How to Plan an All Inclusive Trip to the Maldives With Captain John


Capturing the captivating Maldives is a dream come true for most travelers, but how do you plan an all inclusive getaway to this idyllic destination? With John, that’s just one phone call away!

With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, Capt. John has crafted countless itineraries to suit the needs and desires of his clients. Whether your objective is pure relaxation or exploring every corner of the archipelago; there’s nothing like an adventure that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed!

Whether you’re seeking a serene retreat within a naturally stunning environment or don’t mind taking in as many sights as possible during your vacation, Capt. John can craft an itinerary that suits your needs perfectly!

What All-Inclusive Hotel You Should Book?

There are dozens of all-inclusive resorts and hotels that line this idyllic archipelago, each offering their own unique package. One particular hotel stood out among its peers – it was an absolute winner!

captainjohn®’s recommendation: lomilufi island resort (located on a pristine beach within the sacred milaidhoo atoll in the south of the archipelago) is our top pick for an all inclusive package in the Maldives. This sprawling resort boasts 5 restaurants – including a small à la carte dining option as well as two large buffet eateries doling out ample servings of delicious cuisine daily. And if you’d like to make your selections yourself there are even more choices available for those who prefer it that way! It’s no surprise we’ve chosen this establishment as our go-to choice when traveling with kids – from the age of 6 onwards they can both participate in activities such as yoga, swimming and snorkeling; while parents have plenty of time for relaxing alongside them too.

What Is An All-Inclusive Resort?

When you visit a resort, chances are there will be an array of activities available for guests to partake in. If you’re taking on a vacation like this, it could be wise to consider an all-inclusive trip as well – even if you’d rather explore the world by yourself!

An all-inclusive package enables travelers to immerse themselves in the blissful experience without needing to deal with any additional costs. Here are the most common kinds of all inclusive resorts that one might encounter:

Do All-Inclusives Include Taxes?

Don’t let the term “all inclusive” fool you – whenever a resort or travel agency lists it on their site as an inclusive vacation package, those taxes are still payable directly to the government.

If you travel to any destination outside the United States, there will be both local tax (which varies from country to country) and federal tax levied on top of that; these financial obligations can run anywhere between $5-$25 USD per person per day.

Do All-Inclusives Include Food?

Food is an oft-overlooked aspect of most all-inclusive vacations; however, there are a handful that include this essential service. If you’re looking for one and interested in choosing from among the options below, do keep in mind that foods can vary significantly depending on resort location – some offer up restaurant selections while others leave it up to guests’ discretion.

Unsurprisingly, many establishments provide a wide range of dishes available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some even contain an array of ethnic cuisines such as Indian fare or Italian cuisine. Don’t forget about snacks either! The more convenient ones like quiche and breads provide tasty sustenance until dinner time arrives – no fuss required!

All-Inclusive Hotel Stays in Europe and the Caribbean

If an all-inclusive resort is what you’re seeking, there are options available to suit almost any budget!

From splurging at opulent resorts located in renowned cities such as Barcelona, Rome and New York City, to savoring the delights of luxurious accommodations nestled in idyllic settings like Biarritz or St. Kitts; we offer a variety of options for your stay.

In Europe, consider reserving a room at a spa hotel accompanied by a range of services; such as spas, beauty treatments or wellness programs. Alternatively, experience luxe accommodations with amenities such as swimming pools or fitness centers nearby!

How Much Does the Maldives All-Inclusive Cost?

The prices outlined below are the bare minimum cost of an all-inclusive journey in the Maldives. If you choose to add on optional excursions like boating and diving or activities like golf or a spa visit, then those costs will be added accordingly.

For your all-inclusive trip to the Maldives – and any other destination, really – it’s best to book early for lower rates.

Pack the Essentials for Your All-Inclusive Trip to the Maldives

Are you excited to embark on your all inclusive adventure to the magical island paradise of the Maldives? Don’t forget about your essentials for a successful trip. Here are some packing tips for an excursion that won’t leave you raring for departure!

The most essential item in any travel itinerary is surely your toiletry kit, and if you’re traveling with children on an all-inclusive vacation then it should include baby wipes too. Pack only what you’ll need so as not to overburden yourself during your travels – after all, there could be unforeseen delays or unforeseen inconveniences along the way!


Master the art of planning an all inclusive vacation with our comprehensive guide!



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