9 Best Phuket Thailand Restaurants for the Best Seafood in the World


Phuket, Thailand is renowned for its scrumptious cuisine that’s bursting with flavor! Whether you’re in search of a cozy and inviting dining experience or crave something more adventurous with an array of flavorsome dishes; these restaurants will not disappoint!

The culinary scene on Phuket is overflowing with mouthwatering options. From casual eateries to Michelin-starred establishments, locals and tourists alike have access to high quality food experiences. Don’t forget to try some of the region’s most venerated dishes such as Phuket curry – though it may seem like an odd choice at first glance…it surely won’t disappoint!

1. The Seafood House Restaurant

Located in peaceful Kata Beach, patrons can savor the delectable fare at this casual eatery. The Seafood House Restaurant is frequented by both locals and tourists alike, who flock to feast on its mouthwatering fare!

The restaurant serves up incredible fish dishes like snapper, barracuda and grouper with delicious sides set alongside traditional Thai curry bowls; mains like grilled halibut with sizzling rice and fried seafood platters for sharing.

Offering a wide array of options for seafood lovers, this establishment offers a tempting selection of offerings across multiple cuisines and geographical regions – from Tex-Mex to Japanese cuisine – all under one roof!

2. Asian-Creole Fusion

For those who crave an encounter with another culture, Phuket has no shortage of dining options. Whether you’re seeking out authentic Thai cuisine or seeking out a fusion experience, there are many options on the island that will delight your palate!

The Asian-Creole dishes at Graze offer a pleasant combination of flavors and textures that is sure to please even the most discerning palates. Your meal can range from simple rice bowls accompanied by tofu slivers to more elaborate fare with spicy fried rice atop cream cheese wontons as well as crisp lettuce wraps complete with grilled meats inside – all topped off by tangy fruit salsa. Did we mention desserts too? Don’t forget to check out their expansive menu before you leave!

3. Phuket Thai Restaurant

Unmistakable for its interplay of Thai and Japanese design, the ambience at Phuket Thai Restaurant is welcoming. The restaurant offers a diverse array of dishes that feature both local seafood and imported fare; it’s an ideal location to savor a magnificent meal!

With an expansive menu featuring Thai-Japanese fusion cuisine, you certainly won’t go hungry here. Explore the intriguing flavors with something from one or more of these culinary world travelers:

Ginger crab curry, soy-based steamed lobster ravioli and Thai curry chicken are just a few of the enticing options available – all bursting with Regional ingredients like coconut milk and galangal. Don’t forget about our delectable sushi and maki rolls either!

4. Siam Seafood Restaurant

Siam Seafood Restaurant is a culinary tour de force; its executive chef, Günter Lutz’ creations are worthy of a Michelin star. The menu consists solely of fresh seafood brought directly from Thailand, which is most likely what tempted patrons to venture here in the first place!

A bountiful spread of succulent Thai delicacies – some quite familiar like Kantiang naam pla (char-grilled marinated prawns) paired alongside their local counterparts like kantiang samai pla and kantiang samai goong – follow suit, along with more traditional yet equally mouthwatering fare such as Kluay Gai Pad Pong; all are scrumptious.

Unfettered by conceptualization or creativity – indeed, flavors are pure and simple – this restaurant’s offerings of unadulterated classics remain steadfast due to Günter Lutz’ dedication to cooking with integrity of ingredients and craftsmanship in his culinary creations.

5. Rongkot Seafood and Thai Food

Rongkot Seafood and Thai Food is an unassuming, family-owned establishment that is a haven of delicious seafood and noodle dishes.

Rongkot Seafood and Thai Food is a busy little eatery nestled within the family-run Rongkot Restaurant. The quaint locale offers a relaxing ambiance; however, if one desires to indulge in more than just a respite from the din – it could be an ideal location for hosting events or celebrations!

At Rongkot Seafood and Thai Food you will encounter some tantalizing delights such as plump prawns, tender squid rings and succulent crabmeat with zero less than adequate attention lavished upon them either. On top of this array of offerings are also mouthwatering alternative options that include dumplings, noodles, curries – all cooked up by master chefs to ensure ultimate culinary satisfaction!

At Rongkot Seafood and Thai Food, we strive to provide our patrons with a pleasant experience every time they visit. Our staff are renowned for their friendliness, attentiveness and sincerity, while our cuisine provides an ideal introduction into eating Thai food without any stress whatsoever. For further information regarding what this lovely eatery has to offer please don’t hesitate to reach out!

6. San Phet Seafood Restaurant and Bar

San Phet Seafood Restaurant and Bar is a laid-back spot with an ambience that caters toward diners seeking exotic fare. From its lauded crab salad to succulent lobster ravioli, the menu here is bursting with options for all kinds of seafood lovers.

If you’re looking for a more intimate dining experience than you’ll find at any other establishment along this beachside locale, San Phet is the ideal choice.

The view here provides unobstructed access to the turquoise waters, which provide an idyllic backdrop for recollection as well as delightful conversation between guests.

San Phet Seafood Restaurant and Bar offers some outstanding choices when it comes to seafood dishes including their renowned Crab Salad – an appetizing mixture of avocado, cucumber, celery and jalapeño dressing topped with crab meat!

7. The Villa Veranda – A Fine Seafood Experience

If you’ve had your fill of fresh seafood in Phuket but still crave some out-of-this-world dining, then the Villa Veranda might be what you are looking for. Located just 10 minutes’ drive from Karon Beach and within easy reach of numerous attractions and activities across the island, this restaurant offers a selection of exquisite cuisine that provides a truly memorable experience.

The chefs at Villa Veranda offer some truly exceptional choices for their freshly prepared seafood platters as well as market items that are native to the locale. From vibrant colors to intriguing scents – these dishes will leave guests thoroughly satisfied!

8. The Sea & Beach Restaurant at Wat Tham Sua-Phlu Resort

If you’re seeking a relaxing seaside ambiance with a hint of the unfathomable, head over to The Sea & Beach Restaurant at Wat Tham Sua-Phlu Resort. Here diners can feast on a diverse array of authentic local fare featuring such delicacies as khao niao-flavored mussel soup; pungent l’aqua-inspired shrimp paste and tofu crepe.

As if all that wasn’t enough, this restaurant also boasts an outdoor terrace overlooking the expanse of serene bay where guests can dine while listening to gentle waves lap idly – simply unrivaled!

Are you looking for a place to kick back and relax? At Wat Tham Sua-Phlu Resort, you’ll find it within its spacious beach club. Take pleasure in sunbathing by day, then sating your hunger with some delectable seafood here before retiring for the night – all wrapped up in one convenient package!

9. The Shoreline Hotel – A Luxury Hotel and a Great Spot for Seafood in Phuket Thailand

The culinary delights of Thailand’s epic shoreline comprise the perfect backdrop for a dining experience at this elegant establishment. The Shoreline Hotel is located right on the beach, with its exquisite architecture providing an exotic ambiance that pairs perfectly with its seafood offerings.

For starters, consider trying the delicacy of thit ngaow wrap – it’s comprised of crabmeat and rice noodles wrapped in seaweed and grilled to perfection. Alternatively if you prefer meatless options then why not try their yum salad consisting of assorted vegetables and herbs bathed in a pungent ginger vinaigrette?


Enjoy a feast of crab, prawns and oysters at these top seafood restaurants in Phuket. Delight your palate with mouthwatering dishes featuring the finest ingredients from these Thai coastal towns; savor each morsel and relish in the exquisite flavors of this delectable cuisine!



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