7 Tips for Visiting the Islands of the Maldives (Luxury Style)


The Islands of the Maldives are a paradise for all, offering seclusion and relaxation. The idyllic archipelago is home to some of the most stunning resorts in the world; each boasting lavish accommodation as well as unparalleled facilities like spas and restaurants catering to gastronomic delights.

Have you ever been on an exploration of these captivating islands? If so, then you’ll be quite familiar with their breathtaking natural beauty – along with its famous resorts nestled within them! If not, then it’s time to set off on an adventure and discover this amazing destination!

Are you eager to explore the Islands of the Maldives? If so, here are some useful pointers that will ensure your trip is nothing but pleasurable!

1. Fly Direct to Malé

For those of you who are able to visit Malé on an all-inclusive holiday package, be assured that the quickest and most effortless way of reaching this cosmopolitan capital is by air.

The speediest option for catching a flight from the United States is via Male Airport (MLE). The airport caters solely for commercial carriers; consequently when travelers opt for leisure travel there are just three to choose from: Air Maldives, SriLankan Airlines or Male Jet Charter. Alternatively, if booking your tickets from abroad then it may be expedient to select whichever airline offers the most affordable fares.

On arrival, tourists typically make their way towards one of several intra-Maldivian airlines for onward journeys. These routes include Humpussa Aviation and Arik Airlines; both offering service directly to destinations within the archipelago. If a direct flight is not feasible – such as with an overseas vacation – then this could prove advantageous; ensuring freedom of choice when choosing departure points!

2. Stay at one of the World-Class Resorts

An affluent traveler may be enticed by the notion of staying at one of these five-star paradisiac resorts on a select island or within the city limits of an alluring locale. Some feature such high-end amenities as private beaches, lavish pools and spas – often boasting exclusive facilities for their discerning clientele!

Punta Islita Maldives: Nestled in the hush of the turquoise lagoon here lies this idyllic resort. Sensuous indulgences await at Spa Spa Spa; while there’s no better way to unwind then soaking up the serene ambience of Ubin Island Spa nor its tranquil lagoon pool available for guest use!

3. Enjoy a Day at the Spa

If you’re seeking a respite from the hectic pace of daily life, consider scheduling an indulgent spa day. From exclusive retreats to lavish day spas with invigorating treatments and opulent surroundings – there’s truly something for everyone!

On Silhouette Island, guests can find a serene oasis nestled between two tranquil lagoons; Maalifushi Island’s Ritz-Carlton Spa offers award-winning pampering that includes decadent massages, body scrubs and essential oils; while Ithaa’s Five-Star Spa by Crystal Lodge allows guests to relax amidst the idyllic beauty of its lagoon setting – all accompanied by indulgent treatments such as savory scrubs and exfoliating facials.

For those who want a more active experience, Maldives’ first resort spa at Coco Island is sure to pamper your senses with their iconic island getaway with its signature ‘retreat in paradise’ offering complete relaxation for bodies and souls alike. Boasting an abundance of natural sunsets, sparkling lagoons and ocean views from every corner of this idyllic tropical paradise, it’s no wonder that this spot has gained popularity among travelers eager for an immersive escape!

Should you desire a more intimate experience alongside one or more companions during your stay in the Maldives, we invite you to explore the resort-based spa options that are available. Whether it’s just the two of you indulging in some rejuvenation together under the stars on our exclusive Beach Retreat Day Spa package – or choosing to venture out into the local village or smaller islands for a bespoke Sanctuary Spa vacation – there is something here for everyone!

4. Take a Segway Tour or Vehicle Ride

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, a Segway Tour or Vehicle Ride through the islands of this tropical paradise can be an exhilarating adventure.

The segway allows you to take in the sights and splendor at a leisurely pace, as well as providing some relief for jolting up and down on foot due to uneven terrain – making it ideal for both individuals and families alike!

5. Enjoy a Sailing Experience

If you’re seeking a unique way to explore the breathtaking Maldives, consider chartering a sailing excursion. There are several operators offering both luxurious yacht charters and bareboat sailboat charters; all with varying degrees of sophistication and adventurousness.

For those seeking an exquisite voyage across the waters, you could be one lucky individual; take note that a sunset cruise on an extravagantly decorated vessel is sure to be memorable. Alternatively, if speed is what you crave then try sailing across the archipelago aboard your own yawl or catamaran for a more intimate experience!

Regardless of which option you select for enjoying this luxury vacation, remember that captaining your boat will entail some basic skills. It’s advisable to hire an experienced skipper who can provide assistance during trips as well as act as a safety-first instructor in case any novice sailors should venture aboard.

6. Go with the Flow on a Surf & Yoga Tour

In addition to providing visitors with a taste of what it’s like to live in paradise, the island paradise setting can also provide an ideal stage for some yoga and surfing.

If you are a self-professed surfer who craves adventure, then consider adding these exhilarating tours to your itinerary. From idyllic Maldivian beaches to awe-inspiring vistas, these excursions give guests ample reason to quit their day jobs and indulge in two activities normally out of reach for mere mortals!

Yoga lovers on the other hand will find that the serene environs of this tiny nation provides just the right setting for their practice. Indulge in asanas (yoga postures) under the watchful eye of a local instructor while exploring pristine beaches at leisure; it’s a blissful way to spend a few days!

7. Eat Well at Every Meal

Eating well at every meal is imperative in order to successfully navigate this journey. Diet should not be an obstacle on your path towards rejuvenation during your getaway!

Maldives is renowned for its cuisine, so I can confidently declare that a diet consisting exclusively of fish and mounds of rice will leave you unsatisfied. Who would want such bland fare?

Instead, savour seasonal dishes like grilled meats and local fish while enjoying some stellar dining experiences throughout the archipelago. Buck up your taste buds with some pork ribs, ceviche con queso or perhaps even try out some rolley rolls – all deliciously satisfying options that are sure to satiate any stomach!

Best Time to Visit the Maldives: What’s Open When?

From mid-October to March, the most ideal time to visit the Maldives is during its quietest period – between Wednesday and Sunday. This equates to only one day a week being open for business, with just two hours of operation in the morning (before noon) followed by two hours in the evening before it closes up shop at sundown; this makes it quite convenient!

If you’re intent on seeing some of the top attractions, then consider booking them early – from November through February can be an exceptional option! From mid-December onwards tourists flock here en masse to experience festivities at both resorts and dreamy islands dotted across the archipelago.

Deciding when to travel can be somewhat daunting, but if you plan ahead it shouldn’t pose too much difficulty for you!


Though the itinerary for your Maldives getaway may have been planned in great detail, you can’t anticipate everything. Be sure to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and make up your own adventures along the way!



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