Amsterdam Restaurants You Can Visit at Night Without Wishing You Did


Amsterdam is a culinary paradise, and nightlife options are endless. From classic Dutch restaurants to trendsetting bars offering up creative cocktails with a dash of whimsy thrown in for good measure – we’ve got you covered!

Explore the city’s vibrant nightlife scene and discover Amsterdam’s buzzing restaurant scene beyond its buzzing coffee shops. From classic Dutch fare to contemporary cuisine featuring international flavors such as Asian fusion dishes or artisan pizzas; explore the variety available in this gastronomic paradise!

Discover hidden gems in bustling streets or venture into the leafy courtyards that offer a taste of tranquility amidst all the bustle. Make your way to one of Amsterdam’s many cosy pubs or let loose at one of its clubs where revelers will be entertained until dawn! Or head outdoors for some fresh air and enjoy a stroll along the canals – a favorite destination amongst locals and tourists alike!

Under the Stars

The city is brimming with fine dining establishments, but these little gems are just as worthy of mention: gaining a foothold in the nightlife scene has become quite commonplace, offering an array of unique experiences that should not be overlooked!

Fancy a meal under the stars? Head to one of Amsterdam’s parks and feast on homemade dishes served al fresco. If you haven’t yet experienced this culinary delight for yourself – what better way than during summertime when it’s blazing outside.

If you do venture out into the evening hours – preferably without any prior plans – try reserving at one of the many restaurants that provide outdoor seating right next to their stoves (or even at some beachside bars).


KL-Bar is a neighborhood café with an approachable ambience that’s perfect for enjoying dinner.

When I visited KL-Bar, the restaurant was located inside a pleasant little courtyard filled with greenery and surrounded by small trees. The atmosphere was light but intimate; it was really ideal for unwinding after a busy day!

I dined on their delightful ‘Fancy’ salad, consisting of herbs, red pepper and tomatoes. Its earthy flavor came across quite well in my dish! For starters, I tried the fried chicken lollipops: crispy on the outside yet juicy within – I’m drooling just thinking about them! Lastly – don’t forget dessert! At KL-Bar you can select between three scrumptious choices; this time around I opted for theirs which consisted of almond sponge cake topped with whipped cream cheese icing – so decadent!


If you seek a culinary experience that’s unpretentious yet sophisticated and elegant, consider dining at Schoorl restaurant.

This Amsterdam eatery is renowned for its exceptional cuisine; savour bites such as succulent venison loin with scalloped potatoes and cèpes ravioles while sipping on Fumé Blanc, a crisp sparkling white wine. For dessert try their tantalizing chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream and ribbons of molten lava!

Schoorl Restaurant is the ideal spot to celebrate any occasion – from intimate dinners to large parties with family or colleagues.

Dining at The Flying Dutchman

Dining in Amsterdam at The Flying Dutchman is an exciting endeavor, and a meal here will surely leave you satisfied. This charming eatery showcases its grandeur with intricate ceiling embellishments and décor inspired from the Age of Sail.

Fresh seafood is prepared in our main dining room, which also provides for those who prefer to dine al fresco beneath the open sky; making this establishment a perfect choice for anyone seeking a relaxing atmosphere!

Our delectable seafood dishes include crouton-style Maine lobster served atop steamed rice or rice noodles; langoustines flambéed with spices accompanied by noodles or rice; asparagus risotto topped off with sweet blue shrimp – each bursting with flavor!

The Admiraal van der Veer Restaurant

At this quaint eatery, visitors can savor a meal amidst the bustling cityscape of Amsterdam. The restaurant’s style reflects its name; immaculate white décor and fine linens create an air of sophistication while allowing patrons to take in the serene ambiance offered by their surroundings.

The culinary highlights at this establishment include delicacies like roasted suckling pig, minced venison and braised beef fillet topped with soft mashed potato. Delightful dumplings are also available as well as a selection of starters and desserts.

Guests may choose from one of three menus – all featuring delicious dishes that cater to those who prefer vegetarian or meat-based fare.

Cafe Paradiso

If you are seeking a trendy and an edgy dining experience, then Cafe Paradiso is your ideal location.

This café situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s casual Leidseplein neighborhood is the perfect spot for after-hours dining. Indulge in its gastronomic selections such as succulent steaks cooked over wood-fired grill, alongside other mouthwatering options – including sushi rolls and pastas! Discover this establishment’s unforgettable ambiance with its striking interiors which exude an eclectic mix of blues, yellows and greens creating a captivating sensory experience for all who enter.

Despite being known for its chic atmosphere, Paradiso’s cuisine can also be highly rated; its gourmet burgers, succulent steak and Japanese cuisine are among its most frequented offerings. Don’t forget to try out their tasty desserts such as their signature cannoli or cheesecakes – each pastry crafted here boasts a striking appearance that exceeds expectations! Alternatively; if you prefer simple fare then be sure not to miss out on any of their scrumptious-yet-convenient menus being offered during lunchtime hours!

Café de Paris

If you’re looking for an intimate rendezvous where the décor is a treat and the service is attentive then Café de Paris may be just what you need. This famous Parisian establishment has been serving up their renowned cuisine here in Amsterdam since 1925; and it’s still as delicious as ever!

With its classic candlelight ambience, this restaurant seems more like a happening than an eatery, with its sleek yet cozy decor and inviting atmosphere. The décor is chic yet cozy – perfect for when you want to catch up with friends or get your romantic date going!


The city of Amsterdam consistently ranks among the top cities in the world for the quality of life it provides its residents. For example, it boasts a highly regarded health care system and is renowned as one of the most livable cities in all of Europe.

The abundance of dining venues in Amsterdam is but one indication of its reputation as an ideal locale for both business and pleasure travel.



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