How to Get the Best Deal on Costco Travel-Enabled Benefits


For those who have utilized Costco’s travel benefits, there is no doubt that you’ve experienced the convenience of having your prescriptions filled at a local pharmacy. However, did you know that by purchasing them through Costco Travel?

Costco is an invaluable ally in sourcing exceptional health care products and services when travelling outside of the United States. By utilizing their costco travel benefits, you can gain access to medications that may not be available in other countries – all while saving money on medication costs!

Apply for Membership

I’m sure by now, you’re aware of the fact that Costco membership is an attainable goal for many. In order to obtain it, all that’s required is filling out an application form and submitting a debit card or current bank account number along with proof of identification; thereafter, submit them for approval.

Costco requires potential members to provide proof of identity when applying for their free membership! However, if you are qualified for government assistance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid benefits – there are additional requirements that must be met before such cards can be utilized in transactions.

Participate in the Survey

Participate in the Costco survey – it’s free! If you’re a member, or have visited one of their facilities in the past six months, there’s a good chance that you could earn yourself some free travel credits. You’ll also be entered into a drawing for additional prizes such as gift cards or even exclusive offers from select vendors that may not be readily accessible to everyone.

To claim your rewards and participate in this survey, simply register with your membership number online (if you’ve recently visited an establishment) or through the mobile app.

Register for e-News

In an effort to keep its members up-to-date with the latest from Costco, the warehouse club chain offers various newsletters and e-newsletters – two avenues through which you can receive pertinent information about savings and transportation services.

Costco Travel Services is equipped for all travelers – whether you require airport limousine transport or need assistance preparing for your next trip. You may opt to receive updates about special promotions or opt for a particular newsletter; however, there are no strict requirements regarding which type of content you would like to receive.

Participate in Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a potent marketing tool that can be utilized by any company looking to increase sales. It is also a cost-effective way of garnering new customers and keeping them loyal.

Costco offers an array of social media platforms so that members may interact with their primary audience – those who have already made the decision to visit Costco. This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; as well as YouTube and blogs.

Join the conversation on Costco’s social media profiles! Encouraging conversations between Costco fans and potential members will yield valuable leads.

Receive discount offers via Email

Members can also receive discount offers by email. If you opt-in to these messages, you’ll be notified of special occasions and events taking place at Costco stores across the country – such as new product launches and member appreciation days.

Enrolled members who miss out on any savings opportunities that may arise during the course of their membership will find it advantageous to remain apprised of Costco’s latest offerings.

Take a Costco Mobile App Targeted Survey

Are you a prospective Costco member? If so, we’re certain that one of the benefits that might intrigue you beyond any others is travel-enabled benefits.

To obtain an accurate assessment of your chances for obtaining one of these special perks, it’s essential to participate in an on-going survey conducted by Costco Travel. In return for their input and feedback from members like you – in addition to rewards points – those who take part gain invaluable insight into what truly makes them tick!

Costco Travel will launch their very first mobile app later this year, enabling its users to access their benefits even when travelling away from home. So make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity! By actively participating in surveys offered through this platform and gaining valuable insights into potential users’ preferences regarding particular privileges, you’ll have no difficulty securing an ideal package at an unbeatable price!

Add Airline Rewards to Your Cart or Checkout Process

For those who are familiar with the airline reward programs, it’s essential to take advantage of their flexibility. Frequent flyer miles can be utilized toward any expense incurred while on vacation – making them an ideal addition to your next Costco trip!

If you frequently fly with a particular airline, consider investing in its rewards program. In return for purchasing discounted tickets or paying membership dues, travelers can accrue points towards travel expenses such as airfare and hotels. These points can then be used as part of your check-out process when acquiring benefits at some locales that offer complimentary services like food & beverage coupons and free amenities ranging from blankets to shampoo!

To expedite the checkout process, it is possible to utilize your rewards points toward any purchase totaling over $1 (USD–with dollars denominated appropriately for each country).

Pay for Some or All of Your Items with Bitcoin

Collectively, they are just another itemized list of expenses. If you possess a credit card and one or more debit cards, all purchases made with these cards can be paid by simply transferring money from your bank account-no matter what form it takes!

Costco has announced that its members can now pay for select items with Bitcoin as well. For instance, when making an order at any Costco warehouse store in the United States – within the next 6 months – shoppers can incur no additional cost when paying with cryptocurrency. This is yet another way to take advantage of the conveniences offered by travel benefits while enjoying an exceptional value!

Don’t fret if you don’t have access to Bitcoin in your life – there are numerous services that allow users to purchase the virtual currency online for a modest fee and then spend their money like cash.


When you’re hankering for an upgrade to your membership status, be sure to visit the CostCoRewards app and consult its resources for additional perks that could be yours!



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