Bali Resorts on Water Offer the Perfect Alternative to Heavily Touristed Areas


By now, we know that The Big Apple is a skyscraper haven for those seeking city life. But what about the idyllic tropical paradise of Bali?

Spend your holidays in Bali? Why not escape to one of its many bali resorts on water! This is where you can explore the serene beauty of white sandy beaches and captivating coral reefs. These resorts offer everything from exhilarating watersports and invigorating spa treatments – all without having to venture into any bustling metropolis!

Bali’s Best Resorts on Water

Bali’s secluded resorts are just as coveted as its more famous beachfront hotels. The idyllic settings allow guests an opportunity to escape the rainforest crowds and come face-toachingly close to these tropical paradises for a divine experience!

Unleash your inner adventurer and indulge in one of Bali’s most exhilarating activities: canyoning on the Gili Islands – a journey like no other, where you’ll be free to roam over miles of untouched reef with virtually no limitation yet still be captivated by its allure and beauty within this unparalleled setting. Alternatively take a swim at set beaches like Dream Beach or Mayalaya Beach; both offer tranquil waters perfect for relaxing without compromising on quality service!

Bali’s Best Hotels with a Spa

Bali is renowned for its unspoiled beaches and tranquil waters, so it should be no surprise that some of the island’s finest hospitality establishments also boast spa facilities. These invigorating retreats provide guests with a welcome respite from their busy daily lives, as well as an opportunity to unwind in luxurious surroundings as they indulge in pampering therapies.

Set on a stunning beachside setting, Hotel Halim offers guests an enticing array of indulgent spa treatments such as organic facials, manicures and massages, providing guests with a high standard of luxury all-inclusive service. The resort offers five different rooms accommodating up to six guests each offering varying amenities – from ocean views to spacious twin beds; some even offering both! For those seeking more privacy – one room is available exclusively for couples’ use!

Bali’s Best Seminyak Resorts

Bali’s idyllic Seminyak Beach is renowned for its abundant offerings of world-class dining experiences and decadent boutique accommodations. At the forefront of this renowned beachfront district stands a bevy of splendid resorts, each boasting its own distinctive ambiance.

Are you searching for an invigorating experience in Bali? For travelers seeking refuge from the bustle of Seminyak, we offer a selection of deluxe accommodations furnished with all the necessities and comforts travellers seek when seeking respite.

Bali’s Most Luxurious Villas

Bali is renowned for its luxury resorts and villas, with an array of options providing guests an unprecedented experience. From secluded retreats in private gardens to invigoratingly luxurious accommodations in beachfront bungalows, it’s possible to find nearly any style or setting desired.

Elegant amenities at St Regis Bali offer five-star spas like the blissfully serene The Spa – a haven of tranquility offering various offerings including aromatherapy treatments, massages and lavish facials. Those who prefer a more intimate ambiance can select from among four different ‘White Balinese-style’ rooms that exude extravagant opulence; whilst those seeking an extra dose of indulgence may opt for one of these cushioned suites with private pools encircling their abode!

The resort’s boutique spa is a delightfully pampering retreat where guests can enjoy an assortment of treatments such as aromatherapy, reflexology and other holistic therapies. Relaxation isn’t the sole objective here – it’s also about rejuvenation!

Bali’s Best Jogjakarta Hotels and Resorts

At the pinnacle of Jogjakarta’s culinary expertise is its rich array of restaurants, offering an array of menus for all tastes and budgets. From Japanese fusion fare to Thai delicacies and more – there is sure to be something that appeals!

For a taste of the eastern world, head to Moka Bar and Restaurant, where they serve up delectable meals from around the globe; or indulge in some upscale Italian cuisine at La Dolce Vita Restaurante. For a gourmet dining experience, consider visiting Nishino Sushi-ya; creating memories under the stars at Twin Tree Bungalows; or indulging in fine dining while on holiday at Mai Hana Resort & Spa.

In search of accommodations under one roof? Look no further than One River Residences. This resort combines elegant rooms with modern amenities like fully-equipped flatscapes. Guests can also take advantage of their concierge services that provide exclusive access to exclusive events happening nearby; as well as tours and activities organized by them which may enhance your vacation experience!

Best Bali Beaches Near a Resort on Water

Bali’s beloved beaches are renowned worldwide for their playful, freewheeling atmosphere – and they host some of the most popular beach parties in all of Indonesia. Whether you’d like a more intimate experience or prefer throngs of revelers with which to dance upon the sand along its shoreline, there is an ideal choice for every level of preference!

Somewhat hidden from the hordes of tourists’ eyes, Rinjani Beach is nestled within a verdant coastal landscape, providing guests with a serene haven from bustling accommodations and unruly crowds. Perfectly situated on the western edge of Gilimanuk Beach – just four kilometers away from Nusa Dua and eight minutes by car or public transportation – this idyllic locale provides travelers with a carefree adventure that ultimately transcends expectations!

One of Bali’s most famous beaches, Ulu Watu Beach Park is located close to luxurious accommodation options in Seminyak; as well as renowned restaurants, spas, day trips and activities galore. Although it may be just a short hop across the road from these establishments, patrons will find that its pristine sands complements them perfectly!

Choose your preferred option: Aplah Cliffs at Kuta Gili Trawangan Beach offers some of the most stunning stretches of white sand imaginable, while Gili Catalina boasts an array of island wonders that could rival any land-based destination. Banjar Tuban is another excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing escape on tranquil shores bathed in golden sunshine during their time here!

Best Bali Beaches for Surfing and Fishing

Bali is renowned for its surfing opportunities, and it is no secret that this island boasts some of the world’s most sought-after beaches for riders.

The rock-strewn shoreline of Umalas Beach at Sanur Beach is an excellent starting point for surfers looking to take the plunge into exhilarating waves. This idyllic patch of sand offers up consistent swells during high season – making it an ideal spot for those seeking out epic rides!

If you’re a novice surfer looking to venture out on the water with some experienced paddlers, then consider booking a session at Lobclusion Reef Surfing in Canggu. Here, guests can enjoy various lengths of time on the beach allowing them ample opportunity to master their craft before venturing further into the ocean.

For those who seek maximum levels of thrill and excitement, head over to the uncrowded and varied coastline of Balangan Beach in Nusa Dua from where you can enjoy exhilarating waves amid azure waters. This beach offers plenty of space for beginners as well as advanced surfers alike; however do be wary of rips here!


Although Bali is undeniably a paradise, it does not offer the same array of accommodations as the neighboring island of Java. Instead, visitors are invited to stay at resorts located on water; allowing for an unparalleled ambiance with views that cannot be rivaled by any other location in Indonesia.

Bali has long been renowned for its welcoming locals and spectacular landscapes. It is no surprise that these elements combine to create a memorable holiday experience!



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