7 Beijing Restaurants You Have to Visit for the Best Food


Wondering where to find good Beijing restaurants in the United States? Try searching for ‘Beijing restaurants’ on Google. The search results are staggering – after all, there are over 10 million entries!

I hope that, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to locate a suitable establishment for your culinary desires. If not, don’t hesitate to seek out one of Beijing’s famed restaurants; they are renowned for their authentic cuisine that is sure to please any palate.

If you’re planning an excursion to Beijing, then it’s imperative that you partake in its gastronomic delights! Here I’ll offer seven suggestions on where to eat in Beijing so that you can experience some of the most delicious local cuisine available.

1. Tianjin

Tianjin lies just north of Beijing, adjacent to the Bohai Gulf, and is China’s 11th-largest city. Its placid bay lends it an alluringly serene atmosphere – making it an ideal destination for a laid-back meal.

Unsurprisingly, Tianjin boasts a plethora of restaurants offering mouthwatering regional cuisine, from spicy Sichuanese fare to tantalizing Hunanese cuisine or even traditional Xianbei cuisine.

If you’re seeking out authentic Chinese dining in the region, look no further than Gourmet restaurant! This establishment offers up some of their most popular dishes such as herbal chicken mousse and succulent seafood dishes; along with those that are more familiar yet most savoury – such as crispy pork dumplings and freshly made noodles served with gravy. Perfection ensues when you combine all of these elements into one scrumptious banquet!

2. Zhangjiagang

Zhangjiagang is Beijing’s premier destination around the turn of the millennium.

A number of renowned chefs have conducted experiments here, developing innovative dishes that stay true to their roots while also representing the city’s cosmopolitan spirit. You can find a choice selection of multi-course fine dining experiences alongside casual eateries – both ideal for those on short budgets when traveling through China!

If you’re searching for an authentic experience and leave your preferences up to the chef, Zhangjiagang has several restaurants offering a multitude of choices for dining out. If one is unavailable at the time of visiting, it could be worth making reservations in advance; otherwise you could always try another establishment within its vicinity later on.

3. Shijingshan

Unrivaled in its sleek ambiance and lavish décor, Shijingshan is an ideal spot for a delicious meal. Its menu boasts both Western and Chinese cuisine – ideal if you’re craving something new!

This bistro welcomes diners with an array of authentic dishes from China, including Sichuan, Shanghai and Hunan cuisines all under one roof. After working up an appetite at one of the numerous buffets or plating options; it’s time to indulge! A plethora of choices awaits within this café – from traditional dim sum combos to indulgent dishes such as congee; each offering has been crafted with care ensuring quality over quantity.

For those seeking out high-quality dumplings, there is simply no better spot than Shijingshan; where these delectable morsels can be found sandwiched between delicate wrappers swaddling their contents. Despite taking up a sizeable portion of your stomach space; what could possibly match up to the satisfaction they provide?

4. Dongcheng District

With its proximity to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, Dongcheng District is an ideal spot for a tour of Beijing. One cuisine in particular has earned this neighborhood its renown: dumpling!

If you’re looking for some authentic scallion pancake and soup dumplings, then keep walking; these must-try offerings abound in Dongcheng. For a quintessential Chinese meal that’s as scrumptious as it is nutritious – with an emphasis on dim sum – there’s no better choice than Qiegaoyuan.

Indeed, the restaurant serves up a variety of dumplings, soups and more that are packed with vegetables such as mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Our personal favoritest option here is their chicken coconut soup dumplings – they’re absolutely mouth-watering!


Beijing is one of the most populous cities in the world, and it’s also a culinary powerhouse. From aromatic street food to sophisticated dining options available here, there’s plenty to explore!

Beijing offers discerning eaters an array of eateries that caters to both Western-style and Chinese cuisines. Wandering through its streets, you may be surprised by how many culinary options are available; from sweet to savory – there is something for everyone!

In this guide, we’ve highlighted some of the best restaurants in Beijing for delicious food and exemplary service.

5. Tongzhou

This restaurant is ideal for when you are looking for a quick bite that won’t cost much and doesn’t require much forethought or effort on your part. With a menu offering affordable local treats such as noodles, dumplings – along with its own version of an elevated version of street food staples like rice congee and xiao long bao – Tongzhou presents all the essential components needed to make a satisfying meal without sacrificing any quality!

The choices for lunch here run from RMB 50 ($8) up to RMB 125 ($20), but even at this more lavish end of the spectrum it is still considerably reasonable given the culinary expertise displayed by its proprietors; indeed one could scarcely ask for greater consistency than what we encountered during our visit.

Tongzhou sits in Nanshan District, an area known for its concentration of expat-friendly eateries.

6. Hutong Area

Hanging out in historic hutong areas, perusing the local activities and exploring smaller shops can be an utterly delightful experience.

For some inspiration, head to the Shichahai hutong area between Wangfujing and Tiananmen Square. With its plethora of restaurants offering authentic cuisine from across China’s provinces, this place is ideal for those seeking a taste of home while touring Beijing.


Delightful dining options abound in the capital city, providing you with an abundance of choices to savor no matter what time of day or what occasion. From sleek, sophisticated establishments to al fresco options from roadside stalls; there is something for everyone!

Our guide will help you discover Beijing’s premiere eateries, showcasing some of its most renowned restaurants and where to find truly memorable dishes. Discover why this metropolis has garnered such acclaim for its gastronomic offerings!

7. Huangtudian and Wangfujing Area

Located in the bustling Wangfujing Area of Beijing, Huangtudian is home to a multitude of culinary delights.

The establishment provides an array of options for dining that includes traditional Chinese cuisine and Western-influenced fare. If you’ve never tried Huangtudian’s signature dish, then you don’t miss much by choosing one from the menu! Popular choices include mutton stew and roast goose – both are tantalizingly delicious!


Beijing is home to some of the best Chinese food in all of China! The city boasts an abundance of high-quality dining establishments, with many featuring authentic cuisine that cannot be found anywhere else.

Are you a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine? Then dive into our list of top 10 must-try restaurants in Beijing for the ultimate culinary experience!


Despite the city’s reputation for being sweltering, unappealing and expensive, there are several restaurants in Beijing that offer patrons mouthwatering cuisine at a reasonable price. If you’re searching for authentic Chinese cuisines while you’re in town, consider patronizing these establishments!



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