Puerto Rico Attractions: Popular Tourist Destinations


Puerto Rico attractions are plentiful, with each region boasting its own selection of must-see sights. Whether you’re planning an excursion for family or friends; seeking out a unique experience for yourself; or just exploring and admiring the beauty of this tropical paradise – there’s an abundance of fun things to do and see!

Adventurers will relish in thrilling activities such as zipping down gigantic waterslides and soaring through the air on inflatable bounce houses. For those craving something more substantial, consider taking part in rappelling or cliff jumping off various epic structures built into cliffs overlooking the ocean. Or perhaps you’d like to take things up a notch by scaling a skyscraper?

If you’re seeking out foodie adventures, then head over to San Juan’s culinary hotspots – where you’ll be able to savor mouthwatering fare from local chefs. Or if you’re more into shopping expeditions, then visit one of the island’s renowned malls for plenty of opportunities to browse boutiques and stalls full of chic fashion finds.

While touring Puerto Rico is sure to provide ample entertainment options, don’t forget to check out some of the region’s most well-known attractions. Here’s a handy guide of all the top destinations that should not be missed during your trip!

Old San Juan

The vibrant Puerto Rican capital is renowned for its rich history and culturally diverse population. With so many attractions to choose from in Old San Juan, there’s sure to be something that appeals to you.

The renowned Fort San Felipe del Morro (Morro Castle) stands as a formidable presence overlooking the city of San Juan, offering inspiring views eastward across the sea towards Puerto Rico’s sister island. The castle was constructed by Spanish conquistador Porto Bello-native Juan Ponce de León in 1508; subsequently reinforced in 1521 and modified over time before being abandoned in 1812 with only its walls remaining!

Upon reaching the commanding heights of this impressive citadel, you can relish an unparalleled panorama that encompasses the Sea Gate, an area favored by various historical figures who sought refuge here during times of turmoil–among them Don Pedro Cerda, a 16th century viceroy of Spain and mulatto slave owner; Miguel López de Legazpi and his brother Diego; as well as others like Don Antonio Abad y Quevedo, famous Spanish poet and libertine.

Puerto Rico Zoo

Be captivated by the magnificent Puerto Rico Zoo! Established as an auxiliary animal refuge in 1922, it is currently home to more than 800 animals representing 250 species.

The expansive grounds of the zoo present a distinctive array of habitats ranging from savannahs to rainforests. Visitors can explore varied locations such as Puerto Rico’s own rainforest – one of its most popular features!

At the heart of this sanctuary lies a mountainous landscape dotted with lush vegetation and an abundance of wildlife; this area is where visitors can find their favorite creatures at play amidst their natural surroundings. A stroll through these tranquil settings provides an opportunity for travelers to observe elephants in peace amongst palm trees alongside jaguars that prowl silently beneath cascading waterfalls – all under the watchful eye of ornately appointed aviaries perched atop verdant hillsides crowning the scene!

Isla Culebra

Isla Culebra is an uninhabited island located in the northeast corner of Puerto Rico. Opened to the public in 1986, the UNESCO World Heritage Site serves as a buffer zone between San Juan and Vieques; enabling visitors with convenient access without travel across any thoroughfare.

Culebra is home to over 1,000 nesting seabirds, large populations of booby and brown pelicans, and ragged-tooth conchs. In addition to its captivating wildlife, this UNESCO-designated site also boasts beaches that provide ideal opportunities for sunbathing; ideal for those seeking idyllic getaways!

El Yunque Rain Forest

Puerto Rico is renowned as a haven of lush greenery, so it’s little wonder that the island boasts an abundance of rainforests. The most celebrated of Puerto Rico’s forested areas is El Yunque National Forest, located on the southern coast of the capital city.

A sublime sanctuary with an altitude of 1,200 feet, El Yunque Rainforest boasts some 2,000 acres of verdant greenery nestled within a mountainous setting between the sea and sky.

El Yunque is perhaps one of the most popular destinations in all of Puerto Rico. It constitutes an ideal destination for visitors seeking to get their fill – be it for hiking trails along its pathways or exploring luxuriant flora during a leisurely stroll through its bosky undergrowth!

Cabrillo National Monument

The centerpiece at Puerto Rico’s premier national monument is the solitary Pico Tijeretazo, which sits atop a mountain peak like a solitary sentinel guarding over its domain.

The towering monolith at Cabrillo National Monument rises majestically from its base, adorned with a statue of Christopher Columbus’ likeness. It is accessible only by hiking up a rugged path; however there exists an easier route should you prefer!

Admission to the national park is free! With its stunning panoramic views and miles of trails for exploration among its extensive grounds, this spot is ideal for days spent as part of an outdoor excursion in Puerto Rico – don’t miss it!

Maunabo Beach

Puerto Rico’s premier seaside recreation complex, Maunabo Beach boasts all of the amenities one could ask for – from volleyball courts to surfboards; plus ample opportunities for surfing at its most coveted spot!

The popular and acclaimed beach is a haven where visitors can relax in an idyllic setting while enjoying its enchanting waves.

Unsurprisingly, some of Puerto Rico’s most prominent celebrities have trekked here; so if you’re planning a visit then check out their Instagram profiles for TBT snapshots!

Montejo Golf and Country Club

For those seeking an invigorating way to spend their leisure hours, Puerto Rico boasts a wealth of golf courses and country clubs within easy reach. Montejo Golf and Country Club is a prime destination for travelers seeking a taste of Old Florida in the Caribbean – with some truly exquisite amenities!

Tucked away within lush tropical greenery amid verdant mountainsides on the outskirts of San Juan, this 18-hole golf course is home to a multitude of activities that supplement its repertoire.

Nestled amidst idyllic scenery amidst rolling hills and valleys – just like any upscale country club where one might find themselves traveling – Montejo Golf and Country Club has quite an array of activities from catering services to tennis courts; even offering ample opportunities for hiking along its borders with the nearby Sabana Conservation Area.

Carolina Beach/Las Cabezas de San Juan

Thousands of years ago, the Caribbean Sea deposited sand upon Puerto Rico’s southern coast. For decades afterwards, it was here where travelers could find a rousing beach scene that remained undisturbed by any development plans at Caja de Muertos National Park; its stately cliffs resembling the heads of five deceased noblemen.

Another draw to Las Cabezas de San Juan is the proximity with historic Old San Juan and its adjacent beaches. As such, visitors may choose from one or both in order to experience them simultaneously during their trip – or even return again for additional days of relaxing time between excursions!

If you’re interested in an invigorating swim experience amidst breathtaking scenery, consider visiting Carolina Beach. It is a moderate-sized beach resort located just minutes away from El Yunque National Forest and its rain forest trail system.

Siempre Triunfante Bird Sanctuary and Marina on Vieques Island (Visit the website for hours)

Puerto Rico’s only marine sanctuary, this sanctuary was established in 2007 by national legislation. The Sanctuary provides a haven for birds nesting on the island along with providing refuge for dolphins and whales that come here to rest between migrations.

Siempre Triunfante Bird Sanctuary is situated at the eastern tip of Vieques Island, just across from the Rafael Ramos Hernandez Municipal Marina. It is accessible via a rustic dirt pathway and offers visitors the chance to explore its idyllic landscape and learn about Puerto Rican wildlife in addition to viewing some of these species; an opportunity not available anywhere else on the island!

The Sanctuary consists of two distinct areas: The estuary zone contains an adjacent freshwater lake, as well as a saltwater lagoon and mangrove swamp. An abundance of tropical green vegetation, as well as abundant fish life can be found here; perfect for beginner bird watchers!

For those who want something more challenging, there is also an area where one can embark on a kayak tour – granting them a chance to observe species such as sea turtles from up close or even spot spinner dolphins glistening within their luminous rings while submerged within their lagoons!


El Yunque National Forest is a haven of tranquility, replete with flora and fauna and boasting dazzling mountain views. It’s an ideal destination for those who seek solace away from the hustle and bustle of city life!



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