Costco Car Rental: The Ultimate Guide to the Costco Car Rental


Car rental isn’t quite as simple as picking up a rental car from your local rental agency. You will need to navigate Costco’s offerings, which can be confusing for first-time customers.

In this guide, I’ll provide an overview of Costco’s rental options so that you can make the ideal choice for your needs.

How to Reserve a Car at Costco

Costco car rentals can be reserved from the Costco site. You will find a variety of models to choose from, ranging from compact cars up to vans and SUVs; you are sure to find one that suits your needs!

Pro tip: Make sure to use coupon code SHOP16 when reserving your vehicle!

What If I Don’t Have Membership?

If you don’t have a membership and aren’t able to procure one, there are several options available that can help you get set up with the rental car service. For example, if you’re willing to pay a significant premium – $35 on top of your rental charges – then Budget may be an ideal option; they provide a wide variety of vehicles ranging from sedans and SUVs to minivans and offering them at discounted rates as well. Alternatively if you simply require a bare-bones vehicle for just a day or two in order for your excursion be feasible without sacrificing comfort or reliability – Hertz Rent-a-Car provides budget models for under $30 and more upscale options for around $200+

Additionally, these 3rd party companies often offer costco rentals at an additional charge. Budget offers their own low-cost fleet along with Autolease’s which provides Costco members with access to vehicles located inside their facility. Lastly, Dollar Rent A Car is also an option that could assist you while visiting Costco without needing any resorting to purchasing additional insurance – however if it is not required by law such as within certain regions then this policy will only apply where deemed necessary!

What Kind of Cars Can You Reserve at Costco?

Costco can accommodate a wide assortment of rental vehicles, including compact cars and SUVs. The compact car selection includes many affordable models like the Toyota Yaris, Fiat 500L and even the Ford Fiesta; while more luxurious options include sedans such as the Lexus CT200h or the Infinity QX60 – both of which boast spacious interiors capable of accommodating up to seven passengers comfortably!

For those seeking an SUV, Costco offers reliable choices including popular offerings from Volkswagen, Dodge and Chevy. In addition to those cars’ standard features – such as seating for up to eight people with room inside for luggage – Costco’s fleet boasts a multitude of options ranging from sleek and sporty vehicles like the Mazda CX-3 or Honda CR-V to classic classics like the Chevrolet Suburban.

How Long Until Your Reservation Is Active?

Once your reservation has been confirmed and processed, you can anticipate that it will take around 10 minutes – 30 at the most – before it is active. This period may vary depending upon which Costco location you’re visiting; however this time frame usually remains consistent across all locations.

If you need more flexibility or additional conveniences when booking car rentals, Costco offers an array of options. From extending your rental date up to seven days, securing a vehicle that fits within your budget or even requesting pickup directly from the parking lot afterwards – this can all be done with relative ease!

Can I Use My Reservation on Another Day?

If you have a Costco car rental reservation for your desired location, rest assured that you may use it on any other day without incurring additional charges. Even if you plan to return the vehicle after its initial usage – no need to fret!

While you can make changes to your reservation within 24 hours of purchase, or even cancel before then in order to avoid paying any fees associated with cancellations; it is advisable to consider alternatives such as another traveler sharing their experience so that they can utilize their reservation while still ensuring that it remains accessible at some point during the journey.

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

If, for whatever reason a reservation is cancelled prior to the start of your rental period, you will not be charged any fees. This policy also covers returns and cancellations within 24 hours of pick-up – giving travelers ample flexibility when making arrangements!

Can I Cancel My Reservation Last Minute?

Your Costco car reservation cannot be canceled or modified with 24 hours’ notice. If you find yourself without a ride and must travel hastily, it could be prudent to seek an alternative method of transportation instead – yet the likelihood of this possibility shouldn’t deter from reserving your rental car in advance!

If you’re seeking an immediate solution, consider booking a cheap car rental reservation on any popular search engine.

Costco Car Rental Coupon Codes

Costco is renowned for offering a high-quality car rental experience at an affordable price. However, it’s not uncommon to find discounts offered throughout the year – especially if you sign up early!

Be sure to check out Costco’s website frequently for plenty of coupons, promotions and special offers. You may even find savings just by checking out their promotional pages!


If you have chosen to rent a vehicle from Costco, it can be a daunting experience. The parking lot can be crowded on weekends, and traffic is often congested. However, if you are savvy about timing – and patient – this may not be an issue at all!



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