7 Best Things to Do in Paris This Summer From Free Concerts to Art


If you are planning a trip to Paris this summer, there are several activities that will make your stay more memorable. From free concerts in the gardens of the Tuileries to tours of its world-renowned art galleries and museums; these are just some of the experiences you can enjoy in this enchanting European city!

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience in Paris this summer? Try out one of these exhilarating endeavors and be sure to let us know how it went!

Free Concerts in Paris

Paris’ vibrant summertime schedule is punctuated by a series of free concerts that take place throughout the city. From June to August, you can indulge in world-renowned artists like Shakira and Sting while savoring their electrifying performances without incurring any additional costs – all without even having to depart from home!

Over an exhilarating four-day jaunt through Paris, I attended seven different events ranging from jazz festivals and classical concerts; often featuring renowned artists such as Norah Jones and Yo-Yo Ma. I witnessed a heartfelt rendezvous with Leonard Cohen at his final performance before succumbing to cancer in 2016, along with witnessing Sir Elton John croon for three sold-out shows around the same period during which time he declared his support for LGBTQ rights! Finally, it was an invigorating trip where I was able converse with another traveler from New York who regaled me with tales of his adventures in Europe .

Free concerts are truly a fantastic way to behold one of the world’s most captivating cities under budget. You can drop by my listing for more details about what’s happening now!

Visit the “Jardin Majorelle” Private Garden in Paris

This unassuming Parisian garden is a veritable treasure trove of tranquility, lush greenery and captivating floral imagery.

Created by renowned artist Marie-Guérine Marchand in 1946, the Jardin Majorelle is an idyllic oasis situated within a block of quaint shops and restaurants in the heart of bustling Le Marais district.

Upon arrival to this serene haven, visitors are invited to take part in a free guided tour; however, this can be done upon prior notice or even on demand – as it may be advantageous if you would like more time to pamper yourself!

Go for a Swim at the Grand Palais ThermalParc

In the midst of summer, it’s essential to refresh yourself with a swim. There are no shortage of cool spots around town where you can relax in the water without sacrificing any time!

Boasting panoramic views across Paris, the Grand Palais ThermalParc is an oasis of tranquility within the Gare du Nord area. This enchanting venue boasts five pools – two with whirlpools – along with numerous other amenities catering to all ages.

Take in a Movie Under the Stars

If you’re seeking a more laid-back evening activity than attending a concert in Paris, why not take advantage of its rich film culture? With over 1,500 movie theaters across the city boasting an array of offerings – from classics to blockbusters; art-house gems and family-friendly features – there’s sure to be a film worth seeing.

Join one of the most prominent free outdoor cinema series in town, the Eurocine Cinéma Généraliste movement, which aims to introduce cinema culture to all ages through free screenings under the stars at various locations throughout Paris.

In addition to flagship events like La Grande Halle Basses-Maures in Marais district, La Coupole Cinema can also be found hosting its own slate of summer movie screenings both indoors or out – with even some festivals’ offerings thrown in for good measure!

See an Exhibition at the Grand Rex Theater

If you’re seeking a captivating art exhibition, pop into the Grand Rex theater in the Bois de Boulogne.

Renowned for its panoramic setting and exceptional acoustics, this lavish venue is home to an array of diverse shows. However, don’t miss out on its two recent performances featuring renowned artists Yasmine Allamaneh and Damien Hirst!

Curious what type of art will be on display at this month’s concert? Be sure to check out the website for forthcoming events for discovering new creations as well as attending select concerts.

Those looking to take place in Paris’ iconic Promenade Plantée must tread carefully as visitors are limited to only 2-3 people per vehicle.

Join the Paris Marathon and Bike Ride for Peace

This June, thousands of participants will flock to Paris for the upcoming 2018 Paris Marathon & Bike Ride for Peace. This event brings together people from different backgrounds who unite in an effort to promote peace in our world through running and biking.

In addition to its duration of 26 miles, 10K run or 5K cycle – this race offers an array of exciting options such as a half marathon or 50 K ride, rewarding finishers with medals while they’re at it!

Unsurprisingly, this epic race is so popular that you must register early; otherwise you’ll be liable for forfeiting your entry fee.

Visit some of Paris’ Most Popular Parks

After perusing the captivating monuments and museums, visitors may be spurred to venture out into nature.

If you’re searching for tranquility, several parks throughout the city provide a respite from the bustle of daily life.


The city of Paris is host to an abundance of free concerts throughout the summer, so don’t miss out on these opportunities. There’s a wide variety of musical styles represented, from classical and jazz to rock ‘n’ roll – so no matter what your taste may be, there’s likely an opportunity for it!

If you’re planning a visit to Paris in 2017, be sure to take advantage of its wealth of free cultural events!



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