegant, providing an ideal abode for sustenance after a day’s activities.

Ensure you reserve ahead of time to guarantee your reservation at this renowned eatery, which boasts an array of captivating dishes for both business lunches and dinners. It is well-known for its innovative culinary concepts as well as its opulent ambience.

No matter which dish or drink you wish to try at Tasca do Remo, it will surely be exquisite! Specialties include salt cod with ragout or roast suckling pig – not to mention its unparalleled selection of wines – that can be sampled alongside whatever main course you decide on.


If you are planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro, consider taking advantage of the culinary delights on offer at one of these restaurants! The city has an array of options for diners looking for a memorable meal experience.



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