Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel’s Grand Hyatt

The grandeur of the Hyatt Grand is undeniable. Nestled within the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay district, this opulent hotel provides guests with an idyllic respite from daily life.

With a total of 2,547 rooms and suites, the Hyatt Grand boasts both spacious accommodations ideal for business travelers as well as leisurely vacations. Guests are afforded access to all that Dubai has to offer via its proximity to exotic locations like the famous desalination plant; man-made islands in the shape of palm trees and even the world’s largest shopping mall!

Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel’s Hyatt Gold Passport Rewards

Are you a frequent traveler? Perhaps you enjoy getting away from it all and basking in the sun. Whatever your reason for frequenting Hyatt-branded hotels, there’s an array of rewards waiting for you!

Hyatt Gold Passport Rewards gives you access to over 50 world-class rewards that range from discounted rooms and dining at their properties to luxury travels like helicopter tours and cruises – with no blackout dates to worry about!

As part of this exclusive program, its members will receive up to two free nights* when redeeming points for stays at an eligible Hyatt hotel, subject to availability. Each stay must be booked within a limited period; therefore keep an eye out for further details regarding redemption procedures!

Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel’s Room Design

The design scheme at the Four Points Sheraton Dubai Grand Hyatt is bold and brazen. From the outset, this luxury hotel boasts a captivating aesthetic that embodies sophistication and opulence with boldness and extravagance. Its configuration maximizes functionality for guests yet leaves ample space for relaxing in between activities; it truly offers a memorable experience!

The spacious guestroom configurations are designed with over-the-top indulgence in mind to make sure you can indulge in not just comfort, but also style and convenience as well. Each room comes complete with its own personal designer touches like eye-catching wallpapers, plush furnishings and soothing lighting fixtures.

Each room features an array of hues from which to choose; from vibrant blues to rich reds, calming ivory whites or even flirtatious yellows – there’s something for everyone! For a thoroughly luxurious ambience, pair it with plush bedding set against satins or silks and textures such as velvets and cashmere blankets.

Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel’s Spa

The spa at Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai is sure to relax and rejuvenate your body with a wide variety of treatments, ranging from traditional spa regimens to more advanced modalities.

The indulgent spa offers a full range of services including:

Encounter a variety of treatments, such as revitalising massages, while savouring scrumptious meals in-house; indulge in Ayurvedic therapies; or even try out yoga classes – all of this with the ultimate aim of pampering yourself!

Not only can you unwind during the day, but when it’s time for a relaxing evening ritual there are plenty of options available. After all those hours spent working up a sweat during the day; why not bathe in one of our sumptuous pools before slipping into one of our spacious Japanese-style tubs? Or perhaps indulge yourself with an invigorating steam bath; if nothing else, it just feels good!

Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel’s Restaurant

At the helm of cuisine at the majestic Four Points Sheraton Grand Hyatt Dubai is The Grid, a sophisticated yet inviting eatery offering an array of international dishes.

Our expert team chef, Raj Kannan, crafts a tantalizing array of menus inspired by timeless cuisines such as French and Italian. For an unforgettable dining experience, we invite guests to savour our gourmet offerings prepared using only the freshest ingredients and accompanied with exquisite combinations of flavors from around the world – all designed to create transcendently delicious meals!

*For inquiries on the menu for this restaurant, please contact concierge upon arrival.

Grand Hyatt Dubai at the Palm Jumeirah

Nestled among its sister hotels in the Palm Jumeirah, the Grand Hyatt provides an ideal base from which to explore this idyllic destination.

The hotel is situated on the easternmost edge of the resort, and boasts views of both the Arabian Gulf and the shimmering sands of the island’s interior. The beach here is accessible through a 12-minute boat ride; alternatively you can take advantage of nearby excursions to archaeological sites or dine out at some of Dubai’s most popular restaurants all within reach!

With its captivating location atop the palm tree-filled arc, guests can savor panoramic vistas that stretch across the waters of the Arabian Gulf. This is just one more reason why no traveler should overlook staying at this luxurious establishment during their stay in Dubai – whether they’re exploring culture or simply seeking relaxation amid its captivating surroundings; nothing could be more inviting than spending time here!

All Inclusive at The Ritz-Carlton and Grand Hyatt in Dubai

Dubai’s all-inclusive Ritz Carlton and Grand Hyatt resorts offer a plethora of dining options, from gourmet to casual. Guests may choose from an array of cuisines at the resort; one could possibly dine on sumptuous seafood whilst others opt for scrumptious vegan fare or myriad other delicacies on offer!

At all-inclusive resorts like these, guests can savor a truly delicious meal without having to worry about anything but enjoying themselves.


The Grand Hyatt Dubai is distinctly a retreat from the bustling atmosphere of downtown Dubai. Set atop the city’s iconic Burj Khalifa, this hotel offers guests a bird’s-eye view of all that is happening below; a truly majestic location for any occasion!

For those wishing to explore the city’s traditional souqs and stroll along the landscaped promenades, there are numerous leisurely options such as horse-drawn carriages or vintage cars for hire. Alternatively, an exhilarating flight on a Flying Taxi (Zam Zam) can be booked for just Dhs 25; offering guests an authentic local experience!

Discover some lesser-known highlights of Dubai’s shopping district, located adjacent to Raffles City within the Al Tayeriah area. Venture into these labyrinthine passageways and discover intriguing stores selling everything from handcrafted jewelry to garments made from discarded materials – truly a feast for the eyes!


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