The 7 Best Underwater Suites in Dubai

The captivating sensation of being submerged in water is undoubtedly invigorating – both physically and mentally.

With the rising temperatures, it’s becoming increasingly important to seek refuge from the scorching desert sun; therefore why not take advantage of this rare opportunity by escaping into an oasis of coolness beneath the ocean’s waves?

Take a plunge into the Arabian Gulf, where you can savour a refreshing swim amongst its pristine reefs or immerse yourself in refreshingly cool water from one of its aquamarine depths. With alluring scuba diving available within reach, you can explore its vibrant marine life without ever leaving home!

The Address Dubai – Address Underwater Suite

If you’re a lover of luxurious accommodations and the exquisite treasures that go along with them, then we’ve got something for you! Address Dubai is hosting an undersea suite inspired by the design of a luxury yacht. The abode accommodates up to seven guests in all their splendor; such opulence is sure to impress even the most discerning eye.

The unique property boasts five bedrooms, located within its hull as well as an open-air living space located on deck level offering spectacular views–all luxuriously encased within a protective barrier ensuring unparalleled privacy and peace of mind for guests when they take residence in this aquatic abode.

Designed to evoke the warm glow of sunset over the ocean, this sophisticated experience will enable guests to immerse themselves in a velvety, nautical setting while enjoying everything from gourmet cuisine and caviar service to 5-star amenities like Wi-Fi and plush sofas; what more could anyone ask for?

Burj Al Arab – The Burj Dubai Underwater Suite

This spectacular suite located on Level 61 of the Burj Al Arab is certainly one of the most talked about features among travelers to Dubai. This lofty abode boasts two adjacent suites linked by a glass bridge at its center, offering patrons spectacular views of both above and below – not unlike that of an aquarium!

In addition to its captivating layout, this luxurious haven boasts state-of conjoined bedrooms with large windows providing panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf before allowing guests access into their own private aquatic oasis where they can relax in comfort with expansive floorspace beneath them.

Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah – The Atlantis Jumeirah Hotel Underwater Suite

Offering a charming retreat amidst Dubai’s most striking skyline, the Atlantis Jumeirah Hotel is one of the planet’s most renowned properties.

The Jumeirah Palm Beach Resort, which opened in 2017, features an alluring collection of suites that take advantage of this prestigious location; each boasting their own distinctive design with a stylish touch – from opulent hideaways to chic getaways adorned with undersea splendor.

For those seeking ultimate comfort and indulgence above it all, check out the Subterranean Suite; an inviting haven offering a remarkable sense of adventure as its focal point. It boasts an abundance of amenities for guests’ convenience alongside spacious quarters within its lavish accommodations!

The Following Luxury Hotels Have Underwater Suites in Dubai

If you find yourself seeking a luxurious escape in Dubai’s luxurious hotels, don’t overlook their underwater suites. Here are just a few of these deluxe accommodations:

In recent years, the Hotel Sheikh Zayed has introduced an array of exciting amenities that make this establishment among the region’s finest. With outstanding facilities such as a spa area alongside its renowned Michelin star dining experience and award-winning cigars – there is no shortage of world-class choices for discerning travellers within its walls!

The opulence of the Palace hotel in Dubai dazzles with exquisite décor and lavish accommodations boasting impeccably crafted furniture, sumptuous linens; even down to its elaborate bathrooms showcasing artfully crafted fixtures and sculptural tubs!

Fairmont Hotel at JBR Royal Yacht Club -The Fairmont At The Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Located on the prestigious JBR Royal Yacht Club, this exquisite suite is dedicated to those who value indulgence above all else.

The sanctuary of this chamber is outfitted with luxurious appointments and amenities befitting a five-star retreat; from its lavish bedding adorned with sophisticated fabrics to its private plunge pool which provides an invigorating respite for weary travelers.

The Dorchester Dubai – The Dorchester Dubai Hotel & Spa

In addition to boasting some of the most captivating views in Dubai, The Dorchester Hotel & Spa is also home to an array of aquatic delights – including several underwater suites with captivating ocean views. All provide a serene haven during stay; however only select offerings permit entry into the pool area and spa facilities.

The luxurious Triton Suite, for instance, features an enchanting underwater ambiance guaranteed to soothe any anxious thoughts while relaxing within its cocooned environment. Meanwhile, the graceful Neptune Suite boasts alluring decorations that evoke a regal aura while providing a serene haven from daily stresses; both options are ideal for solitary travelers seeking solace and tranquility from bustling lifestyle yet not wanting solely preserve such solitude within their own quarters!

Pullman Dubai Mina Seyahi

For a refined experience, consider an immersive stay at the Pullman Dubai Mina Seyahi. This opulent resort boasts six luxury suites located beneath its blue waters yet boasting all of its deluxe amenities and services including cuisine from your onboard chef; it’s just about as perfect as it gets!

The cost of this exquisite room is roughly US$5,800 per night, which is quite steep for such an extravagance. However if you are seeking a truly bespoke experience where absolute privacy and exclusivity reign supreme – then don’t hesitate to contact them directly regarding availability and pricing information.


Enjoying the serenity of an underwater suite in Dubai is undoubtedly a memorable experience. The enchanting ambiance will leave guests in awe; giving them an opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of this distinctive locale.


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