Puerto Rico vs. US State: Which One Is Better for Real Estate?


Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise that beckons investors from around the globe. With its proximity to the United States, it offers an ideal location for businesses and corporations alike; however, this destination can be a challenge for those planning on establishing residence there.

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico boasts an enviable record of hospitality and warmth towards visitors. It’s a veritable paradise with an abundance of natural beauty as well as welcoming locals eager to share their knowledge and experience with you along your journey through this idyllic locale!

Real Estate Market Overview

In an exclusive comparison with its U.S. counterpart, Puerto Rico has a somewhat unpredictable real estate market – it can be volatile at times due to foreign investment in some areas; however, overall statistics show that there is still a considerable amount of potential for growth here.

Yet another factor that should be taken into account is the fact that most local agents are not used to dealing with foreign clients yet, so they may require slight tweaks in how they conduct business. This requires patience and consideration on your part while establishing rapport; however, it is well worth it if you want to make the most out of your buying experience!

The median home value in Puerto Rico is $125,000 – much higher than many US states which hover around $100,000 or less.

Puerto Rico Real Estate Facts

Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for those desirous of residing in a state which offers outstanding weather, abundant amenities and an abundance of open spaces.

Indeed, it boasts an average temperature of 71 degrees farenheit – which makes Puerto Rico one of the most temperate locations on the planet!

Property prices are some of the lowest within the continental United States. For instance, the median cost of housing in San Juan – PR is just $59,250! That’s more than $2 cheaper than any other city; even surpassing that of NYC! To learn more about real estate market data in Puerto Rico, check out our guide here

Puerto Rico Real Estate Cost of Living vs. US States

Puerto Rico’s cost of living is one of its most celebrated selling points; a quality that can be found in many aspects of daily life on the island. For expatriates relocating to Puerto Rico, little need exists to devote attention on the price of food items; instead they may allocate their budget towards more important expenditures such as rent or mortgage payments.

For those aspiring to relocate to the United States and immigrate under its economic citizenship programs, the cost of living may not matter as much if they reside in a state with more favorable exchange rates between U.S. dollars and local currency. However, if you’re planning an extensive relocation – perhaps seeking residency status in another country while still residing within the US – then it’s important to consider these factors when evaluating where best suited for your needs.

Puerto Rico Real Estate History & Culture

Puerto Rico’s checkered past has forged a colorful history, and its present-day culture reflects this.

The nation has struggled for independence from Spain throughout the course of its existence as an international entity, having been invaded multiple times by foreign powers including Napoleon; however it remained intact until the late 19th century when the Spanish crown ceded control over Puerto Rico to United States authorities.

This wasn’t the first time that colonial status had existed for Puerto Rico: it was once under Spanish rule before being annexed by the US in 1898. In 1952, Puerto Rican nationalists attempted another bid at regaining their sovereignty after successfully challenging U.S. federal power in court; however this did not result in any positive gains for them.

Puerto Rico Real Estate Climate & Geography

Puerto Rico boasts an ideal climate for real estate investment, with average temperatures that range from a balmy 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to a scorching 90-plus degrees during the summer months. This exceptional diversity makes it an enticing locale for both residential and commercial buyers alike!

Puerto Rico’s geography is marked by some impressive landmarks: from the towering Twin Peaks of San Juan’s central district to towering aquifers that provide an abundance of fresh water for residents; from majestic mountain ranges to verdant rainforests that provide refuge for wildlife; and from tranquil bays studded with idyllic islands dotting its shoreline – Puerto Rico has it all!

With some of the highest population densities on the island, San Juan is often referred to as “the Capital”–a title that aptly reflects its prominence within the territory. Nevertheless, there are many other bustling urban centers throughout this diverse archipelago such as Aguadilla – whose extensive metropolitan area combines with Old San Juan to form something quite unique in local life experience!

Puerto Rico Real Estate Taxation and Regulations

Puerto Rico is a fascinating territory for real estate investors, offering an exceptionally rewarding experience when compared to its mainland counterparts. Its tax regime is remarkably straightforward and uncomplicated when compared with other jurisdictions across the globe – making it a truly gratifying choice for those seeking attainable success!

Puerto Rico levies no capital gains taxes whatsoever on any real estate transactions that take place within its borders. Furthermore, property taxes in Puerto Rico are considerably more lenient than those imposed by most states across the country; they do not exceed 10% of assessed value. As such, don’t forget to factor this into your budget before purchase!

If you plan to leave Puerto Rico after purchasing property there, then there will be no further taxation incurred if your residence departs within one year of purchase.

US State vs. Puerto Rican Land Information and Home Prices

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, but its inhabitants do enjoy a range of federal benefits. That being said; real estate prices in the area are on par with those of other U.S. states – ranging between $100-$400 thousand dollars!

Puerto Rico offers a myriad of options when it comes to purchasing a home: there are single-family dwellings, condominiums along with land for building your dream abode. Prices go up considerably from low-end ranges like $100K and upward to $400K+.

To make things more interesting, there exist a host of factors that could affect the cost of real estate in Puerto Rico. For instance, if you buy within the vicinity of San Juan then expect to pay significantly higher rates compared to areas located closer to the capital city! This means homeowners seeking affordable housing should take into consideration where they reside when putting their nest egg together!

Realize that Puerto Rico has no laws regulating the exchange rate or foreign investments – meaning that such measures would not limit one’s access to viable real estate opportunities within this locale


The economic disparity between Puerto Rico and the US mainland is vast, as is evident by its impact on the cost of living. However, if you can get past that obstacle and sufficiently capitalize upon its advantages then it could prove beneficial for your enterprise!

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and expertise, Puerto Rico is making strides towards becoming a world-class leader in real estate market intelligence. This will allow agents to more effectively serve clients while also providing greater value to home buyers and sellers alike!

In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastation, we witnessed an outpouring of support from the community. Through this generosity, we have been able to provide aid to thousands of citizens still reeling from the storm’s aftermath.

Our mission is to assist both homebuyers and sellers in locating ideal properties; regardless of where they reside, our team will provide expert guidance tailored specifically for you.



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