8 Interesting Things to See and Do in Zurich Switzerland

Surrounded by the Alps and nestled in the heart of Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich is a convenient destination for exploring sights throughout Europe. Whether you are seeking out culture or thrills, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained – from dining at award-winning restaurants to taking in breathtaking views from high points!

From epicenters of industry to architectural marvels, here are eight fascinating attractions and experiences that must be explored during your trip to Zurich.

The Old City

As one becomes more acquainted with Zurich’s illustrious past, it is inevitable that he or she will come across remnants of its bygone days. This can be experienced in several ways, from taking a stroll through its streets and stopping for lunch at an eatery such as this classic restaurant – all of which impart an air of nostalgia.

For those seeking a glimpse into the city’s illustrious past, taking a trip to the Old City District is a must-do activity. Within minutes’ time, visitors will be able to observe numerous fascinating sites from ancient monuments such as the Zytglogge Tower and the old Rathaus Hall; it’s truly remarkable!

Utilizing public transport for your excursion into Zurich’s history is highly advantageous. Rather than opting for car hire, consider utilizing local bus service or fast-moving tram lines instead; either way will offer you a more cost-effective solution than if you were compelled to venture out on foot alone!

Zurich Pavillon

Nestled within the Botanical Gardens, this striking structure is set amid a tranquil woodland setting amidst an abundance of flora. The vantage points from which you can fully embrace this serene haven are innumerable!

You may visit any time during regular business hours, and it’s hard to miss the iconic pavilion in its midst. However, daytime visits offer a tranquil alternative for travelers seeking respite from the bustling metropolis.

The Zurich Pavillon may be one of the most enchanting spots for taking photos in all of Switzerland! For those who desire even more solitude within nature, why not venture here at nightfall?

Swiss Museum of Transport

Deserving of a visit is the Swiss Museum of Transport, located in Zurich. This intriguing endeavor houses an impressive array of historically significant vehicles and artifacts, together with multimedia components that depict what life was like in the past.

As visitors explore this fascinating museum, they’ll discover how human ingenuity has evolved over time; from wood-sprung wheels to steel-framed carriages coming to life beneath their feet! The humble beginnings of automobile transport systems are explored through vintage photographs alongside recreations of such cars as well as showcasing materials used during the craft process – successively revealing how advanced technologies have become!

In addition to its captivating collection, the museum also offers an outstanding opportunity for visitors: exploring the exhibition room by rail vehicle.

Zurich Zoo

If you’re looking for an unconventional excursion in Zurich, consider taking a trip to its premier zoo. Home to more than 650 creatures from all over the world, this is an unparalleled experience that’s sure to be one of the highlights of your stay!

Like any animal enthusiast, I had high expectations for the Zurich Zoo. And although it did not quite live up to my exalted expectations, it was still an absolute delight. The experience was far less chaotic than anticipated, with most interactions happening without even pausing on both sides of the fence – astonishing!

On display at this premier attraction are some fantastic beasts from all corners of the globe. Highlights include an impressive collection of gorillas; wonderful orangutans; and some impressive elephants, who provide visitors with ample opportunity to observe their sophisticated gaits as they stroll towards the entrance.

Other exotic species such as African lions and tigers gracefully roam their spacious enclosures. This experience provides visitors with ample opportunity to admire their brilliant coats in addition to admiring their regal demeanors as well!

Swiss National Museum

Gaze upon vivacious luminaries, exquisite masterpieces and opulent riches throughout the Swiss National Museum’s collection of over 5 million works; an arraying of art-worlds brought together in a cohesive experience that fascinates all ages.

This renowned institution is home to a staggering variety of magnificent artifacts, many dating back thousands of years. Its extensive range includes bronzes depicting figures from ancient civilizations – including Roman ones!

The most recent acquisitions are on display here as well, including such treasures as photographs, mosaics and even some paintings by renowned masters such as Titian.

The Swiss National Library

The Swiss National Library is one of the country’s most visited attractions. This stunning library boasts more than five million items, along with an expansive collection of maps and other archival material dating from 1526-1967; more than 400 languages are represented here!

A wholly satisfying stroll through the Library takes you from antiquity to the present day at its various branches – a voyage worth undertaking for any visitor.

The Library of the Academy of Arts and Design, situated in the heart of Zurich’s city center, offers visitors a captivating journey into Switzerland’s rich artistic heritage through exhibitions on loan and permanent collections as well as a vast array of events and performances.

The remarkable castle that houses this renowned institution is a masterpiece of Swiss neoclassicism conceived by Gottfried Semper as its central edifice in 1853 and constructed over three years using local stone.

The Rathaus (City Hall)

The Rathaus (City Hall) is an exquisite piece of architecture, considered to be one of the most conspicuous examples of Neogothic style in Europe. While admiring its captivating façade, it’s impossible to overlook its imposing stature towering above the cityscape; a sight that has not been forgotten!

Visitors will quickly realize that this landmark was erected at a cost of $104 million dollars in 1884. The building boasts a rich history spanning over 130 years and has served as the seat of power in Zurich since then; however, don’t let its stature fool you – it still performs its duties today!

It is accessible 24 hours daily, so whether you’re planning a quick pit stop or spending some time here while travelling by car – there’s no need to rush out as parking is available on site.

Zurigart House and Gardens

One of the most captivating sights in this enchanting city is the Zurigart House, a magnificent residence built in 1785 by the renowned Swiss-Italian architect Ignazio Longo.

The lavish garden and terrace were designed to reflect its opulence while also showcasing its beauty. In addition to its spectacular architecture, what makes the house so special are its intricate frescoes – some dating as far back as the 1500s; indeed such masterpieces remain quite remarkable even today!

Don’t miss out on taking in this majestic residence’s fascinating collection of time periods: stroll along its winding paths and discover how Zurigart House offers quintessential glimpses into different eras…


Delight in the captivating sights and exciting activities that await you in Zurich, Switzerland. Discover its rich culture and indulge in its famed cuisine – both of which are worthy of a celebration!


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