8 Las Vegas Restaurants That Offer Tax Returns and Credits


Las Vegas restaurants are famous for providing patrons with delectable meals at a reasonable cost. However, they may also provide tax savings and credits!

Tax deductions and credits can be quite advantageous to your Las Vegas dining experience. If you plan ahead and utilize these opportunities correctly, it could result in significant savings – not just on your taxes but also on other bills such as restaurant tabs and souvenirs!

The Capital Grille

At the Capital Grille, you’ll find an array of exquisitely prepared dishes, which include a variety of seafood offerings – often featuring jumbo prawns and oysters! For its renowned steak-centric menu, patrons can choose from cuts like the 12 oz. New York strip or 24oz T-bone – both of which are available at one price!

The restaurant provides patrons with tax advantages by offering them cash back on meals when they make purchases made at other venues in town. On any purchase totaling more than $35; guests may elect to receive $1.50 in cash back – all without needing to worry about providing identification or receipts!

For diners who come with companions or families at their disposal, it is possible to extend a special offer: receive up to two complimentary starters upon arrival!


Cage is a hidden gem among Las Vegas restaurants, offering both delicious fare and an ambiance that’s like no other. Nestled within the mountains of Henderson NV at an altitude of 2,500 feet above sea level, this eatery is a unique destination for dining experiences alike – be sure to don your sunglasses!

The charming bistro serves up delectable dishes such as roasted turkey breast with blue cheese stuffing, trout filet with butternut squash risotto and egg creams; all accompanied by refreshing Honeysuckle lemonade and wine selections. In addition to their array of renowned menu offerings – for those who require their dine-out experience be more than just a casual one; weeknight specials can be availed upon too!


At this cool eatery, diners can enjoy a salad followed by an antipasti plate and entrees such as shrimp curry or blackened tilapia. They are an ideal place to satisfy one’s hunger after undergoing a dental procedure!

At Citronelle, there is no need for a Las Vegas restaurant tax credit when customers submit their receipts for any of the aforementioned items; it’s all included in your bill. Consider this a relief after so much has been spent on getting cavities filled and crowns mated!

Downtown Grand

at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, diners can savor an array of cuisine at one of seven eateries within. From a timeless brunch to souped-up evening offerings such as Sunday Brunch and Chef’s Choice Salads; this isn’t your average restaurant choice!

In addition to being able to reap three percent back on your tax refund – or even more! – you’ll also find a host of other benefits at Downtown Grand’s restaurants like:

• A daily breakfast buffet is available, but it’s hard to overlook their weekend brunch buffet where guests will be able to feast on all sorts of scrumptious dishes while they’re enjoying live music from some of Las Vegas’ finest musicians.

• All patrons are invited to redeem their complimentary entrée with any purchase over $10 during lunchtime hours. This makes dining out more affordable for those who desire to save money on every bite!


Jaleo, an authentic Spanish restaurant in the Aria, is one of many culinary destinations that welcomes patrons with a hefty tax refund. Jaleo prides itself on its cuisine from across the Mediterranean – featuring recipes from countries like Spain and Morocco alongside those from Italy and Greece.

Jaleo’s tax refund policy allows patrons to claim up to $100 for each night they dine at the establishment after filing their taxes. Establishments such as this do not charge any fees for the service; rather, customers may elect to utilize it according to their discretion!

Nobu Hotel & Casino

The Nobu Hotel & Casino is a culinary haven, offering guests an array of Japanese dining experiences. The property boasts locations in Las Vegas and New York City, along with its flagship restaurant in Flamingo Las Vegas; however their newest locale here in the heartland of America provides a convenient location for travelers seeking budget-friendly gourmet cuisine!

At the Nobu in Las Vegas, diners can revel in both traditional fare as well as international cuisine offerings – ranging from elegant sushi rolls and succulent toro tuna sashimi to a sumptuous feast featuring tempura dishes and more!

Nobu Restaurant at the Mirage

Famed Japanese artist Nobu Matsuhisa has opened this restaurant at the celebrated Aria resort in 2015, providing diners an opportunity to savor his delectable creations inspired by his culinary mastery.

The chef’s culinary prowess and experience shines through with its titillating menu items that tantalize the senses. Guests can dine on succulent seafood dishes such as lobster or crab; tender beef and poultry mains for those who crave something more substantial than sushi; as well as mouth-watering vegetable selections like zucchini squash or eggplant Parmesan – any one of which is sure to delight your palate! For dessert try out banana foster flan – it’s a must-try!

If you’re craving some authentic Japanese fare, Nobu Restaurant at the Mirage might be just the place for you!

The Pool at Bellagio

At Bellagio, patrons can unwind at the pool deck, complete with an invigorating plunge pool large enough for up to 2,000 guests. This spot is ideal for taking a refreshing dip after spending time both in and out of their dining establishments – giving patrons the option of enjoying an all-day poolside experience!

If you’ve arrived late to dinner or simply feel like one last indulgent exclamation point before desert, Bellagio’s pool offers a great opportunity to slip away unnoticed while still staying within reach. Just be sure that your swimwear is fully covering any revealing patches or cuts on skin when stepping into the water; otherwise it could land you with a hefty bill!


For many, tax time can be an arduous process. But don’t despair! With the assistance of one of these restaurants, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

It’s a fact; Las Vegas has a wealth of dining establishments offering tax returns and credits. Don’t sweat it – just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!



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