7 of the Best Chiang Mai Thailand Restaurants

Chiang Mai, Thailand is renowned for having an abundance of exceptional restaurants. Nestled within the bustling metropolis of this captivating city are numerous eateries that cater to every culinary need – from piquant Thai cuisine to international delicacies!

At present, Chiang Mai boasts over 2,000 dining establishments and a robust culinary scene that accommodates all preferences and budgets. With such a wealth of options available, it can be difficult to decide where to eat.

Despite being a vibrant metropolis with endless opportunities for food exploration and gastronomic delight, there are several stand-out restaurants in Chiang Mai’s gastronomic landscape that deserve special attention due to their distinguished quality and noteworthy flavors; taking into account that not all restaurants should be judged by their appearance alone!

1. Corner of the World

If you’re seeking a comfortable Thai restaurant in the heart of Chiang Mai’s old town, look no further than Corner of the World. This establishment offers patrons a cosy ambiance and welcoming staff who are eager to provide assistance with any questions or concerns.

If you desire an authentic experience, it’s worth exploring some of the country’s most celebrated culinary traditions by sampling one of its most famous delicacies: larb; minced pork flavored with lemon grass and ginger.

2. Chiang Mai Night Market

If you are seeking an invigorating culinary experience, then check out the buzzing activity of a Chiang Mai Night Market. With up to 300 stalls offering exotic delicacies from all over Southeast Asia, it’s quite possible that you could stumble across something exceptional here!

Founded in 2013, this landmark is the largest night market within city limits. It boasts five different eateries offering both traditional Thai fare as well as more interesting options like ramen bursting with flavor or sushi prepared by expert chefs; everything is available for purchase!

3. The Damn Good Coffee Shop

In the bustling main street of Chiang Mai, there’s a laidback coffee shop that’s hard to overlook. With its welcoming ambience and modern design, this establishment is the perfect place for a leisurely morning cup of joe.

Unleashing your inner entrepreneur, proprietress Ewa makes exquisite espresso drinks from beans roasted just steps away from her cafe. Her creations are guaranteed to delight even the most discerning connoisseurs!

Elegant and spacious with an inviting atmosphere, The Damn Good Coffee Shop provides patrons with an ideal haven where they can rev up their brain before tackling a busy day.

4. Dining at Mykonos

Not only is dining at Mykonos a feast for the eyes, but it’s also a culinary experience like no other. Nestled amid the bustling streets of downtown Chiang Mai sits this captivating Greek restaurant offering up tantalizing cuisine; from mouthwatering mezes and sumptuous main dishes to scrumptious desserts!

Mykonos Restaurant & Lounge – housed within The Siam Regent Hotel – offers an array of tantalizing bites along with sips that’ll satiate even your most demanding tastes buds. From succulent starters such as calamari and deviled eggs to hearty mains such as seared steak and moussaka-inspired pasta dishes, there’s sure to be something here for everyone!

5. J&S Restaurant & Bar

J&S Restaurant & Bar is a ‘must try’ destination for anyone seeking to feast on a scrumptious dinner or indulge in an exceptional nightcap. Located within the vibrant city center’s golden mile of shops and eateries, this establishment is perfect for those seeking an alternative to the neon-lit streets filled with traffic noise.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of healthy dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning palates. This includes offerings like brown rice pilaf; seared salmon; slow-cooked eggplant stew; succulent pork chop; as well as meatless options such as tofu stir-fry and mock duck – among many others!

6. The Mezzanine Restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet area of the Old City, this establishment provides a pleasant respite from its bustling surroundings. The Mezzanine Restaurant is an inviting choice for dining, boasting a beautiful interior design with plush seating and understated yet elegant lighting; all indicative of unquestionable quality and elegance.

Notably, the restaurant boasts an impressive array of international cuisine. Decadent dishes such as succulent meats and seafood feature prominently on its menu alongside indulgent desserts – all sure to please even the most discerning connoisseurs! For an additional cost you can enjoy two-hour ‘fixed’ menu featuring seven delectable options each day; perfect if you seek familiarity while traveling.

7. Mr K’s Thai Bistro

Located within a bustling commercial area on Hualamphong Road, Mr K’s Thai Bistro offers an inviting ambience for all patrons. The restaurant boasts an exceptional collection of authentic Thai dishes prepared with fresh ingredients; you’re sure to find whatever pleases your palate!

With its central location but cozy atmosphere and exquisite cuisine, Mr K’s provides the ideal destination for any impromptu meal out in Chiang Mai!


Restaurants at the forefront of Chiang Mai cuisine are always seeking out fresh and innovative ideas. As a result, they’ve recently launched a slew of new dining establishments throughout the metropolitan area. For example, Chiang Mai has witnessed the opening of restaurants specializing in sour curry lobster! What an exciting concept!


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