New Guide to the Best of Florence and Tuscany


Florence and Tuscany are synonymous with elegance and sophistication, captivating visitors for centuries with their magnificence.

The renowned beauty of Florence and its region in Tuscany offers a truly remarkable experience for any traveler. Uncover the secrets of Italy’s foremost art cities at the heart of Renaissance culture; revel in al fresco dining experiences under the shade of olive trees or escape into lush countryside filled with vineyards – all within easy reach from your accommodations in Florence and its surrounding region!


Florence is renowned for its outstanding bakeries and Italian loaves are a must-try.

For those seeking a delectable introduction to this ancient cuisine, conchiglie all’amatriciana is a common dish found around the country – in Tuscany among the most popular!

This hearty pasta dish originated from Pescia in Emilia-Romagna, yet it’s typically prepared with chard and garlic; however, from time immemorial it has also been graced with bacon, which gives it its distinctive flavor profile.

There are countless ways to alter this delicious recipe, so don’t be afraid to improvise! When cooking up your own version of amatriciana, don’t forget to add some seasoning like hot pepper flakes or chopped onion to make it extra savory while maintaining the rustic appeal that comes with its simplicity.


At a time when you excursion across the country can be an arduous task, we advise taking a break from sightseeing with some vino. Italy boasts an array of world-class wines; here are just a few of our favorites:

Tavarnaccia delle Terre Nere is crafted exclusively from grapes grown in this beautiful region’s harsh climate.

Unearthly is an elegant wine that exudes flavors of sweet spice and dried fruit. This remarkable sipping experience can be found at restaurants throughout Florence – such as Fiaschetteria della Strozzapreti – as well as being sold under their own label.

If you are visiting in autumn, don’t overlook one of Italy’s standout areas for producing its best wines. If you’re looking for something decadent to indulge in after lunch or dinner at an establishment like Osteria di Signa, there are plenty of options!

and Honey in San Gimignano

Nestled in the shadow of San Gimignano’s famed towers and lofty abbey, this honey-infused gelato from Gelateria Silani is simply heavenly!

San Gimignano’s renowned gelateria has been enchanting locals and visitors alike with their delicate yet robust flavors since 1929. The shop proudly flies the nation’s flag by offering up a wide variety of exotic delicacies along with its traditional lineup as well as creating unique recipes based on seasonality.

Gelateria Silani prides itself on crafting savory gelato creations using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients: local honey, while other varieties – like dairy or even those flavored with liquor – are also available. If you’re seeking a light snack without relinquishing flavorful indulgence, this is undoubtedly your best bet!

Bacino in Volterra: Ferrovia Lake

Stroll along the Bacino – a railway lake in Volterra, captivatingly situated alongside the Arno River.

This waterfront oasis boasts idyllic seclusion amid its flaxen waters nestled between towering cliffs and sandy shores. The light breeze carries with it the pungent aroma of salt from afar; yet within minutes you may find yourself ensconced within-nevertheless!

Chianti Classico Winery in Pienza

Located in Pienza, this renowned winery is surrounded by vineyards that produce Chianti Classico – a cult wine.

This captivating establishment has been operating since the Bronze Age, and its rustic yet refined atmosphere is reminiscent of an ancient Italian villa. Guests are welcomed into its exclusive spaces, with rooms boasting classic furnishings as well as sophisticated decor; some even contain original artworks like Cimabue’s ‘Madonna and Child’ or Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’.

The winery prides itself on using sustainable practices when it comes to cultivating grapes. It offers tastings of their products alongside a range of savory meats and cheeses sourced from nearby artisanal producers. You could also opt for fresh pressed juices made from local fruit!

Gelato Tour in Siena

Undoubtedly the most renowned Florentine treat is gelato. Creating a ‘pavese sans pévé’ by pairing it with a seasonal specialty is an ideal way to fortify your day!

Get acquainted with Tuscany’s culinary offerings at Bottega della Gelateria, located in Siena’s Piazza del Campo. It is here that you can savor extraordinary flavors like rosemary and pistachio while exploring such delightful mouthfuls as orange flower; chocolate-dipped hazelnuts; crème brûlée; and more!

The town provides its visitors with both a Gelateria Artigianale (artisanal) shop and a Gelateria Classica (classic) outlet, featuring the tried-and-true classics like pistachio; hazelnut; and vanilla among others.

Giotto’s Frescoes and the Duomo in Florence

Are you intrigued by the tales recounted in art? Well, Italy’s master of painting, Giotto (c. 1267-1337), was no stranger to them either! His panels in the Cathedral of Florence El Coro de la Gloria with its depiction of Christ as a sunburst represent captivating depictions of religious figures; likewise his frescoes in San Zenone church depict scenes from pagan traditions and history.

The undisputed masterpieces of Giotto are housed within the dazzling Duomo di Firenze, where he is represented by two remarkable works: ‘Parnassus’ and ‘Deposition’. The former depicts an angel perched atop a mountain peak, gazing down upon an array inconsequential mortals below. It’s a fantastic piece of divine realism! Meanwhile his hallowed image depicting Jesus being taken away from the cross is emblazoned on the famed cathedral’s exterior – it is said that this work so profoundly impacted upon its dedication that during the ceremony one priest fainted while uttering prayers related to it.

Florence Paintings in Santa Maria Nuova and San Marco

Santa Maria Nuova is renowned for its array of glorious frescoes, which were painted during the 14th century by Giotto and his contemporaries.

The church is housed within a palatial convent dating to the mid-12th century, with an ornate courtyard boasting ornately designed arched doorways leading into a cavernous hall that was once used as a baptistry.

Furthermore, Santa Maria della Concezione boasts one of the most breathtakingly exquisite stained glass windows in Tuscany – be sure not miss it!

Art and History Before Christianity in the Area of Bolgna

One of the most captivating aspects of Florence and Tuscany is their inseparable connection with the presence of humans in these regions’ history. For instance, settlements as disparate as Pompeii and Paestum were built upon by successive civilizations throughout antiquity up until medieval times; conversely, countless churches possess remains from even earlier eras!

The area surrounding Bolgna was inhabited by early humans during the Upper Paleolithic period. Located along the Po River valley where it flows into the Adriatic Sea, this region is endowed with archaeological sites including some that date back beyond 10,000 years ago. One such find was a flint blade discovered at Monte Querquィe-Quirra, which has been estimated to have originated around 3500BCE! This discovery speaks volumes about our ancestors’ ingenuity – as well as the sophistication required for constructing tools like knives from materials found on earth such as flints or cherts.

It appears that Bolgna was quite heavily inhabited well into the Neolithic period. Its inhabitants created sophisticated items using copper, amber and bronze. During these prosperous days, inhabitants built fortifications and crafted decorated pottery vessels known as cachets which ultimately led to their downfall when they failed to heed warnings issued by those living nearby who declared an impending calamity.


At last, a region-by-region exploration of the most captivating sites to visit in Florence and Tuscany. From here on in, you’ll be able to effortlessly plan your itinerary and make travel arrangements with confidence!



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