7 Santorini Hotels You Can Stay in for Under $200 per Night


Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Santorini, a captivating Greek island nestled in the Aegean Sea. Although it was only for two days, I couldn’t resist experiencing its irresistible charm – and thus picked up the phone and booked myself into an Airbnb!

For those who are savvy on the internet, finding an authentic Greek hotel for under $200 per night may not be that daunting. Here are seven options that offer impressive amenities at a price point you can easily afford!

In the Blue Cave Hotel on Santorini

Gaze upon the cliffside of a serene, aquamarine bay nestled within the pristine splendor of the Aegean Sea. Discovering Blue Cave Hotel is an unforgettable experience amid its idyllic setting – boasting private access to their beach and sea kayak launch; accommodating up to 12 guests in select rooms.

Unleash your inner explorer and venture into the cave’s interior where you can discover ancient rock drawings as well as take part in unique activities such as hiking or horse riding – all provided for guests with varying levels of proficiency. This resort will be sure to delight even those who are just discovering this enchanting locale!

Discover more about this exquisite haven nestled within Mount Athos by perusing the In-Depth Guide that has been created for our visitors’ benefit.

The Blue Cave Hotel’s Cave Lounge embraces the Greek island’s natural beauty

Nestled into a secluded cove on the southwestern corner of Santorini, this boutique hotel is an ideal choice for those seeking maximum privacy.

With only eight rooms scattered about the property’s two-acre arcadia garden, guests can delight in total seclusion at The Blue Cave Hotel. Its prime location provides unparalleled views of the environs’ captivating settings and its idyllic pool nestled within a cave; while also affording access to sandy beaches and sunny meadows which provide ample opportunities for recreation.

To further maximize one’s time at their residence, guests may choose to have meals catered in or simply enjoy snacks from breakfast through dinner time; all activities are completely optional!

Dining at the Blue Cave Hotel

To experience the delights of dining at the Blue Cave Hotel, you needn’t travel far. The enticing eatery is located within walking distance of the hotel!

Greeted by a spacious seating area with rustic-chic décor and an array of delicious foods on offer, guests can savor dishes like seafood risotto or pastas during their stay. Each dish is complemented by carefully selected wines that complement the meal perfectly – creating a harmonious ambience which enhances one’s dining experience.

Although Blue Cave Restaurant isn’t necessarily the most glamorous place to dine, it’s exceptionally convenient if one wishes to savour simple fare while staying in Santorini!

A View from the Landslide Hotel

I had reservations about visiting The Landslide Hotel; it’s touted as one of the most dramatic hotels on earth. Housed upon Ermou Beach, this place is situated amidst a veritable cliff upon which guests can find refuge in its idyllic courtyard.

My eyes were transfixed at first glance! I was captivated by the sheer elation of this honeycomb-like structure perched precariously atop an expanse of tumbling rocks. Even when the sun set over the ocean and my view was obscured by its veil of crimson haze, the effect remained striking.

To enjoy a meal here, you’ll need to acquire a coveted reservation. Don’t let that fact deter you! Despite the exclusivity of this establishment, reservations are easily obtainable if you’re willing to share your travel plans with staff ahead of time!

Majestic Views from the Landslge Hotel

Recently renovated, this outstanding boutique hotel on the cliffside edge of Fira is a perfect respite from the bustle of the town. Nestled within a spacious garden location, it boasts magnificent 360-degree views across the bay and toward the mystical mountainside as well as captivating vistas over the port below.

With its tasteful decor and chic ambience, this abode exudes allure. I was immediately captivated by its striking design and opulent appointments – be sure not to miss out on gazing at those spectacular panoramic views here!


Gaze upon the volcanic splendour of Santorini, a divinely captivating cluster of islands situated in the Aegean Sea. Named after its principal island, this enchanting locale is renowned for its stunning scenery and jaw-dropping beauty; from its majestic cliffs to quaint coves nestled along its coastlines.

I spent two nights here during my visit to Santorini and was quite impressed with how easy it was to locate a budget-friendly accommodations option. From luxurious resorts with facilities like spas and pools; to rustic pensions which offer cozy atmosphere but without any bells or whistles – there are plenty of options to choose from!

The city of Fira is the ideal base for exploring the mesmerising landscape that surrounds it. Its central location provides easy access to some of the most picturesque spots on the island such as Oia and Perissa beaches.

Rooms with Whales at Oia Studios B&B Boutique Hotel

Sip on a refreshing beverage while gazing out at whales playing in the unceasing azure expanse of Aegean Sea, then head to your room for a much-needed nap.

The spacious suites are imbued with an extra dose of luxury, boasting marble floors and gilded furnishings. Each accommodations comes equipped with its own kitchenette; plush lavatory; en suite bathroom; plus slippers!

If you’re looking for a way to delightfully unwind after a busy day exploring the island’s must-see spots, keep it simple: donning your pajamas and heading straight to bed is ideal!


After a long day of sightseeing, relax in the serene pool by day; then venture out for dining options that range from casual eateries to Michelin-starred establishments.

The Blue Hole is an idyllic cove nestled within nature’s pristine jewel, and is one of the most popular destinations on Santorini. Travelers flock here en masse during low season; however, it remains available for guests all year round! Whether you come here at night or prefer a daytime excursion – this spot can be experienced in various ways for travelers’ convenience.

Oia Studios B&B Boutique Hotel

Stay at this quintessentially European-style Oia B&B hotel and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of Greece. Set within a captivating cliffside village, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking convenience without sacrificing luxury.

Here you will find five charming studios and one suite, all featuring terraces with panoramic vistas over the Aegean Sea and the rugged landscapes of Ermou mountain ranges beyond.

The well-appointed suites are exquisitely appointed with a touch of Roman chic; each boasting an eclectic color scheme against soft furnishings such as plush sofas paired with hardwood tables and chairs. Gilded mirrors adorn the walls giving off an air of opulence yet still retaining an airy ambience that invites guests in with its inviting open spaces where they may take refuge from day-to-day hustle bustle.

and Hot Springs at The Springs at Oia Studios

For a more genuine and natural spa experience, you can’t beat The Springs at Oia Studios. You’ll find two immaculately curated pools decked out in dappled sunlight from where you can dip into the soothing waters or soothe your muscles with one of their massages.

Just beyond the pools lies a grotto-like hot spring bubbling up from below; its cavernous vault echoes the hypnotic sound of nature during this tranquil retreat. On any given day you may encounter an art performance taking place within these walls – providing further opportunities for relaxation!


If you’re searching for budget-friendly accommodations in Santorini, consider booking one of these establishments. They are all centrally located and only a short walk from their respective public beaches – perfect for leisurely strolls!



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