Alcohol in the Maldives: What You Need to Know Before You Go


There is a pervasive misconception about alcohol consumption in the Maldives – and it’s one that could prove fatal!

Despite recent legislation, many tourists are still unaware of the laws surrounding alcohol in the Maldives. It is imperative that you understand them before setting off on vacation so as not to run into any problems while enjoying your stay.

What You Need to Know About Alcohol in the Maldives

Amongst the archipelago nation’s many perils, alcohol remains a chief concern.

While you can purchase alcohol at some restaurants and on island excursions, there are no conveniently-located liquor stores or supermarkets where you can pick up a bottle of wine from home.

Alcohol consumption is typically taboo in public spaces such as beaches and resorts – with even small sips often associated with drunken antics; therefore, it may be best to leave it behind unless invited for a party.

Is there a Liquor Ban in the Maldives?

Though the sale of alcohol is not prohibited in the Maldives; however, consuming alcohol within public spaces such as hotels and restaurants is strictly prohibited by law.

Still intent on enjoying some under-the-radar cocktails? Then explore our selection based on the country’s Drinking age regulations!

What If I Am Over Seas and Need to Get Drunk?

The quantities of alcohol permitted within the Maldives are comparable with that of many European countries. Alcohol is readily available, even during Ramadan; however, it is advisable to adhere to local customs before consuming alcohol when traveling abroad.

Regardless of where you may be residing in the world and whether or not alcohol is legal for purchase, expect that shops may stock some variation of beer and wine alongside frozen cocktails such as mocktails (nonalcoholic concoctions made from fruit juices). You’ll also find grogs – hard liquor such as rum or vodka – stocked on shelves as well!

How Many Bevvicits Can I Carry in My Bag?

Bevvicits are an essential component of this country’s celebration-heavy culture, so plan accordingly! Bring them along for a night on the town or simply as a means to relax and unwind after a long day of bustling around in the city – however you choose!

With a Bevvicit card, it is possible to carry up to 100ml of alcohol on travellers’ liquor bottles. If you purchase any alcoholic drinks during your trip at retail locations, we recommend purchasing your drinks in smaller increments (ie one small bottle rather than all those liters at once).

What Is the Carrying Limit of Alcohol in My Bag?

Liquor is permitted as carry-on baggage, but it must fit within one quart-sized bag. Up to 2 liters can be brought in; however, if traveling from a country that imposes higher limits on alcoholic beverages – such as the U.S.-EU agreement allowing only two liters for checked-in luggage – you may need to make a decision about what items are more essential than others when choosing how much of an item can be taken along with you.

If you’re located in a country with an agreement that permits liquor in your suitcase, pack it well and double check its weight before departing!

Can I Bring Wine to the Islands?

Unfortunately, bringing wine to the Maldives is an infeasible task. The country’s alcohol laws prohibit this substance from being brought aboard any aircraft that makes a stopover at the airport.

Luckily for visitors arriving via land transport or cruise liners, this prohibition does not apply when traveling between the international airport and capital city; so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in possession of some!

What Is the Driving Limit of Alcohol in the Car?

If you elect to travel with less than 0.5L of alcohol in your motor vehicle, you will be required to affix a label declaring this fact as well as adhering to various regulations regarding sobriety tests and carrying out roadside checks on traffic.

Additionally, all drivers must have an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) if they are not from a country that has reciprocal arrangements with the local administration.


Alcohol is an integral part of Maldivian culture, yet it is not something to be taken lightly. If you are traveling to the Islands of the Dragon, it is essential that you understand the laws regarding alcohol consumption before setting foot on board your vessel; it could save you from a lengthy jail sentence if you are found intoxicated while on vacation in this tropical paradise.



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