The Best and Worst of Toronto Canada According to Google Search


The Toronto region of Canada boasts a diverse mix of cultures, cuisines and activities for all ages. If you’re planning on exploring this bustling metropolis, be sure to bookmark these ten Google searches that reveal what locals are searching for most!

Best: Queen’s Park

Looking over the vibrant city of Toronto can be an invigorating experience. However, its centerpiece – Queen’s Park – is undoubtedly one of the most captivating spots!

At 10 acres in size, this historic park is a veritable paradise for one and all to explore. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or indulging in more strenuous adventure activities like cycling and jogging – there are numerous options available!

Worst: The Toronto Police Service

The Toronto Police Service has garnered a reputation for scandalous behaviour and institutional racism, which culminated in the release of a damning report that detailed allegations against police officers from across Canada.

Numerous individuals have filed complaints alleging misconduct, with nearly 1,000 lawsuits pending against the agency. Despite these claims, the City of Toronto has yet to admit any wrongdoing; however, it announced plans to reform itself following an advisory board’s review of its practices.

Best: Toronto City Hall

Simply taking a stroll through Toronto can be an eye-opening experience, but if you become acquainted with its architectural gems there is no doubt that one destination will likely remain in your memory for some time – City Hall. This magnificent edifice boasts a majestic dome and richly adorned façade which are sure to grab any visitor’s attention immediately.

If you come to Toronto and don’t see City Hall at its pinnacle, then you have no excuse for not visiting!

Worst: Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

TIFF is a film festival that takes place annually in Toronto, Canada and it’s by far the largest one in North America. Over 700 films are screened during its 10-day duration, featuring an array of Hollywood hits alongside independent titles from around the world – all providing an exciting opportunity for movie enthusiasts!

Despite TIFF’s reputation as a leading industry event, its search results on Google indicate that the festival has garnered some unfavorable reviews. The current average rating is just 1.9 out of 5 stars, indicating that most users have either experienced issues with their visit or have yet to make any observations about it at all.

Indeed, visitors have voiced their displeasure with the event through numerous reviews:

“I’ve been attending this festival since it began, and although I find it to be one of the best I’ve attended, there has been a rather serious flaw in this edition – ticket sales fell significantly short of expectations.”

Another individual who was compelled to share his experience claimed: “TIFF is a magnificent event; however, the tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes. To add insult to injury, not everyone who acquired a ticket had an enjoyable time.” They also mentioned that their choice for last year resulted in them missing out on movies like John Wick and Manchester by the Sea.

Best: Ontario Place

Ontario Place, an expansive waterfront structure located in the heart of downtown Toronto, is touted to be one of Canada’s most remarkable public spaces.

It consists of two distinct areas – Ontario Place and the Canadian Promenade. The latter is considered by locals as a must-visit destination for its stunning views of Lake Ontario and its vibrant retail offerings along Bloor Street.

With an array of attractions, events and dining options available at Ontario Place, visitors will find plenty to keep them occupied during their stay. In addition to being able to take advantage of numerous recreational activities such as ice skating on the lake; visitors can also utilize these facilities for health purposes like yoga classes – all while taking in panoramic sunsets over the water!

Worst: Dufferin Street Flats

A housing complex possessing a somewhat dingy reputation is the Dufferin Street Flats, a collection of 19 townhouses situated in the heart of Toronto.

They have been panned across social media sites like Reddit as an abode of squalor inhabited by numerous people with questionable characters – a sentiment that was echoed by several prominent news outlets that brought attention to the building back in April 2017.

The apartment complex has experienced issues with its occupants in recent years, prompting the need for security guards and 311 service requests for repairs.

More recently, along with residents’ concerns about persistent problems such as overflowing bins, infestations of rats and mice and broken equipment within their units; this city-wide issue has drawn attention – as evidenced by two separate Google search results.

Best: Eaton Centre

For those who seek a place to have their fill of shopping, the Eaton Centre is an ideal destination. This renowned multi-level mall boasts over 700 shops and boutiques, offering ample choices for visitors looking for apparel and footwear.

Boutique stalwarts like H&M, Macys and Victoria’s Secret are among the array of high-end establishments at this location; it also features noteworthy food halls like Eatons’ Magnificent Decline on one side alongside more casual dining options such as Pita Pit.

In addition to its plethora of stores, the centre has a multitude of services available within its confines: from trendy hair salons to banks and even a GameStop! The Eaton Centre is a must-visit destination for visitors looking for retail therapy in Toronto – let alone its impressive array of eateries!

Worst: Bloor West Village and Yonge & St. Clair

Our team of infographics experts are particularly fond of the Bloor West Village and Yonge & St. Clair area, but its placelessness has earned it poor marks in Google’s search results. The perplexing reason is that when an online searcher requests a venue or establishment nearby – they will be presented with none!

Despite its shortcomings, this rather disconcerting predicament attracts crowds to this locale, yet it boasts its own identity without possessing one.

The craziest part is that its bustling sidewalks on any given day indicate how many people reside here; nevertheless, when you attempt to find out more about this neighborhood there are hardly any options available for locating one!


As a matter of fact, Toronto is a thriving metropolis that boasts a wealth of cultural activities and spectacular natural sights. It’s also home to some of the most renowned universities in the world – with over 120,000 students enrolled at Ryerson University alone! So if you’re interested in taking advantage of all these opportunities, why not make the move?



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