How to Earn Points for Costco Travel and Merchandise


If you’re a shrewd shopper, it is possible to reap the benefits of costco travel. By choosing from their generous selection of merchandise and utilizing membership perks, customers can maximize their savings while traveling.

For frequent Costco shoppers, there are numerous opportunities to earn points at the warehouse store. From purchasing food or beverages to obtaining membership cards and even utilizing apps on your smart phone – there are many ways to rack up points! Let’s explore some costco travel tips so you can get started maximizing point earning opportunities!

Register for a Costco Travel and/or Membership Advantage Card

If you are eager to take advantage of some of the unique perks offered by Costco and want to up your game when it comes to earning travel credits, then consider obtaining an Advantage Card. These cards grant users access to both free and discounted merchandise from Costco as well as a number of special offers, like bonus points on every purchase.

To become a member of this program, all that is required is being a Citadel cardholder or enrolling in one of the many registration options available (e.g. online application with credit card; mail-in request form). Then begin racking up points! You can use them towards any future travels you may undertake with Costco or donate them altogether to help those in need through their charitable fund donations – whatever floats your boat!

Load Points on Your Card at the Register

To access these benefits, simply load your Cost Savings Membership with points. This can be accomplished by utilizing any credit card that has an option for adding rewards – which is practically all of them! These range from basic debit cards to premium cards such as the American Express Gold Card, in addition to loyalty-based schemes like the Visa Business Rewards and Visa Infinite Gratuities; not forgetting even more exclusive options such as the Amex Platinum and Delta SkyMiles cards!

Earning Costco Travel Points can be a simple process: just make purchases using one of their cards and if you’re lucky enough to have a particular set of preferences or desired stores in mind for which itemized purchase would be most deserving of reward points, then everything will fall into place.

Use Points for Retail Items

When you’re planning a trip to Costco, don’t forget about its retail side. In addition to offering an array of food products and supplies, the establishment also offers numerous items for purchase – whether it be electronics or apparel.

For starters, let’s get some clarity regarding how you can utilize your Costco travel points on retail merchandise.

Not Transportation

To be eligible for bonus points at Costco, your travel must originate from one of the 51 countries currently recognized by the United States’ federal government.

If you’re a member of Costco Wholesale’s Visa Infinite cards, you could earn up to 36% back on restaurant purchases – that includes both cash and dining! For those living in Canada or Japan, note that this list may not include all options available; however, if you find any other restaurants worth patronizing within these regions – feel free to let us know about them!

Gone are the days of having to use an airline miles credit card for additional perks; instead, simply utilize your Costco membership benefits and let me know about it!

Choose Your Point Category and Amount

This is an optional step, but if you’d like to maximize your potential rewards, take some time to consider what categories of products or services you would like to accumulate points towards.

Once you have made up your mind, select the appropriate amount of points that you desire and its value on Costco’s website. You can even utilize a handy online tool designed to assist in making this decision!

Make sure to reserve your reward level prior to making a purchase – it’s free! What could be more convenient than having everything planned out ahead of time?

Use Points for Special Offers or be Absolutely Confident

Costco offers a plethora of amazing savings opportunities, so why not take advantage of them? When you redeem your accumulated points for travel and merchandise from Costco’s online portal or in-store kiosks, you can choose from an array of options including:

• Special offers

• Introductory sales

• Offers for which specific numbers or spend amounts will unlock additional perks

In order to capitalize on these tremendous promotions and earn even more rewards for travel or purchase, consider utilizing the Costco Travel portal. It provides access to exclusive deals that are only available through this platform; convenience with no need to log in each time you shop; as well as numerous other benefits!

Don’t Forget to Save Some Points for Next Year!

If your strategy was to maximize points, then I guess we’re off to a good start. However, if you’ve fallen short of that mark and still want to use them towards travel in the coming year – don’t despair! Don’t forget that you can replenish any lost points with supplementary cash back offers from time to time.

The Costco Travel Rewards Visa Card provides access to these supplemental offers without having to spend any additional hard-earned points or money. You may need to utilize this option from time to time as well!


To maximize the value of your Membership Rewards points, consider redeeming them toward travel. With the right partner program and redemption option, you can quickly and easily obtain the desired amount while also ensuring that your investment remains within the limits imposed by Costco’s generous policy towards members.

Are you seeking to redeem your rewards points for a coveted trip? Consider utilizing the services of Expedia or for assistance in finding the ideal vacation option that meets all specifications.



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