Puerto Rico Restaurants: Important Restaurants to Visit Near You


The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is home to an abundance of delicious restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines. Whether you are seeking out authentic Latin cuisine or savoring fresh seafood dishes, there are plenty of options available!

Taste the flavors of Puerto Rico at one of its many delightful eateries! Discover where to dine on this tropical paradise, along with suggestions for each neighborhood in San Juan and other noteworthy destinations around the world.

El Fogón de Pepe

The renowned Pepe Leña Restaurant is an institution for local cuisine; it has been recognized as the Best Restaurant of Puerto Rico in the 2015 edition of Best of Philadelphia.

At El Fogón de Pepe, they use only the freshest ingredients and cook them to perfection. In addition to that, you can savor a scrumptious platter featuring various meats which comes highly recommended – one cannot go wrong!

Fonda Sorpe

Fonda Sorpe is a haven for those seeking an authentic Puerto Rican dining experience. This small, unassuming establishment offers some of the best food in the area, providing an opportunity for guests to savor a delicious meal without feeling rushed about it.

The menu at Fonda Sorpe is extensive, featuring both traditional and more creative options. The array of dishes offered here range from traditional favorites such as arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas – a classic Puerto Rican dish) along with more exotic entrees like Huaraches de Jabali (a succulent local seafood offering).

Experience what Puerto Rican cuisine has to offer at this illustrious spot!

Los Chinitos

Located in a prime position in Old San Juan, Los Chinitos is an ideal dining destination for both visitors and locals alike. Don’t miss out on experiencing its renowned ambience – a charming courtyard filled with succulent flavors! Visitors are invited to savor versatile creations like fresh seafood stewed in garlic; fragrant roasted chicken served alongside rice pilaf and spinach salad; or even succulent grilled pork loin accompanied by broccoli alfredo-like sauce or avocado slices.

If you’re an avid traveler, be sure to check out the many restaurants along El Vigia’s trail. This culinary tour has been acclaimed as one of the most spectacular leisurely excursions around – book your tickets now!

La Playita Restaurant

If you’re looking for an invigorating experience, be sure not to miss out on La Playita Restaurant. This establishment offers a convenient location for those seeking quick sustenance but also offers ample space for guests who want to savor a meal from its vast menu.

The restaurant’s principle dish is soup, featuring a variety of options based on what remains in the kitchen each day.

El Zaguan Tropical

Located in the bustling action of Old San Juan, this restaurant serves up typical Puerto Rican fare with a twist: it offers a beachside ambiance complete with palm trees and an intimate setting.

This eatery makes for an ideal spot for anyone looking to savor a palette-pleasing experience due to its extraordinary flavors. The menu features a selection of chef-crafted creations focused around island-inspired cuisine that can be customized for any dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free) – all at an accessible price point!

It is no secret that I love visiting restaurants within their own culinary realm – even more so when they offer some delicious surprises! If you find yourself in Old San Juan and yearning for something new yet familiar, El Zaguan Tropical should not be overlooked!

El Tequilero

When in Puerto Rico, don’t forget to visit one of the island’s most renowned mezcal-makers. El Tequilero is known for its dedication to artisanal agave spirits and offering a diverse array of tastes!

The restaurant features three distinct areas: an immersive dining experience in an ancient cave; a tropical oasis bathed in sunlight; as well as an open-air terrace with sweeping views over San Juan and its captivating collection of architecture. The food here is delicious and surprisingly affordable – perfect for any occasion!

El Tequilero is located on your itinerary if you are visiting Old San Juan or Arecibo. It’s also an essential detour when traveling along the highways leading out of San Juan, such as Highway 3 during your drive north toward Rincon.

Alma de Fuego Restaurant

If you’ve been craving a rustic, ’50s-themed restaurant in Old San Juan, look no further than Alma de Fuego Restaurant.

Don’t let its name fool you: The fiery spirit of the elements is in full effect at this eatery!

Set amidst an enchanted patio laden with twinkling lights, an abundance of greenery and flowers abound; providing a serene ambience for relaxation during any occasion.

The dimly lit interior provides a cosy environment for patrons to indulge in delicious fare after a long day’s journey–or even just before hitting the sack!

Kokoro Cafe Puerto Rico & Sushi Bar in San Juan

Are you seeking a delicious and savory Japanese or Puerto Rican experience? Then look no further than Kokoro Cafe in San Juan. This quaint establishment is yet another inexpensive eatery that boasts offerings such as fresh fish, scrumptious rice bowls and sushi rolls made with their own ingredients – all of which are prepared right before your eyes!

The restaurant’s patrons can savor sushi together with their handcrafted creations at the Kanpai bar, where they can share plates while enjoying lively conversations around the dining room set up. Alternatively, if this isn’t your speed it is possible to dine alfresco under the shade of umbrellas within its courtyard setting!


Puerto Rico is renowned for its cuisine, and it’s largely a reflection of the myriad influences from its diverse population.

Indeed, the various cultures that have come together here over time have contributed greatly to the overall flavor profile of Puerto Rican cuisine. Spanish, African, and Taíno delicacies all combine to form an eclectic array of enticing dishes; one might say that this multicultural melting pot provides an ideal platform for culinary exploration.

The island offers numerous opportunities for dining out; whether you’re seeking out international fare or Latin American classics, there’s something sure to satisfy your palate! Be sure to check out our list of Puerto Rico restaurants along with their current menus when traveling this destination in 2018!


Restaurants in Puerto Rico are an essential component of any itinerary. Don’t rush off to the next destination without visiting the restaurants located within your city or state – these establishments offer locals a unique and genuine experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere!



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