8 Guilin China Restaurants You Need to Visit in 2023


Guilin China boasts some of the most captivating scenery in southern China, making it the ideal destination for a romantic getaway or family vacation.

With its verdant hills and valleys, Guilin is a quintessential sanctuary where travelers can escape into nature. Nestled between towering peaks, it’s an idyllic retreat offering unparalleled views of the surrounding countryside!

Genting Highlands’ culinary scene is an exciting mix of local specialties and international cuisines, providing visitors with plenty of options to suit any palate. Here you’ll find everything from authentic Hakka cuisine to exquisite Shanghainese fare – not to mention several popular options featuring Sichuan specialties such as spicy noodles or mouthwatering dumplings!

Today we will be delving into Guilin China restaurants that you must visit in 2023.

The Guilin China Restaurant

This restaurant features an authentic China experience that is sure to be pleasurable and memorable. The dining area at this establishment is adorned with vibrant hues and the décor is accented with a regal golden table centerpiece that lends an air of sophistication to proceedings; this ensemble is all about achieving harmony in both color scheme and design.

The ambiance at this establishment is what makes it truly stand out from its competitors – it’s captivating! With its serene atmosphere, located just off Guilin’s bustling West Gate Road, visitors have the option between three different dining zones; each providing a distinct atmosphere for their mealtime escapades.

If you’re looking for some spectacular cuisine at a reasonable price tag, look no further than this establishment. Our expert team has picked out some of the most delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate!

Dong River Rice Noodle Shop

For an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine, Dong River Rice Noodle Shop is an absolute must-visit. Its wide menu offers everything from dumplings and noodle soups to specialty dishes such as a ‘Gorgonzola Salad’ or ‘Twice Almond Fried Rice’.

From the bustling atmosphere of this eatery to its extended hours (daily 9:30am -9pm), there’s no shortage of ways to try its mouthwatering dishes!

Don’t miss out on trying their signature dish, the rice noodles with delicate minced pork and green onions; it’s one of the most famous dishes here!

To make sure our reviews are capturing every aspect of a location, we ask individuals visiting the restaurants themselves for their candid assessment. This helps us deliver an honest account of experiences that goes beyond just what was written in a restaurant review.

Da Huong

Daringly plated with a pair of succulent king prawns, this is one of the most tantalizing offerings in Guilin.

This establishment is an absolute must-try for culinary aficionados! The menu boasts both Chinese and Western cuisine, so don’t be shy about trying out something new!

In my opinion, Da Huong’s prawn dish is the ideal choice if you’re dining here. Its creamy sauce and sweet aroma are absolutely divine! It’s also easily one of the finest dishes I’ve ever tasted – I would highly advise giving it a go if you come across it!

If you prefer meat to seafood, then I recommend the beef at its sister restaurant – Hao Long. A feast that encompasses everything from rib eye steaks to juicy street tacos – there truly is something for everyone here! If this kind of cuisine interests you but hasn’t quite yet struck your fancy; why not give me a call? I’ll happily take you on a gastronomical journey full of flavor for sure!

Tian Cai Zhuang

Tasty, authentic flavors abound in this divine restaurant, where visitors can dine on dishes like stir-fried green cabbage, braised pork belly and crispy fish eggs. What’s more captivating is their assortment of homemade noodles – such as silken black rice based al dente noodles and sticky rice pastas; each one available for customization!

Nestled amid lush greenery and bathed in moonlight, Tian Cai Zhuang offers a serene experience like no other.

Senlin Village

As any discerning traveler knows, finding the perfect spot for an authentic meal is paramount. Thus it stands to reason that Senlin Village should be on anyone’s list of must-visit restaurants in Guilin – where you can find a captivating array of eateries offering mouthwatering cuisine!

The bustling main drag of this verdant village boasts an array of inviting eateries; ranging from rustic hole-in-the-wall establishments with sizzling hotpots to well-loved bakeries and delicatessens packed with tempting wares. Whether on a budget or craving gourmet dining options, there is sure to be something delicious within reach!

Guangzhou Street Food Restaurant is one such eatery providing hearty Chinese fare at its eponymous locale. The interior here is quaintly adorned with retro furnishings, including some vibrant hues as well as impressive wall hangings boasting traditional motifs like mandalas and dragons.

On offer are enticing dishes such as crispy fried fish fillets, aromatic bok choy and succulent pork belly – along with noodles and rice dishes too!

Kee’s Tea House & Bakery

For a quintessential Guilin culinary experience, come to Kee’s Tea House & Bakery.

Our tour guide introduced us to this establishment that dishes up excellent snacks, offering the choice of savory or sweet options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our group was fortunate enough to enjoy delectable offerings from their bakery such as sesame seed cookies with marshmallows; chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches; green tea custard tarts – all made with pure ingredients! Truly noteworthy!

Ming Fen Vegetarian Restaurant

At last, we have an unassuming yet highly regarded vegetarian restaurant in Guilin! Ming Fen Vegetarian Restaurant has been serving dishes that are free from any animal products since 1999; making it a haven for those seeking out healthier alternatives.

Luckily for visitors, this establishment offers a wide range of options that suit their dietary requirements. From the standard Chinese fare served with meatless alternatives to scrumptious desserts and hearty soups – there’s something for everyone!

If you’re looking to fuel up on delicious, nutritious food during your stay in China, you couldn’t find a more suitable eatery than this one.

A staple at many western restaurants is the classic Caesar Salad, so be sure not to miss out on this straightforward rendition. You’ll also find a refreshingly light Kale Caesar Salad as well as other vegetable-based offerings like Pasta alla Caprese, Roast Sole and even a delightful Sushi Roll option!


In the past, our team visited Guilin’s bustling nightlife. We climbed up onto the stage at a karaoke bar, took in a dance performance at an open-air club and indulged in a delicious meal at one of the city’s renowned restaurants. For an even more thrilling experience, don’t forget to visit some of the other sights!



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