7 Things to Know About Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel


Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, located on the Jumeirah Peninsula in the emirate of Dubai, is one of the world’s most opulent hotels. This grand palace boasts over 2,000 luxurious rooms and suites along with a breathtaking lobby space that has been recognized as one of the finest in existence by architectural experts around the globe.

The hotel was originally constructed as an aircraft-repair facility for the state-of-the-art airport that it houses, but was converted into a magnificent five-star establishment in 1998. The Burj Al Arab has since become one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Dubai with its breathtaking architecture and impressive interior d├ęcor; it boasts some of the most opulent accommodations available anywhere around the world!

Recently, it became apparent that some individuals were not entirely pleased with how this celebrated landmark was being utilized; hence, they came forth with their concerns regarding its future use.

1. The Burj Al Arab is the World’s Tallest Hotel

The Burj Al Arab is a colossal edifice so colossal, it has equaled the world’s tallest structures – such as the Taipei 101 and the Shanghai World Financial Center. At 828 feet (246m), this landmark is more imposing than both of these renowned towers combined!

The Burj Al Arab is not only the tallest among its peers but also boasts an impeccable degree of design; from its elegant perforated exterior panels to its curvaceous interior decorating scheme – all set within a luxurious environment – this hotel exudes luxury like no other! Beyond its captivating aesthetics, guests will also be treated to breathtaking views of Dubai’s coastline and countless dunes – providing visitors with a memorable experience when visiting this remarkable locale!

2. The Highest Suite is a “Grand Suite” at 4

At 4,000 square feet, the ‘Grand Suite’ at Burj Al Arab is one of the largest accommodations available in all seven categories.

Unsurprisingly, the pinnacle of luxury at Burj Al Arab entails a bevy of amenities that include personal butler service; lavish appointments within spacious living spaces; as well as gourmet cuisine provided by Michelin-starred restaurants. Even more astounding is more than just one room offering access to this level of indulgence! Indeed – all four suites here can be traveled between giving guests access to both areas without journeying individually.

This imparts an unprecedented array of opulence: while two bedrooms and a sumptuous bathroom provide ample space for sleeping and leisurely pursuits; coupled with state-of-the-art technological conveniences such as Wi-Fi connectivity and extravagant design elements enhancing its elegance. Needless to say, it’s quite an experience being afforded such privileges!

280 Feet above the Ground

Utilizing an ingenious architectural feat, the Burj Al Arab Resort features a grand lobby that stands atop one of its most recognizable features: the ‘Crescent Moon.’

Located in Dubai’ s United Arab Emirates, this lavish destination is renowned for fostering unparalleled hospitality experiences – from its distinctive architecture to its exquisite cuisine.

As you stroll throughout the space, you’re greeted by panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and beyond; sunlight bathes the area in a warm glow while moonlight illuminates the night sky with a captivating azure hue!

At 280 feet above sea level and situated along the majestic Hajar mountain range, the hotel boasts yet another distinct advantage over other establishments.

3. Only 1

Burj Al Arab is the sole property bearing this illustrious name in the United Arab Emirates, and it remains a singularly alluring sight on the Arabian peninsula.

The Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s iconic hotels and certainly stands out among its majestic brethren; however, with only one property bearing its namesake – how could anyone be anything less than astonished?

Not only did I land in a tropical paradise by way of one trip to history’s most luxurious vessel, but also witnessed my journey unfold atop the Burj Khalifa itself!

000 Occupants are Allowed Per Night

Occupancy is limited to 2,000 people – which means that a maximum of 2000 individuals can occupy the hotel at any given time. If you prefer to stay in an all-inclusive package, then this restriction does not apply – allowing up to 1000 guests from around the globe to take up residence within its opulent quarters!

In addition, personal details must be submitted when checking into the resort or else guests will be denied access. Should any party be found without an established reservation, it could result in fines – so don’t forget about it!

4. The Building itself is One of a Kind

Upon its completion in 2007, the Burj Al Arab was hailed as a marvel of architecture and engineering. This renowned landmark boasts an impressive height of over 2,000 feet – making it the world’s fourth tallest hotel; yet it still remains one of its most captivating creations!

The attention to detail is apparent throughout the hotel’s interior designs. Indeed, some rooms boast spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf waters beyond its glistening pool deck area.

5. There’s an Atrium with a Sky Lobby in the Hotel

Nestled within the hotel’s main structure is an atrium with a sky lobby, where visitors can bask in cascading light beams as they stroll through the space. It serves as a relaxation oasis for those seeking cozy refuge away from the bustle of the city – or simply want to take a break while enjoying breathtaking views!

Unetreassed by the thousands of dazzling lights around them, travelers are free to relax within these serene surroundings. The Atrium provides an ideal place for guests to enjoy their meal; its tranquil atmosphere making it a perfect spot for socializing.

The spacious sky lobby, encompassing almost 100 sqm, is adorned with gorgeous marble floors and relaxed sofas that provide a space for guests to unwind after a long day spent sightseeing.

6. It Opened in January 2008

When it opened in 2008, the Burj Al Arab was touted as being the world’s most opulent hotel. Its 1,007 guestrooms were designed by renowned architect Alex Atala, and boast one-of-a-kind designer furnishings and fixtures that complement each other harmoniously.

The debut year of operations saw a flurry of activity at The Address. Guests began to trickle in for stays – some opting to reserve rooms well in advance while others opted to stay onsite – and it soon became apparent that reservations would be scarce during peak seasons; indeed, they still are today.

Reservations have been booked through 2020! After unveiling its exact location in January 2018, Jumeirah announced plans to erect a five-star addition atop this site.

7. The Hotel Will Cost $10 Billion to Build

The Burj Al Arab is a mere fraction of the colossal cost that has been invested in this endeavor. After its completion in 2010, it will surpass the average annual income for over 250,000 residents in Dubai.

Construction on this extravagant venture began in 2008; initially estimated at $1.4 billion, its final price tag quickly reached into the billions of dollars previously reserved only for world-class super yachts.

The staggering figure of $10 billion is noteworthy when you consider that even the most expensive hotel in our comparison list was less than half that amount!

To put this mind-boggling number into perspective, it would take over 3 decades to accumulate an investment of just over $100 billion – which is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Armenia.


The luxurious Burj Al Arab is a testament to the magnificence of the United Arab Emirates’ ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Spanning over 800 feet in height, this soaring structure is renowned for its columns adorned with over 2,000 small diamonds and its jaw-droppingly intricate chandelier that can be seen from miles away.



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