7 Sydney Foods That You Probably Didn’t Know Existeda


When traveling to Sydney, don’t be surprised if you come across some novelties – after all, it’s hardly surprising! There are plenty of foods that most people haven’t yet had a chance to experience here – and they’re sure not lacking in creativity when it comes to cuisine.

Discover seven indigenous delicacies that you absolutely must try during your visit to the charming metropolis of Sydney.

1. Chiko Roll – Sydney’s Best Street Food

Chiko Roll is an absolute Sydney staple, beloved by locals and tourists alike. This savoury sushi roll features beef patties, cucumber, avocado, rice and mayonnaise – all encased inside a vinegary seaweed wrapper for a taste sensation that is truly unforgettable!

The Chiko Roll is Sydney’s most iconic street food. My personal favourite is the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Roll, but if you’re looking for something more authentic (and much less spicy), perhaps this is the best bet!

2. Po’ Boy – An American Classic

While you may be familiar with the term ‘po’ boy’, it’s actually an American delicacy that originates from New Orleans – a popular city in Louisiana. Its name stems from the French phrase ‘bon bateau’, a reference to its port-like appearance!

This savoury sandwich consists of fried (typically) or grilled meat piled high on a sub roll and topped with slaw, tomatoes and cheese. It can be enjoyed as is or deconstructed for one all-important component: plenty of napkins!

3. Italian Ice – A Polar Bear Frozen In Snow

This delicacy hails from the shores of Sydney and is a favorite among locals. For those who are unfamiliar with this treat, it’s an icy concoction that comprises of syrup, fruit juices, lollies and more.

Enthusiasts will typically select their preferred mix of syrups and add-ons before pouring it over ice – resulting in a delightful frozen dessert!

If you’re looking to take your Italian Ice experience to the next level, then why not try out some fusion flavours? Try combining lemonade with bubblegum for an altogether more tantalising combination than ever before! Alternatively, if mint green is on your agenda for summertime sipping – just splash on some blueberry juice or perhaps add some hibiscus flowers for a rather captivating hue… After all, with these options available it’s quite easy for anyone to create their own unique creation!

4. Pea Pod – A Local Snack

If you’re a fan of the humble hummus, then you should be aware of its origins. Made from chickpeas, it is seasoned with salt and lemon juice before being applied to crostini or served with vegetables for lunch.

However, when seasoned with garlic, mint and coriander, pea pods make a delicious snack that pairs well with meats during dinner! In fact, this particular flavour combination is often found in Middle Eastern cuisine – something which may perplex those unfamiliar with its traditions!

5. Spotted Dick – A Sticky Sweet Take On Pudding Cake

Known as ‘Macaroon Pudding’ or simply ‘Pudding Cake’, spotted dick is a native Australian dessert that consists of meringue-covered macaroons topped with a light custard and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Spotted Dick originated in New Zealand, so it’s no surprise that its name is derived from the region where it was originally made.

6. Funyun – A Kind Of Ham Sandwiches

When you think of a ‘ham sandwich’, you may not immediately associate it with Japan – yet that is just what has happened here; the westernized version of this dish features a lengthy list of ingredients in its composition.

One unique element that sets Funyun apart from your usual ham sandwich is its inclusion of funyuns. This salty snack, which is similar to a prawn cracker or fish stick, gets added into the mix along with cheese, lettuce and tomato for a substantial bite-sized lunchtime meal!

7. Halo-Halo – Filipino Staple

Like its Spanish cousin, the donut, halo-halo is a beloved Filipino dessert. The chewy rice cake takes center stage amidst crunchy custard and sugary syrup, which can be topped off with fresh fruit like banana or pineapple for an extra kick.

The delectable treat has been around for decades yet still retains popularity in Sydney’s western suburbs. At Christ Church Grammar School in Como where I live, this sundae has been on display at their casual dining facilities ever since the institution opened in 1935!


The quintessential Aussie delicacy is meat pie – a savoury pastry made with minced beef or lamb and a layer of pastry. This iconic dish can be found at every barbecue in the country, and is often eaten alongside kangaroo or crocodile tail!



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