7 Things to Know Before You Move to Beijing China


Are you considering relocating to Beijing, China? If so, then you have undoubtedly heard the city’s reputation for being a global metropolis with an abundance of opportunities. But what do you need to know before making the leap? Here are the essentials!

The Language

Despite its proximity to the Chinese mainland, Beijing retains its status as one of China’s principal international cities. Its demography is quite cosmopolitan; among foreigners residing in the capital city are a significant number of residents from Southeast Asia and Central Asian countries.

Although Mandarin is the main language in China, English is known to be an essential requirement for business dealings with locals. However, English proficiency among non-native speakers is often limited and could pose an obstacle when attempting communication with local merchants or officials – particularly if one does not possess sufficient knowledge of this tongue.

Be vigilant about your choice of accommodation–while budget options abound, it can pay off to invest in a spacious abode with multiple rooms for guests. Don’t overlook the importance of securing your own accommodations before setting out on any trip!

Security & Safety

China is a country renowned for its abundant and robust security apparatus, with stringent laws governing the use of force against citizens as well as applicable criminal penalties. Overcrowded, chaotic sites in China can be quite unsafe; so if you find yourself wandering around without an escort or traveling during rush hour when traffic congestions are at their zeniths – then chances are your odds of encountering any incidents will skyrocket!

There is no shortage of options when it comes to securing yourself in Beijing – both indoor and outdoor locations offer various levels of security.

The most common measures used by Chinese authorities to ensure their citizens’ safety include:

• Surveillance cameras installed on buildings, near subway stations and along sidewalks

• Patrolled areas such as parks, plazas, office buildings, stadiums and university campuses

• Well-staffed police precincts within cities that are often situated nearby

• Encouraging residents of certain districts to purchase a Homeowner’s Protection Plan (HPP) which provides security services and assistance in situations such as fire outbreaks.


Like any other country, Beijing has its own healthcare system. Still, it’s worth highlighting that foreigners are granted access to these services. This might not be the case in rural areas and/or smaller towns; however, you should always inquire about your potential area before making any commitments.

Many foreigners seek out a foreigner friendly clinic for their medical needs. The National Center for Foreign Visitor Health Service – General Clinic is an ideal place to begin your search should you require treatment; however, don’t neglect emergency care provided by hospitals when required.

Money Matters

As with any global city, Beijing has its share of currencies. The Chinese currency, the yuan (also known as ‘renminbi’) is considered to be the primary unit of exchange in financial transactions throughout China; however, we also observe that there are numerous other options available:

Euro: 1 EUR = 8.55371 CNY

Pound Sterling: 1 GBP = 6.17992 CNY

Communication and Transportation

I would venture to guess that if you have an internet connection, you know how to navigate the web. However, if you don’t have access to the net, then you may need some guidance!

Be aware that many establishments and transportation providers do not provide telephone service. This inevitably leaves travelers with a dearth of options when making cross-country calls.

If you find yourself in remote regions or traveling by train at night, keep your cell phone handy for emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency or medical issue – as well as GPS locators for locating your destination once it is dark and simply lost.

Weather & Climate

Whether you are planning a trip to Beijing during the summertime, springtime or fall season, weather in China varies greatly.

The regular high temperatures can range between 32°C and 42°C. On the flipside, lows typically drop below 10°C during winter – making it an ideal time for those who love cosy winter activities!

Summertime is when thunderstorms and typhoons make their presence felt with temperatures reaching highs of 43°C and lows reaching their lowest point at eleven degrees Celsius.

Packing List for Beijing

Before you start packing, identify what will be essential in your new abode and incorporate those items into the checklist above. Once you’ve added up all of the necessary items like toiletries, clothing and furnishings; then it’s time to tackle any special requests or concerns that might arise during this process thus creating a more streamlined packing process!

To ensure that your belongings arrive conveniently at their destination, remember to package everything carefully and securely. For example, even if it is infrequent and inexpensive to ship larger items such as furniture or appliances – they should still be encased in plastic wrap or bubble wrap when possible.


From the year of 1864 onward, China has been a fascinating country for outsiders to visit. Its sights and experiences are as varied as its people: from imperial palaces and temples to bustling markets and bustling cities; from picturesque mountainous landscapes dotted with bamboo groves and dens of wildlife to bustling metropolis centers surrounded by skyscraper clusters – the selection is literally limitless!

Founded in 1928, Beijing is currently one of the world’s largest metropolises. The municipality encompasses 12 districts; 8 counties, 1 autonomous prefecture and 4 municipalities. With more than 22 million inhabitants situated within its boundaries, it boasts an unparalleled human capital density that rivals even New York City!

Beijing is a city of contrasts, encompassing ancient traditions alongside flourishing modern civilization. Its rich history can be seen throughout the streets of this verdant oasis in the midst of fifth-largest nation on Earth:


Moving to Beijing can be a transformative experience, whether you choose to reside in the city or make it your temporary base. With its bustling metropolis, captivating history and cosmopolitan atmosphere, this city offers something for everyone!

If you are planning on relocating to Beijing, take advantage of the city’s ample resources and services. Utilize them to their fullest potential; this will provide greater ease during your transition.



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