8 of the Best Restaurants in Vienna for Foodies and Gluttons


Vienna boasts an abundance of dining options for gastronomes, with establishments catering to all tastes and budgets. From renowned culinary giants such as The Fleischmann’s Brauhaus; to lesser-known restaurants offering authentic Viennese cuisine – there is something for everyone!

Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine foods or crave hearty Viennese cuisine, our list of the best restaurants in Vienna will satisfy your cravings.

The Star – Rudolf IV

A culinary gem nestled in the heart of Vienna, The Star Restaurant is renowned for its excellence. This esteemed establishment features a delectable array of foods from all over the world.

The Star is renowned for its elaborate gourmet fare and unparalleled hospitality. Each meal at this eatery takes place in an unassuming yet elegant setting that exudes romance. Upon entering this restaurant, diners will be transported into an ambiance of refinement with grand chandeliers illuminating their path through spaces adorned with antique furnishings; creating an admirable atmosphere for any occasion!

Whilst a few dishes may appear to be exceptionally decadent, the portion sizes are more than generous should you decide to order two dishes on your meal.

Vivant – the Viennese Cuisine

At the forefront of Vienna’s culinary scene is Vivant, a restaurant renowned for its contemporary dishes from all over the world. The authentic cuisine at this establishment pays homage to Europe’s bounty and its exquisite flavors, with an ever-evolving array of inspirations arising from robust booze pairings.

The kitchen here crafts an innovative repertoire using quintessentially European ingredients, creating a harmonious fusion; it boasts both classic recipes and those featuring more adventurous flora and fauna! Don’t miss out on these delicacies – they are sure to satisfy your palate!

Fisherman’s Inn – the Viennese Cuisine

Inn Fisherman’s, situated in the heart of Vienna, is a sought-after destination for all things fishy.

The café’s name derives from its neighborhood setting and its reliance on sustainable fishing practices throughout its supply chain; nearly half of its dishes feature seafood as well.

I went to this quaint eatery with three companions: an avid fan of mussels and one adventurous eaters outfitted with a propensity for fish were parties apart. So, when we sat down together at my table adorned with plates showcasing multiple varieties of seafood – including lobster! – we were all quite content with our choices; even more so when it was announced that any craving could be assuaged by granting us the option of adding another helping!

Eusti’s Restaurant – the Viennese Cuisine

A renowned address for an array of delectable dishes, Eusti’s Restaurant is a must for any traveler who desires to savor authentic Viennese cuisine; it’s one of the most popular eateries in the city!

Eusti’s Restaurant offers a plethora of offerings with its elegantly designed interior boasting an array of furnishings from various eras. The captivating décor provides an ideal setting for sharing time with family and friends over sumptuous meals during their stay at this establishment.

The restaurant serves up classic takeaways such as Wiener Schnitzel and tafelspitz (chicken livers) alongside more contemporary fare such as maultaschen-like ravioli stuffed with cheese – all appearing on their enticing menus!

Burgerhaus Max – Burgers and Burgers Only

If you’re looking for a quick bite that won’t break the bank, don’t miss these two burger joints: Burgerhaus Max and Gourmet Burger Crawl. Both offer a colossal amount of choice when it comes to toppings, buns and cheese!

Burgerhaus Max is an old-school Vienna institution where I came across hearty but affordable burgers. With its foldable tables and chairs, this place couldn’t be more casual – just what one would expect from a burger joint! The portions are generous here – it’s certainly not a fast food option!

Kastnerlounge – Austrian Cuisine

If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Vienna, then look no further than Kastnerlounge. This design-oriented restaurant prides itself on delivering high quality cuisine with a contemporary flair; their specialized bar offers a perfect place to meet up with friends over drinks and dishes such as smoked salmon or risotto!

I was able to try three specialties here: smoked duck breast, foie gras fritters with pickled cucumber and pork belly confit with horseradish cream. Needless to say all of them were absolutely unforgettable – especially the meat dishes! If I had to choose only one from this extensive menu, it would have had to be my favorite – the smoked duck breast. It has been such an exhilarating experience eating this succulent tender poultry accompanied by vanilla ice cream mousse.

Delamotte – Contemporary European Cuisine

For upscale dining in the city center, few restaurants can rival Delamotte. This establishment boasts an abundance of both culinary variety and exquisite decor; moreover, its cuisine is accessible to all regardless of income level or dietary restrictions!

The welcoming atmosphere at this eatery ensures that guests feel immediately at ease after stepping through its doors. Upon arrival they are greeted with a glass of champagne while being seated among puffy sofas and adorned chandeliers.

If you’re looking for a splendid introduction to the restaurant experience, then don’t miss out on sampling the captivating cocktail list. This will give you an opportunity to experiment with new flavors and combinations unlike any other!


If you’re in need of a culinary adventure, be sure to visit one of these restaurants! They are all exemplary examples of what the culinary world has to offer, allowing patrons to savor their meals with an array of textures, flavors and emotions.



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