The 10 Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Las Vegas for Rentals

Nestled in the heart of the Las Vegas Valley, this bustling metropolis is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene alongside its captivating beauty. Renting an apartment in this locale is one way to enjoy both!

Explore your neighborhood and discover the most affordable neighborhoods in Vegas where you can secure a rental unit. Rentals provide renters with an ideal opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the area they call home – making it easier than ever before!

Listed below are the most affordable locations within Las Vegas for rentals–all situated at an altitude of 1,000 feet or lower. Be sure to explore each location in detail so as to locate your ideal pad!

1. Desert Shores (Las Vegas)

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Red Rock Canyon, Desert Shores is an idyllic locale that exudes a sense of serenity. Its affluent neighbors provide ample incentive for potential renters to consider this region of Las Vegas as an ideal place to call home.

This is one of the most genteel areas of Las Vegas you can rent. Apartment rentals here typically go for $1,200-$2,000; however, homes can be found for significantly less than that – from as little as $300!

No matter which area of town you’re looking to lease in, Desert Shores will not disappoint! This neighborhood boasts numerous amenities including:

• A full array of grocery stores and shops where residents can stock up on essentials before venturing out into the city.

• An abundance of restaurants serving everything from hearty fare to international cuisines!

2. West Sahara Avenue

West Sahara Avenue is a bustling thoroughfare that serves as the western boundary of downtown Las Vegas, which provides ample opportunities for travelers to hop across town for some sightseeing.

The neighborhood boasts an array of eclectic shops and eateries from eateries serving traditional American fare like barbecue and hamburgers to ethnic restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world. There are also plenty of specialty markets serving up everything from artisan cheese and luscious pastries to exotic spices. To top it off – this area has a number of breweries located along its streetside establishments!

Investors have flocked here, as rental listings in West Sahara Avenue tend to be on the higher end. With such an assortment of amenities, including an abundance of high-quality restaurants and shops offering unique products; along with easy access to public transit options such as bus routes and convenient light rail stations making it simple for visitors to travel between destinations without ever needing a car – this locality makes for a prime spot for residential investment!

3. Rainbow

A captivating destination for both locals and visitors alike, Rainbow is a vibrant community in North Las Vegas that offers everything from art galleries to a bustling nightlife scene.

With an array of amenities like a pool deck and dog park, this locale offers residents a multitude of activities in addition to its proximity to several top-notch restaurants as well as golf courses nearby.

East Sahara Avenue

East Sahara Avenue is an up-and-coming area of Las Vegas that is rapidly transforming into a thriving residential community.

With its prime location just south of the famous Las Vegas Strip, East Sahara attracts patrons seeking access to world-class dining, entertainment and acclaimed resorts. It’s no surprise then that rental yields in this locale are among the highest across town!

The median rent for a one-bedroom unit in this neighborhood was $1,470; however, it can be acquired for as low as $790 per month if you’re willing to make modifications like painting or replacing appliances. Plus, those who reside on East Sahara Avenue enjoy convenient access to major freeways such as the Beltway and I-515.

4. The Square

Las Vegas’ most renowned neighborhood boasts an eclectic mix of casinos, shops, and eateries; not to mention the Greek-inspired bazaar known as The Square. It’s a quintessential Las Vegas experience that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest palate!

A truly dynamic community, The Square is renowned for its array of live music venues, a wealth of food trucks and its street performers who delight patrons daily. However, it also features an array of upscale clubs and an array of family establishments too – making for a highly stimulating ambience that defies categorization!

Located in the midst of downtown Las Vegas, The Square boasts a plethora of amenities that make it an ideal place for both short-term rentals (1-4 weeks) and long-term rentals (over one month). Indeed, those searching for properties to lease will find numerous choices here while those hoping to rent out their own property can rest assured knowing that they have lots of options available.

5. Bonanza Road Area

Known as the epicenter of Mid-Las Vegas, this idyllic haven is located only minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip and offers residents an array of amenities that can be found nowhere else in town.

With a population of over 50,000 people, Bonanza Road is home to an assortment of bustling shops and restaurants; many situated on the renowned strip itself! If you’re looking for excitement within commuting distance, this neighborhood couldn’t be more convenient – boasting everything from high-end establishments to affordable boutiques alongside popular coffee houses and eateries.

What makes this area so alluring is its proximity to some of the city’s most prized features, such as CityCenter and The ARIA Resort & Casino. This is where visitors will find themselves basking in opulent surroundings while taking in shows at one or engaging in other activities at one of these stately venues – along with the greatest temples devoted to entertainment across the world.

6. Aliante (Las Vegas)

Aliante is a quintessential example of an outlying area. Though it lies in close proximity to the cosmopolitan city center, its ambiance often evokes feelings of serenity due to its relative isolation from traffic and other distractions.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Fremont Experience, this community offers spacious one-bedroom apartments for rent starting at $1,360. Additionally, there are numerous three-bedroom options available – along with luxurious two-bedrooms that cost between $1,435-$1,890!

7. Summerlin South and Summerlin North

Summerlin is a development located in the southern portion of greater Las Vegas. Nestled within this locale are numerous family-oriented developments, along with gated communities and high-end homes all situated around country clubs and equestrian centers for residents’ leisure time.

With a population exceeding 92,000 individuals, Summerlin South boasts an array of offerings from condominiums to single-family residences. The submarket offers several options when it comes to renting out your property – from modest one-bedroom abodes as well as expansive two-story apartments and ranch houses complete with spacious yards.

For those seeking a more affluent rental experience in Summerlin North, consider selecting one of the four-star properties available on HomeAway. Visitors can select from high-end villas such as a luxurious estate complete with its own private pool or a detached home featuring opulent amenities; they even have ample opportunity to peruse through majestic mansions that may be rented out alongside exquisite estates boasting lavish splendor!

8. Summerlin North and Summerlin South (Las Vegas)

Summerlin North is the perfect introduction to Summerlin, an affluent master-planned community in southwest Las Vegas. This area of town has a stable rental market due to its proximity to popular destinations within the community such as Green Valley Ranch and Centennial Hills; it also boasts numerous eateries within walking distance!

With access to over 80 parks, trails, and recreational facilities, residents are welcome to explore this idyllic setting of mature trees and greenery. Additionally, there are numerous retail outlets nearby with plenty of household essentials available for purchase.

Summerlin South is just one short hop away from Summerlin North. A vibrant neighborhood boasting an abundance of restaurants and day spas is sure to satisfy any traveler’s craving for relaxed ambiance. Furthermore, it’s generally quite affordable compared with its counterpart!

9. Town Center Drive Area (Las Vegas)

Town Center Drive is home to some of the most opulent collectibles in all of Las Vegas, and its esthetic is similarly captivating.

This elite gated neighborhood has everything from exclusivity and fashion to lavish properties and lavish dwellings. However, its selling price makes it an attractive proposition for those seeking a luxurious haven within the city – on par with more established enclaves such as The Eldorado or Hyde Park Village.

With its central location near I-15 and Russell Road, the area provides quick access to town centers throughout the area making it ideal for visitors seeking both local sightseeing experiences as well as convenience accessing certain areas without having to contend with traffic jams along main thoroughfares.

10. Landmark Place/Southwest Area (Las Vegas)

Located in the heart of Southwest, this quaint enclave is an area overflowing with charm and character. This neighborhood boasts an abundance of amenities including grocery stores, drugstores and even a movie theater!

The atypical features that set this locale apart from others are its location; it sits adjacent to Green Valley Parkway, affording convenient access to both Enterprise Drive and Sam Boyd Stadium where you can find everything from popular eateries to high-end boutiques.


If your budget does not allow for purchasing property in Las Vegas, rental properties offer an affordable alternative. With so much to see and do here, why not take advantage of all that this city has to offer?

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