The Best Quebec City Canada Attractions You Can’t Miss in 2023


Quebec City is a captivating destination that offers an unparalleled array of attractions. Visitors can go on a sightseeing tour, experience live theater or simply stroll along the riverbanks; no matter what excites your sense of adventure!

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which Quebec City Canada attractions are worth checking out. Here we have assembled a list of five must-see sites for travelers in 2023 – don’t forget to add more on your itinerary when you visit!

1. Place Jacques Cartier

The Place Jacques Cartier is an exceptionally vast space that features a number of well-maintained monuments, statues and other art pieces rescued from the city’s tumultuous past.

This renowned area boasts over 200 monuments in all shapes and sizes, including sculptures and busts of illustrious individuals; along with carvings depicting scenes from Quebec’s rich history.

Visitors can don their walking or hiking shoes to explore the leisurely stroll among these masterpieces.

2. Quebec City Museum

The Quebec City Museum is a treasury of treasures, providing an insightful glimpse into the province’s history.

Unfolding across three floors, the museum contains an impressive two million artifacts ranging from fossils to paintings and sculptures. The ground floor showcases a collection of works by renowned French-Canadian artists such as Norval Morriseau; while on the second level visitors will find a sizeable array of folk art pieces alongside specimens from the province’s frozen limestones. On top of all that – you can even stroll through our nation’s first Old Town!

The exhibit “Quebec in Motion” features some 500 life-sized dolls fashioned after prominent figures throughout Canadian history, starting with First Nations culture up through modern times.

3. Basilique Notre-Dame de Bonsecours

A pilgrimage to the magnificent Basilica of Notre-Dame de Bonsecours will be a rewarding experience for anyone, no doubt about it!

Take in the panoramic beauty of this cathedral nestled amidst the stunningly verdant landscape as you explore its expansive grounds.

Uncover over 40 acres of meadows and natural landscapes, alongside majestic trees and shrubbery. Its tranquil serenity can’t be beat; if you’re seeking out a respite where nature reigns supreme then this is undoubtedly the spot!

As an admirer of architecture and art, don’t miss visiting Notre Dame’s superb chateauesque façade. This remarkable edifice was erected in 1852 on the site of a former church that had been destroyed by fire; its design has remained remarkably consistent throughout its existence! On one side lies an exuberant portal adorned with intricate arches and statues; while on the opposite side sits the chapel with stained glass windows and gilded altars.

4. Quebec City Aquarium

Atop a cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River sits Quebec City’s renowned aquarium, an institution that has captivated visitors for decades.

Unassuming by nature, the aquarium is arguably Quebec City’s most beloved attraction. Offering up some of the best glimpses into local fauna from their native habitat yet remaining true to their nomadic lifestyle; the breathtaking array of exotic species residing within its confines provide for an unforgettable experience!

At present, there are more than 450 species of fish and shellfish showcased within this exquisite facility, which provides an unparalleled opportunity for guests to commune with marine creatures in all their glory. Its impressive exhibits ensure that visitors will remain spellbound throughout their journey as well as providing them with plenty of educational opportunities along the way!

Are you planning a trip to Quebec City? Don’t miss out on seeing its famed aquarium!

5. Canadian War Museum

With its title, one might be forgiven for thinking this museum was dedicated to all aspects of Canadian history – but it’s not quite so simple!

Nestled within a historic building which has served as a hospital during the Great War, this institution showcases artifacts of war from across the globe.

Uncovering Canada’s participation in multiple conflicts throughout history is an ideal subject for study here; visitors can gain insights into the country’s military history from many different countries’ perspectives through immersive displays at this museum!

This landmark museum offers an array of engaging exhibits that revolve around the theme of ‘war and peace’. From trepidation-inducing encounters with drones and tanks to exploring more intimate moments between soldiers from opposing armies – no aspect of warfare remains untouched at this striking edifice!

6. Insectarium de Quebec

If you’re an aficionado of insects’ incredible diversity, then the Insectarium de Quebec is an immersive journey into their captivating world.

At this captivating attraction, visitors can explore thousands of specimens and observe fascinating insect lifecycles from 400 species housed in a state-of-the art facility that provides a glimpse into ecologies from around the globe.

7. National Historic Site of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Battle of Vimy Ridge is a monumental engagement fought by Canadian forces at the foot of Mount Douaumont, an imposing feat that took place during the First World War.

This richly preserved site from April 9 to 12, 1917 is commemorated as a National Historic Site, and efforts are underway to preserve this region as a living museum that honors Canada’s military achievements and honours those who fell in service.

The grounds here present a captivating glimpse into the tenacious struggle waged between Allied powers on land and sea in World War I; moreover, you can explore this iconic landmark where some 800 soldiers suffered their last rites before succumbing to death!

Not only do you have the opportunity to witness an injustice against countless lives being taken, but also learn about another era through these poignant exhibits – it truly is an unforgettably moving experience!

8. The Musée national des beaux arts du Québec (MNBAQ)

Established in the opening years of the 20th century, this museum boasts a collection of masterpieces from across all epochs to provide visitors with an enlightening journey through Quebec’s artistic heritage.

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec has been home to such illustrious artistic figures as Rodin and Édouard-Hervé (Bronze Horse).

With over 3,000 pieces in its collection, including renowned pieces such as Da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi,’ the muse boasts an expansive array of works that encompass centuries of artistry. If you want to learn more about the evolution of artistic creation, this place is worth an exploration!

9. Parc Jean-Drapeau

If you find yourself in Quebec City, be sure to pay a visit to Parc Jean-Drapeau.

This striking urban park’s vista is unparalleled even among its counterparts, thanks to its proximity to the St. Lawrence River and its impressive array of architecture.

On multiple occasions, renowned architects have drawn inspiration from nature when designing this recreational space. Within its environs, visitors may encounter Art Nouveau structures and modernist structures alongside more traditional ones that display an eclectic collection of styles; in short – there’s something for everyone here!

The park has recently undergone renovations which may result in closures during peak seasons. Be sure to check out their website if you plan on visiting!


The year 2023 will be an eventful year for visitors to the Canadian city of Quebec. This is because there are a number of noteworthy Quebec City attractions you cannot miss during your visit in 2023!

The magnificent Citadelle Saint-Jean, located at the heart of Old Quebec, offers a captivating experience. Located on the UNESCO World Heritage List, this fortress was built over four centuries ago and still stands tall today!

For those who seek out fine dining, head to Les Jardins de la Cité (Quebec’s most awarded restaurant) for its unique offerings; the French-Canadian cuisine here is both exquisite and inspiring.

For travelers seeking out culture, stroll through Vieux-Québec’s cobblestone streets – where you’ll find galleries showcasing local work alongside world-renowned pieces.



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