Cave Restaurant Review: An Unusual Dining Experience in Dublin


Last year, I had the opportunity to dine at Cave Restaurant in Dublin, during their inaugural season. Initially, my husband and I were both reluctant; however, once we entered this enchanting eatery – located within an old limestone quarry – our apprehension quickly dissipated.

Upon entering, my jaw dropped as if it had been dropped by an airplane – literally! The magnitude of the cavernous space was beyond imagination. It was reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School with its grandiose hallways adorned with various murals depicting various scenes from mythology.

What Is It?

Cave is a perplexing dining spot that’s hard to peg down. The establishment occupies two floors of an opulent residence in the heart of Dublin; it serves meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner – breakfast being its most noteworthy offering. Though it may seem counterintuitive at first glance due multitudinous options available to choose from – ranging from traditional international fare to their innovative dishes – all are equally delicious!

The cave aspect of this experience couldn’t be more apparent than during our recent breakfast munchies: I indulged myself with a selection of omelets, bacon and pastries – but still felt compelled to leave room for dessert! Delicious concoctions such as banana bread French toast along with crepes captivated my tastebuds; what more could one ask for?

Why Is It Special?

In the center of Dublin, Cave has managed to carve out a niche as a restaurant worthy of its namesake. From its location in the heart of Temple Bar district and its captivating interior design to its scrumptious cuisine; this establishment boasts an array of unique features that set it apart from any other establishment in the area!

With an eclectic array of dishes on offer at this acclaimed dining spot, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when deciding what to choose from. However, if you’re looking for an adventurous experience with an unprecedented ambiance, don’t hesitate – simply give Cave a try!

How Does the Cave Restaurant Stand Out?

At the outset, it’s noteworthy that while there are a number of dining establishments in Dublin that cater to those looking for an elaborate experience, this establishment is somewhat different. Rather than opting for maximum opulence and pompousness, the Cave Restaurant has instead opted for a less ostentatious ambience with an emphasis on accessibility and wisdom – striking a balance between sophistication and accessibility!

If you’re seeking something unconventional or adventurous when visiting Ireland, then look no further than The Cave.

The Cave Restaurant Menu

Discerning travelers will note that The Cave Restaurant doesn’t offer a comprehensive selection of meals; instead it stocks only a few staples.

However, what they do offer is all first-rate – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Drinks & Other Non-Cave Restaurant Details

Despite its extensive dining options, I’m sure you wouldn’t begrudge a reprieve from the menu at any time.

Luckily for those who enjoy a beverage or two with their meal, Cave Restaurant offers a refreshing selection of alcoholic beverages to enhance your culinary experience.

Naturally, there’s wine – from which we sampled the delightful 2013 Marlborough from New Zealand and tasted it paired with an assortment of appetizers such as fresh bread and butter; succulent steak tartare; succulent lobster; and jellied rabbit served with toast points.

And yes, you can even order shots!

The Atmosphere at the Cave Restaurant

Upon arrival at the Cave Restaurant, guests are met by a hostess who welcomes them with a cheery ‘hello’ and gives their party an opportunity to select from their seats. This is certainly one of the more laidback restaurants I’ve encountered – its friendly ambiance truly conveys the sense that you haven’t arrived at some elite establishment; rather, it’s as casual as can be!

With its cozy lounge atmosphere, customers revel within its soft lighting and cosy couches while savoring exquisite cuisine. The décor of this restaurant is clearly inspired by those found in an Irish countryside dwelling; its simple yet elegant design exuding a rustic ambience that’s sure to rejuvenate your senses!

Service at the Cave Restaurant

As for service, all of the waiters are clearly accustomed to working with dietary restrictions; they are more than accommodating, even if certain foods may be off limits.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the staff was quite adept at making our experience as comfortable as possible. One cannot ask for more from any restaurant – from across the room a poached egg arrived at our table followed by crackers and bread before filled plates were brought out for us both – all this before we had even finished devouring our appetizers!

The emphasis on providing exceptional customer service is evident in their efforts, as well as their enthusiasm which is palpable throughout their interactions.

Selection of Wine

The range of wines considered suitable for pairing with food at this restaurant is quite extensive; from stouts and porters to reds and whites.

I was intrigued to learn that their range featured more than 200 different labels. With so many options on their menu, it’s a good thing they offer an extensive selection of wines!

With prosecco, sparkling wine and rosé being served alongside the more traditional varietals such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay – there truly is something for everyone!

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to sample some delicious wines during my meal here. They pour either one glass per person or two – allowing guests ample space to savor each sip without having to constantly refill their glasses.


With so many delicious dishes to choose from, it’s only fitting that you end your meal with some craft beer! Such an apt choice, seeing as this was my final meal of the trip.

Nestled in the midst of all these culinary delights, I opted for a pint of Pale Ale from Marz Brewing Co. They craft artisanal ales and lagers – some even made onsite! If you’re seeking out a tasty beverage after dinner, be sure to stop by their tap room at The Farm House restaurant in Celbridge; where they offer several local brews along with some seasonal offerings as well.

Unsure what to pair with my beer? Uncomplicating things further – simply order any one dish from the menu and I’ll do the rest!

and Cider at the Cave Restaurant

To round off our exploration of Dublin’s Cave Restaurant & Bar, we come across a delicious selection of artisanal cheeses. If you’re interested in sampling more than one, it won’t take long before your plate is overflowing with bounty!

Our palate was delighted with Sandwich Board Cheese and Spanish Cream – both flavors paired brilliantly together as a starter to savor with a glass of crisp cider.

A consummate treat, this dish boasts its heady layers of texture. It’s hard to resist getting lost in the rich flavor and earthy crunch provided by each bite!

Food at the Cave Restaurant (More Detail)

Inside the Cave Restaurant, guests will be served a selection of dishes such as lamb, duck and flatbreads.

This eatery prides itself on its locally-sourced cuisine, which can be found within many of its options – from smoked meats to homemade cakes and savoury pastries. For example, try their ‘Smoked Pork Belly Flatbread’ or an indulgent ‘Pork Gorp Chilla’ for dessert!

On our visit we sampled the ‘Duck Duck Goose’ as well as a dish containing pike. Both were first-rate, but the latter’s undisputed status as one of Dublin’s finest fish dishes cannot be denied – it was superb!


Upon entering the restaurant, patrons will be greeted by a wall of murals depicting the history of Dublin.

It’s no secret that Dublin’s pubs have long been a staple of the city’s culture – and now you can savor their flavor at one of its most unique establishments: the Cave Tavern!

As we all know, pubs are places where friends can be made; and the Cave Tavern is an especially welcoming spot for visitors looking to meet new people while enjoying a hearty meal or two.

When I visited this unique pub, I was greeted warmly by the staff that served me. It was evident that they take great pride in providing exemplary service; which is commendable as one enters this dining establishment.



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