Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Luxury Hotels and Resorts


If you are planning a trip to the emirate of Dubai, then it is prudent to familiarize yourself with its renowned luxury hotels. The world-renowned establishments boast incomparable accommodations and amenities such as indoor pools, health clubs and spas; sumptuous restaurants offering international cuisine; bars serving signature drinks and much more!

Are you curious about what makes Dubai’s premier five-star resorts so exceptional? Check out our handy guide for all the answers!

What is the minimum requirement to reserve a room at a Dubai luxury hotel?

To reserve a room at one of these establishments, travelers will simply need to provide their travel dates and contact information–as well as any special requests they may have.

Begin by acquiring a Dubai luxury hotel reservation booking code. This will help expedite the entire process when it comes time for you to make an enquiry; just enter it into the system along with your travel dates and contact details to obtain instant availability estimates!

What are the most common question travelers have about Dubai?

We asked travelers, “What questions do people often have regarding travel to Dubai?” And they had a plethora!

Our respondents revealed that costs are the most frequently inquired-about aspect of exploring Dubai.

Dreamers were most concerned about their accommodations – where should you stay? The following are our recommendations for top picks from all categories (from budget to deluxe) with regard to providing superior service and setting the standard in comfort and opulence.

Are your dreams coming true? Discover 25 answers to common questions about Dubai! From its international airport and modern shopping hubs such as Deira City Centre and Mall of the Emirates, to its renowned attractions like the Burj Khalifa, we provide detailed information on how these facilities can assist make your trip run seamlessly. You’ll find everything from ancillary services such as taxis and restaurants to obtainable tips on car rentals or other transportation solutions – along with information on safety concerns like staying away from potential hotspots while traveling here. Our guide will enable you to plan any trip to the UAE’s most exciting city!

How many people can be accommodated in a room at a 5-star hotel in Dubai?

At a 5-star hotel, you can expect to be greeted by a bespoke welcome service offered at each establishment. Guests typically have access to complimentary refreshments and casual clothing in order to relax after an exhausting journey from home; this is when many people choose to venture into their room for a good night’s rest.

The standard size of a Dubai luxury hotel suite normally consists of one bedroom suite with an en-suite bathroom, lounge area containing an LCD TV and mini bar stocked with drinks – ideal for guests’ convenience!

While amenities such as kitchenettes are rarer than ever in modern day hotels, they still exist as an extra shouldn’t be underestimated.

What is the difference between a deluxe and standard room?

Deluxe accommodations typically provide more space, greater lighting and plush furnishings. Also included are lavish amenities such as a shower or bathtub, along with a minibar for refreshments during overnight stays.

Standard rooms that comprise the majority of all guest offerings at Dubai’s luxury hotels are generally available in a range of layouts: from single-bedded suites to lavish two-room lodgings that come complete with deluxe bathrooms and butler services. Standard rooms often feature larger dimensions than other varieties – if any; some establishments even offer business-oriented facilities with bespoke layout possibilities!

Are there any additional costs to reserve a room by phone?

For those who prefer to reserve their accommodations through the telephone, there may be an additional surcharge of up to 40% when reserving directly with the hotel’s concierge.

For instance, should you choose to book a double room at one of the Four Seasons Resort Dubai’s five-star hotels for $1,300 per night during their 2016 Summer season, that price could rise by up to $200 if booked over the phone. This additional cost would then be applied towards your booking if any changes were necessitated later on.

What happens if the room rate drops during my stay?

If you are booking last minute and a rate drops, it would be prudent to check with the hotel concerning its policy on accepting such offers. They may require that you pay the lower rate in its entirety – or they could simply honor the offer!

In any case, should the rate of your reservation drop during your stay, we offer a multitude of options for additional compensation. From free nights to upgrades; from free dining credits to spa treatments-there is something for everyone!


Don’t fret over the small details! Our dedicated team is here to assist you with anything you need. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our properties, amenities or services.



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