Mouth-Watering Munich Restaurants You Can Visit Today


Munich is renowned for its mouth-watering Bavarian cuisine, and today we’ll be taking a look at some of the delights that await you within Munich – from casual cafés to sophisticated restaurants.

If you’re planning an excursion to Munich in search of some excellent food, then look no further than these eateries!

Restaurant Schwan

Notably, Munich’s Schwan restaurant is one of the most renowned fine dining establishments in the city.

Step inside and you’ll be transported to an opulent palace amid a time-warp ambiance that evokes images of royalty from centuries past. The lofty ceilings are adorned with ornate plasterwork; marble columns flank the entrance, while intricate carvings adorn their surfaces. It is only fitting that diners should revel in this room full of splendor!

Schwan is an exquisite culinary experience, offering guests a unique four-course menu consisting of dishes like a silky cheesecake, succulent roast duckling accompanied by risotto and chocolate soufflé – all meticulously crafted to perfection.

Bavarian Restaurant Hard

If you’re seeking a more casual atmosphere, then Bavarian Restaurant Hard is the ideal choice. This establishment boasts an inviting ambience; be sure to take advantage of its outdoor terrace in the summertime for al fresco dining under the stars!

Their menu features traditional fare but also offers something new with some of their most popular dishes such as succulent Schweinsbraten, hearty Goulash and other mouth-watering meats and vegetables.

It’s no secret that Bavaria is renowned for its beer, so do not miss out on sampling one while dining here. At this restaurant they offer over 30 varieties in large, displayable tanks – allowing patrons to sample before purchasing!

Fascination Restaurant

A captivating yet sophisticated ambience is the central theme at Fascination Restaurant, where guests can enjoy a delectable feast amid alluring decor and refined cuisine.

Located in the bustling City West area of Munich, this elegant dining establishment welcomes patrons each day with an array of scrumptious menus; you may find something suitable for any occasion!

At 7am on my visit, I was able to select from eleven different options – ranging from pancakes to omelettes and curry dishes. The abundance of choices suited me just right!

Die Müllerstube

Munich’s historic Müllerstube is a haven of peace and tranquility, offering patrons the perfect occasion for dining al fresco. To celebrate Oktoberfest, this exceptional establishment is hosting an array of culinary delights such as traditional fare such as sauerkraut and roasted pork loin; succulent schnitzels; as well as desserts such as whimsical Bavarian cake slices!

For those seeking tranquility and seclusion while dining out, Müllerstube offers one special venue: its courtyard within which diners can find themselves imbibing at either their own tableside beer-brewing station or enjoying an exquisite Bavarian feast amid the surrounding greenery.

Schäftlmayr Restaurant Munich

You can savor a fitting meal while admiring the captivating architecture of Schäftlmayr Restaurant Munich. This celebrated establishment boasts countless accolades, including being crowned ‘Best Design’ at The Leading Hotels of the World Awards in 2016; its striking décor is an absolute marvel!

When you embark on dinner with friends or family at this restaurant in Munich, chances are they’ll be greeted by their name on the display above the door. So whether your party size is large or small – everyone will feel like royalty as they enter this stunning interior!

G.H.Müller Hubermann & Co.

G.H.Müller Hubermann & Co., commonly referred to as simply G.H.Müller, is an upscale establishment located in central Munich with a selection of exquisite cuisine and delectable desserts that are worthy of praise.

The restaurant is renowned for its impeccable service, which can range from friendly yet professional to stunningly attentive – without fail each interaction with guests is flawless!

G.H.Müller prides itself on being one of the city’s oldest restaurants; celebrating its 125th birthday in 2018.

Zur Ochsenbraterei – Restaurant in the Heart of Munich’s Old Town

If you’re seeking out Munich’s most celebrated culinary destination, look no further than the eponymous Ochsenbraterei. This traditional Bavarian eatery has been dishing up its signature cuisine for over 250 years with an array of delectable dishes such as smoked ham hock and dumplings all cooked in a unique style involving the use of an open fire in their kitchen!

At this establishment, guests can savor uncompromisingly authentic fare in a haven of homeliness. There are numerous dining areas within the establishment, enabling patrons to find one that suits their preferences – whether they prefer alcove tables or cozy nooks surrounded by candlelight. You even have the option of cooking your meals on site; preparing a delectable Bavarian feast here at home is an unforgettable experience!

The Käfer Museum – A Unique Kind of Munich Museum

Famed as one of the most renowned and well-known museums in Munich, its location on the city’s famed Ludwigstrasse is reason enough to make a stop.

The Käfer Museum is home to an impressive collection of vintage vehicles that provides visitors with an eye-opening experience of life during Germany’s Third Reich era. From tankers and trucks used for transporting goods to elegant racing cars; this museum provides an informative glimpse into their time!

Individual rooms are devoted to each vehicle type, providing attention to minute details such as rusted paintwork or bullet holes – giving you an all-round understanding of how things were during this tumultuous period.


Munich is home to numerous culinary legends, and its residents are fortunate enough to experience just about any dish imaginable. From classic sausages to delectable desserts, this Bavarian city offers a plethora of mouthwatering options.

If you’re looking for an authentic German meal, be sure to visit one of these tantalizing Munich restaurants!



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